Page 12 - Chehalis Tribal Newsletter - June, 2017
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is a publication of the Confederated
Tribes of the Chehalis Reservation. in brief

* Or current resident Grays Harbor
PUD changes
Grays Harbor PUD
STUDENTS OF THE MONTH terminated our pay station on
May 31. The tribal accounting
Shyann R. Ortivez favorite thing about school is playing department will not be able
fast-pitch softball. This year, Oakville to accept PUD payments or
12th grade High School’s fast-pitch softball take applications for new
Oakville High School team went to state and finished in service. We apologize for the
fifth place. It was a great experience! inconvenience.
Shyann Ortivez is a senior at
Oakville High School and has a GPA After graduation, Shyann plans Please make your payments
of 2.71. She is the daughter of Gary to attend South Puget Sound directly to Grays Harbor PUD
and Georgia Ortivez. Shyann has two Community College and study to online or by phone, mail or in
brothers, three dogs and one cat. become a baker. person:
If Shyann was chairwoman, she would
Shyann attributes her success to listening make it safer for people to walk around the Gray Harbor PUD
and doing her work in a timely manner as reservation by adding more sidewalks.
well as paying attention in class. Outside of Way to go Shyann on graduating. Keep on 360-532-4220
school, she enjoys reading a good book. Her moving forward! P.O. Box 480 Aberdeen, WA
Kayleena Delgado class and turns her homework in on The office at 2720 Sumner
time. She would tell other students to Ave. in Aberdeen is open from
Sixth grade pay attention in class. Besides band, 8 a.m.-5 p.m. weekdays.
Grand Mound Middle School she is also involved in cheerleading.
Women gather
Kayleena Delgado is in sixth grade Outside of school, Kayleena
at Grand Mound Elementary and has likes to play on her phone. In the The Northwest Native
a 3.71 GPA. She is the daughter of future, she’s interested in becoming Women’s Conference will be
Richard and Erin Delgado. She has a hairstylist. She plans to attend Oct. 12-15 at the Neah Bay
two brothers and a dog. She likes to shop Washington State University. Assembly of God. The theme
with her family in town. If she was chairwomen of the tribe, is “Hold My Hand. Walk With
Kayleena would strongly persuade children Me. Talk With Me: Building
Band is an activity Kayleena really enjoys. to respect their elders. Relationships.”
She plays the clarinet. What makes her a Awesome job Kayleena. Keep on being an
successful student is that stays focused in outstanding role model! An exciting new format is
arriving. Participants will still
Amara Penn Outside of school, art is her be able to enjoy crafts and free
favorite activity. She loves painting, haircuts.
Third grade making collages and coloring.
Grand Mound Elementary Amara also is an avid soccer player LODGING IN TOWN
and enjoys swimming lessons. She Butler’s Motel. Six rooms
Nine-year-old Amara Penn attends attributes her remarkable attitude to are available and sleep three
the third grade at Grand Mound being kind to others. each. Prices are $65-$75.
Elementary School. Her parents are Call Nancy at 360-640-0948
Dan Penn and Jenee Burnett. She Her future goal is to attend and make sure to tell her you
has one older brother and a younger sister as Washington State University to are attending the Women’s
well as a dog and a cat. At home, she has a become a veterinarian. Conference.
great time creating art with her family. If Amara was chairwoman, she would The Cape Resort: Cabins
make it mandatory for parents to buy their are $75 per night. Call 360-
Amara’s favorite parts of school are kids ice cream and take them swimming. 645-2250.
recess and having lunch with her friends. She would allow breaks whenever you LODGING AT THE BEACH
She says paying attention in school is what wanted them and would not make kids have Hobuck Resort Cabins and
makes her a successful student. She strongly to go to school. RV: Call 360-645-2339.
encourages that if other children are being Excellent job Amara. Keep on moving For more information,
bad, you should set a better example. forward with your positive outlook! contact Rita Kallappa at 360-
640-3139 or Jeanne Kallappa
Contributed by the Chehalis Tribe K-12 Program at 360-640-8323.
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