Page 10 - Chehalis Tribal Newsletter - June, 2017
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10 After the blessing, Terry and Brenna Youckton cross the bridge
on Harris Creek Trail.
Youth make beautiful
Mother’s Day treasures Harris Creek Trail blessing

When kids make handmade Contributed by Jesse Gleason, of Oakville.
presents, the result is sweet Transportation Planner This project grants access
perfection. Chehalis tribal
youth participated in the The Chehalis Tribal for pedestrians to safely cross
Heritage & Culture Program’s Planning Department opened Harris Creek on a beautiful
craft day to design a special the Harris Creek/Vosper timber-decked walkway and
gift for their mothers on Multi-Use Trail on May 18. away from State Street to
May 8. The little treasures Construction began in the city line. The Planning
came from each child’s heart February and quickly came Department will continue
and showed their love for together with the help of to secure funding to extend
mom. The creative juices Parametrix and Rognlin’s Inc. the trail from the city limits
really did flow as the children to complete a much-needed
thoughtfully crafted beautiful, With the Chehalis safe route to school.
unique presents. Tribal Business Committee
and assistance from the Thanks to everyone who
The youth took their gifts Recreational Conservation attended. A special thank you
home and hid them away Office, a .25-mile trail was goes to Winona Youckton,
until Sunday morning. Then built to connect residents Theresa Youckton and
came the surprise as they of Sickman Loop and the Brenna Youckton for offering
handed their gifts to their Vosper property to the city the blessing.
mothers. This small token
of appreciation strengthens
the bond between parent and

Mothers need to be
appreciated. Their hard work,
dedication and sacrifices in
raising a family are amazing.

Hugs and excitement set
the tone for the day with
barbecues, dinners, movies
or just a family gathering
honoring all moms around the
world. The sounds of joy and
laughter lifted many spirits
and made the heart soar.

Thank you Heritage &
Culture Program staff for
encouraging our children to
make special memories on
Mother’s Day!



Accepting enrollment for ages 6 weeks-5 years
n Expectant Mothers’ program
n Qualified early childhood staff
n A wonderful place for children and families
n Employment and volunteer opportunities
n Bus services provided
Call 360-273-5514 or stop by 420 Howanut
Road, Oakville, for an application. Turn in all
required documents by Monday, July 31.

The Heritage & Culture Program helped children create sweet gifts
for Mother’s Day on May 8.
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