Page 9 - Chehalis Tribal Newsletter - June, 2017
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Chehalis Tribal Days royalty selected

Youngsters to
represent tribe

It’s wonderful to see our 2017 CHEHALIS TRIBAL ROYALTY – From left: Head Youth Center Manager Tony Medina, Miss
youth show their pride and Start Mr. Chehalis Allistair Youckton-Legg, Junior Chehalis Madison Carter, Junior Miss Chehalis
community spirit. The Youth Mr. Chehalis Micah McNair, Mr. Chehalis Jared Kaytlin Pickernell, Head Start Miss Chehalis
Center sponsored the 2017-18 Mordhorst, Junior Miss Chehalis Dyani Cayenne, Juliet Kramer and her father Justin Kramer.
Chehalis Tribal Days Pageant.
upcoming events. the kids made a little speech. Tribal Royalty. The younger
So many people came to Tony then announced the Presentations were well ones were cute and some were
witness the selection of the thought out. Older children very bashful, which was sweet
princesses and prince that categories and names of the put their best foot forward to watch. All of the youngsters
extra tables were brought out children participating in the and discussed why they should shined as they gave their
to accommodate the huge pageant. Many came dressed be selected as 2017 Chehalis presentations.
community turnout. in adorable outfits, and all of

Youth Center Manager Tony
Medina welcomed everyone
and asked contestants to
check in for their respective

After the blessing of the
food, elders were invited to be
served first. Tony kicked off
the festivities with a raffle.

Chehalis tribal elders who
attended received ballots
to select the children who
would represent the tribe
during Tribal Days and other

CHAIRMAN me that sometimes change can them. Caution:
take time. The Chehalis Tribe has Bear sighting
From page 1
n My cousin David This can be a good thing. come a long way from dirt We’d like the tribal
It leaves time for decisions to roads and empty pockets, community to know that
Youckton be introduced, discussed and but we still have a long road there has been a bear with
n I would be remiss in acted upon. Good decisions ahead. cubs spotted on Howanut
take time. Tough decisions Road and will be traveling
not mentioning the two take time. Issues such as education, around the area. Typically,
leaders that inspire me today child care, elder living, social every year there is a bear
– David Burnett and Don Serving as vice chairman services and homelessness seen in this area. Down the
Secena. has enhanced my patience and remain on our list of problems hill from the Tribal Center
understanding. that need to be addressed. are apple orchards.
All of these leaders have
shined during their time in Not every decision we Natural Resources is This is just to remind
office – Dolly with the advent have made has been popular, dealing with two major issues you that the bear is back
of a new and updated tribal but I truly believe in my heart today – the proposed dam looking for food and please
constitution and Nena with that they were the best choices project on the Chehalis River allow it space.
her push to get our members for our tribe and for our and attempts of infringement
educated, Percy with his future. on our usual and accustomed If you spot a bear:
love of fisheries and natural fishing areas. n Leave the animal
resources, Mel and David During my term as vice alone.
with their roles during the chairman, someone asked me, Law Enforcement issues n Don’t keep pet food
tough times for our tribe and “Do you believe you are as include drug abuse (both out overnight.
the rise of gaming in Indian respected as some of our past illegal and prescribed) and n Manage your garbage.
country, David Burnett with leaders through the eyes of the burglaries to both private and n Stay clear of bear cubs.
his insistence of economic general membership?” governmental properties. n Do not approach
development outside of bears.
gaming and Don Secena with My answer was, “I really All of these problems have a Remember that bears are
his faith and compassion while hope that I am, but if not, that solution, but it cannot be done scared of people, too.
our tribe faced a rather trying one day I sure would like to by me or you alone. For more information,
moment of transition to new be.” call 360-273-5911.
governmental policies. It will take all of us -
I do my best to keep my everybody in our community
Serving as vice chairman door open for each and every – asking the tough questions
the past two years has taught tribal member who feels the and following through on hard
need to speak with me. If I do decisions.
not have an answer, I do my Thank you all and God bless
very best to find an answer for
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