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CHEHALIS TRIBAL Volunteers tidy up gravestones and surrounding cemeteries on the Chehalis Reservation.
Cemeteries get a little TLC
The Confederated
Tribes of the Chehalis The Chehalis Tribe set aside May 19 to reward those who participated.
Reservation, ‘People honor our ancestors by cleaning up the Afterward, volunteers headed back out
of the Sands’ cemeteries on our reservation.
to finish their work in the cemeteries. Many
The articles and opinions The tradition has been observed by many admitted it was hard, but the rewards were
expressed are not necessarily generations as a way to show respect and rich as tasks were completed. The cemeteries
those of this publication give back. This is not an easy endeavor, but looked beautiful for Tribal Days Memorial
or the Chehalis Tribal Business it is very honorable to work as a team to weekend. Families traveling to the festivities
Committee. complete the tedious tasks. A rainy spring stopped by the cemeteries to leave flowers
made it difficult to accomplish cleaning up and say prayers. They found tidy, peaceful
SUBMISSIONS areas in one day. places to remember loved ones.

The Chehalis Tribal Newsletter After meeting at the Gathering Room, Great job to everyone who helped!
encourages tribal members elders, community members, employees
to submit letters, articles, and children were assigned duties. Armed Thank you
photographs and drawings to with good thoughts, gloves and assorted
be considered for publication equipment, they headed out to their On behalf of families with loved ones
(subject to editing). appointed destinations. It was a great day in the cemeteries, the Events Department
Contributing writers, artists for sprucing up – not too hot and no rain. would like to thank those who participated
and photographers include in the Cemetery Cleanup! – Cheryle Starr,
Chehalis tribal During a lunch break, a raffle was held to Philip Youckton and Leroy Boyd.
members Ancestors will be interred on expansion land
and staff.
Submission During the annual Cemetery Cleanup, TO HELP
deadline is the new expansion to the tribal cemetery
the first of was completed in preparation for use. To help inter our ancestors, contact
each month Dan Penn at 360-709-1747 or dpenn@
(printed monthly). This expansion to the south of the, or stop by his office in
cemetery is on land donated by Briarwood the Chehalis Tribal Community Center.
TRIBAL CENTER Chicken Farm. Dan Penn, the Chehalis
Tribal Historic Preservation Officer, has honored with a reburial.
Main line: 360-273-5911 been preparing the expanded land since “I am looking forward to putting our
Address: 420 Howanut Road last fall with support from the Facilities and
Oakville, WA 98568 Natural Resources staff. tulapn to rest, and also doing so in the future
Office: 360-709-1726 for our other ancestors who are in university
Fax: 360-273-5914 The tribe has two ancestors who will be and museum collections,” Penn said.
interred in the new cemetery expansion this
CHEHALIS TRIBE’S summer. The ancestors were anonymously
VISION STATEMENT returned to the tribe and are ready to be

To be a thriving, self-sufficient,
sovereign people, honoring our
past and serving current and
future generations.


Harry Pickernell, Chairman
Jessie Goddard, Vice Chairman
Shoni Pannkuk, Treasurer
David Burnett, Secretary
Leroy Boyd Sr.,
Fifth Council Member


Fred Shortman, Audra J. Hill and
the Information Technology Team
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