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Mother Nature’s
healthy beverages

Skip sugar and try to the soul. They provide color and fragrance. noted, it’s “nature’s Gatorade.”
herbs, fruit, veggies essential medicinal qualities There are different She also discussed the healing
and healing energy. properties of various herbs
The Behavioral Health infusions used in making tea: used in the class.
Program invited community It is a creative art, and the hot, cold and solar. Feel free
members to create herbal ingredients used to make to experiment to see which A new face
teas and traditionally flavored them are an important factor. you like better. Teas are best
drinks at a class on May 9. Elise Teas contribute to nourishing consumed fresh, but you can Charlene Abrahamson
Krohn instructed participants and maintaining your health. prepare larger batches and introduced new employee
on making their own natural There is a bit of science to it store them in the refrigerator Caytee Cline. She will work
and healthy alternatives to as well. But for the most part, when necessary. Use a tightly for the Substance Abuse
sugar-filled beverages. brewing tea is a flexible and closed container to help tea and Mental Health Services
forgiving process. last up to three days. Prepared Administration Red Road
Flavored drinks tea also can be stored in the Grant and learn along with
If you use fresh herbs to freezer for a few weeks. everyone in upcoming classes.
Elise talked about how make tea, it will be tasty, light
sugary drinks might taste and aromatic. To increase the Volunteers worked This work is intertwined
good but how they negatively medicinal property of plants, it diligently to take hawthorn with the goal of suicide
impact your taste buds, as is highly recommended using plant leaves off the bush prevention. Future mentors
well as overall health. She dried herbs. Elise explained provided for the class. Elise are attending classes, and you
also taught the importance that during the drying process, shared the healing properties are welcome to join as well.
of reading drink labels, plant cell walls break open and of each herb and invited
taking into consideration all dehydrate. When hot water is everyone to come up and Charlene also provided a
the gathered information to poured over plant material, it select their own combination binder for everyone to use for
discover how many teaspoons easily rehydrates and extracts of plants. Also on hand was a future classes. It contained
of sugar are in various drinks. the taste and scent as well Douglas fir sun tea with lemon all past class activities and
as nutritive and medicinal for everyone to try. As Elise provided information on
Even though sugary drinks properties. harvesting times for herbs.
contain water, they aren’t very
healthy. Making your own out If you are purchasing Students
of Mother Nature’s ingredients herbs, Elise cautioned to only learn how
is a wiser choice. purchase organic and fair- to bypass
trade teas. They might cost sugar-filled
Flavor is important. Plants a little more, but they don’t drinks and
such as nettles, peppermint, contain pesticides and you are instead use
ginger and roses can greatly supporting sustainable plant nature’s
enhance drinks. There has growers. It’s important to impressive
been a huge movement in smell the ingredients; robust bounty
communities to emphasize dried herbs should still have to flavor
natural herbal teas and beverages
flavored drinks. during a
Many combinations of Health
ingredients are available to Program class
make refreshing drinks. Fruits, on May 9.
vegetables and herbs can be
added to water or sparkling
water. The longer plants sit in
the water, the more flavor and
nutrients will be extracted.
You can keep adding water to
your glass or bottle during the
day. Dispose of ingredients at
the end of the day.

Herbal tea

Properly prepared herbal
teas are warming and soothing
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