Page 2 - Chehalis Tribal Newsletter - June, 2017
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Participants in the 10th
annual Chehalis Tribe
Cancer Walk honored
loved ones and supported
an important cause.


10th annual I would like to thank everyone were 143 Chehalis tribal members
Chehalis who came out in the blasting heat and 20 additional tribes were
to show support during the 10th represented. We had 288 raffle
Tribe Cancer annual Chehalis Tribe Cancer Walk prizes donated and gifts provided
Walk is a on May 28 at the Legends Field for all children that participated.
powerful picnic area.
chance Each walker was given a T-shirt,
to unite Our motto is #WeWalkasOne, cancer ribbon and lunch cooler.
and raise and every step we take is a prayer
awareness we share for the fight against cancer. Powwow primer

Contributed by We all have loved ones that have The Heritage & Culture Program
Orinda Goddard, been fighting or have lost their great invited Gary Smith Jr. and the drum
battle to cancer. and dance group from the Yakama
Cancer Walk Nation out after the walk. They gave
Coordinator This amazing walk demonstrates an outstanding performance.
that we can come together for an
important cause and help raise The sound of the powwow drums
awareness. and singers echoed all around

An impressive 288 walkers See WALK, page 3
registered for the big day! There
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