Page 5 - Chehalis Tribal Newsletter - June, 2017
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Salmon feast 5
offers gratitude The Chehalis tribal
community gathers
Ceremony honors stepping forward to keep traditions to honor the salmon
sacred fish, traditions thriving. people, share stories
and enjoy food
The Chehalis tribal community The floor was then opened to during the annual
honored the salmon people on May others who wanted to share. Harry Salmon Ceremony.
18. The time-honored tradition Pickernell spoke of how his friend Below: Elder Mel
offers gratitude to ancestors so that Ross Davis began this ceremony Youckton shares
they are remembered. many moons ago. It made him memories of past
happy to see the tradition is still gatherings.
Gentle winds carried the followed, and we honor him to this
wonderful aroma of alder smoke day.
and swirled it around the grounds.
The weather was overcast with Gift giving
no rain as elders, adults and
children gathered at the fish pit The gift giving was a very
behind the Department of Natural important moment and thanked
Resources building for the Salmon those who committed their time
Ceremony. and spirit to honor the salmon
people. The value of the gifts
There was a lot of effort put contributors made is priceless and
forth by dedicated volunteers to they will serve as great keepsakes.
make this event special. Chehalis
tribal fishermen were selected to A special thanks goes out to
harvest spring Chinook throughout the Heritage & Culture Program,
the week to feed everyone. Events Department, Fred
Shortman, Karen Klatush and
The first Chinook caught was family and many others who
preserved for the river part of the participated in making items.
ceremony. This is usually done Our hands go up to everyone for
the morning of the feast and is sharing your talents.
wonderful to witness.
After all of the feasting and
Everyone meets at the Fisheries gift giving was finished, Winona
Department at 9 a.m., and it’s an performed the closing prayer to
open invite to all tribal members to wrap up a fine day.
When the salmon ceremony
Chehalis Tribal Chairman Don wrapped up, many people jumped
Secena welcomed and thanked right in to help clean up.
attendees and also the people who
dedicated their time to prepare for The events, maintenance and
this feast. ground crew finished up. Thanks
again. Your work doesn’t go
The Chehalis Canoe Family unnoticed or unappreciated!
performed traditional songs
blessing this beautiful day.

Drums resounded throughout
the village as voices rang out sacred

Winona Youckton opened
the ceremony with a prayer in
traditional Shaker Church style.
Elders were then invited to serve
themselves first for a bountiful and
delicious meal.

Memories, meaning

Elders Mel Youckton and Elaine
Sutterlict shared memories about
past salmon ceremonies and how
the Chehalis people honored the
salmon people.

They said they were glad to
witness the younger generation
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