Page 10 - Chehalis Tribal Newsletter - December, 2017
P. 10

Early Learning enjoys fall feast

Friends and families gather to share
Thanksgiving dinner, make memories

Chehalis Tribal Early demonstrated by the
Learning hosted a smiles on attendees’ faces.
Thanksgiving feast on
Nov. 16 at the Community Such an undertaking is
Center. The dinner was reminiscent of gatherings
filled with community past in which people
togetherness and fabulous would work together to
food. cook a large meal from
scratch and take pleasure
This year was in the fruits of their labor
particularly special
because many with family, friends
elders, community and neighbors from
members, parents communities near
and staff from
several Chehalis and far. It is an
tribal departments important part of
lent a hand to ensure who we are. When
the evening’s success. there is a need, the
community provides.
The kitchen was Our program would
buzzing with activity like to thank everyone for
and it was amazing to the donations, resources
see so much generosity and time given to this
and kindness at work! wonderful dinner. We
The overall enjoyment truly appreciate all of the
of the evening was hard work that made this
event possible.

Many community
members and

tribal departments
contributed to make

Chehalis Tribal
Early Learning’s

celebration on Nov. 16

a delicious success.
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