Page 12 - Chehalis Tribal Newsletter - December, 2017
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is a publication of the Confederated
Tribes of the Chehalis Reservation. STUDENTS OF THE MONTH

* Or current resident Amara Penn abilities in reading and math.
Her advice to others is to
12 Fourth grade listen to the teacher and pay
Grand Mound Elementary attention 24/7.
Is it Medicare
or Medicaid? Amara Penn is in the Outside of school, she
fourth grade at Grand likes reading, coloring,
Contributed by Kirk Larson Social Security Mound Elementary. She eating and playing soccer.
Washington Public Affairs Specialist is the daughter of Jenee
Burnett and Dan Penn and has one When Amara graduates
Many people have a difficult time brother and one sister. She enjoys high school, she wants to
understanding the difference between going places with her family. go to Harvard or the University of
Medicare and Medicaid. Medicare is the Washington to be a veterinarian.
national healthcare program for ages 65 or She says the best part about school If Amara were Chehalis Tribe
older and the disabled. You pay for some is lunch. She feels she is a successful chairwoman, she would be nice to
Medicare expenses by paying the Medicare student because of her special everyone and kids would only have
tax while you work. The Centers for Medicare homework two days a week.
& Medicaid Services is the agency in charge
of both Medicare and Medicaid, but you sign Rita Burke Rita is the seventh grade
up for Medicare A (Hospital) and Medicare B Associated Student Body
(Medical) through Social Security. Seventh grade representative for her class.
Rochester Middle School She enjoys playing the
If you’re already receiving Social Security trumpet in her school’s band
retirement benefits when you reach age 65 or Rita Burke is in the and fast pitch. When she
are in the 25th month of receiving disability seventh grade at Rochester lived in Alaska, Rita was in
checks, we will enroll you automatically. Middle School and has a 3.52 karate and gymnastics and
GPA. She is the daughter of on a swim team. Rita likes to
Medicare Part C (Medicare Advantage) Daphne Smith Burke and has four sleep, eat and visit her friend Dyani.
and Part D (Prescription Drug) plans are brothers, one sister and three cats. When she graduates high school,
available for purchase in the insurance Rita will attend Central Washington
marketplace. Social Security administers a Rita likes hanging out with University to become a band director.
program called Extra Help to help people friends and playing in band. She is a If she were chairwoman of the
with low income and low resources pay for successful student because she turns tribe, Rita would build a teen center
premiums, co-pays, and co-insurance costs in her homework and pays attention. so they have a place to go where the
for Part D plans. Her advice for others students is to little kids can’t bug them.
stay in school to be successful.
Each state runs their own Medicaid
program under guidance from the Centers Cameron Snell daily basis. Cameron feels he
for Medicare & Medicaid Services. Medicaid is successful because he pays
offers care for the most vulnerable among us. 10th grade attention and finishes his
While it does not require paying taxes while Oakville High School work. His advice for other
working, it does have guidelines about how students is to do your work
much income and resources you can have to Cameron Snell is in and turn it in on time.
qualify. Medicaid provides coverage for older the 10th grade at Oakville
people, people with disabilities, and some High School and has a 3.81 Cameron likes to play
families with children. Each state has its own GPA. He is the son of Eli video games with friends.
eligibility rules and decides which services to and Melanie Snell and has three
cover. The names of the Medicaid program brothers. Cameron likes to out to After he graduates high
might vary from state to state. dinner and the movies with his school, Cameron wants to attend
family. college to study business.
He likes to see his friends on a If Cameron were chairman of the
The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid tribe, he would improve the tribe’s
Services publishes Medicare and You infrastructure.
medicare-and-you.html. It is a user’s Contributed by the Chehalis Tribe K-12 Program
manual for Medicare. You can apply for
Medicare at
Read about each state’s Medicaid program
by-state.html. You can find each state’s
Medicaid contact information at medicaid.
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