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Help kids in our community A letter to the chief
by becoming a foster parent
Editor’s note: The following letter is being
If you’d like to become a rerun at the request of the author. It is appearing
valued provider, we are in original form with no editing by Chehalis
here to guide your path Tribal Newsletter staff.

Contributed by Foster Care Coordinator CONTACT US F ew people ever get an opportunity to set
Melanie Hjelm foot in a police uniform. Even less get to
If you would like to become a foster see a promotion and fewer still ever reach
What is foster care? Do I want parent or just have questions, come the rank of Chief of Police. This rank marks
to be a foster parent? What are the see me in my office. My doors are a life’s achievement. A symbol of dedication
steps I need to take to foster a child? open to you. Please contact me at and service to those who have taken the Oath or to Protect and Serve. A culmination of a life
There might be multiple 360-709-1632. time of holidays and birthdays missed due to
questions that come to mind when being on a scene, anniversaries skipped as they
you think of what foster care is and immediate placement and there where needed at the station, vacations canceled,
what you need to do to become are no available homes for them to countless phone calls and emails, late nights,
a licensed foster parent in your be placed in at that time. You care early mornings, long hours, and never ending
community. for the children in your home for a days.
short period until another home is
Good news! I am here to answer found. A Chief of Police is never off duty and always
questions you have about foster expected to have the answer. A guiding hand
care. I will guide you through Happy holidays! for his department, a voice of reason within the
the steps you need to take to get community, passionate about their duties and
licensed and to become a valued the ability to inspire and uphold others.
foster parent.
When a Chief of Police decides the time for
There are three types of foster retirement has come their way, it is a capstone
care licenses to choose from: to a life lived in dedication; deserving of respect
and honor. A life marked by service. Gone
General license: You provide are the days of running call to call, but stored
care for children from weeks, away are the countless investigations. The only
months to a year or more; it just thing left by a Chief of Police is their Legacy
depends upon the birth family’s which is marked in each officers uniform, each
needs and situation. supervisors report, and in the memory of every
community member helped. As the meetings
Respite care: You provide care fade and the number of phone calls diminish, a
for other foster care providers so time of reflection on a life well-lived a life that
they can take a break from the was impactful, inspiring, influential, and truly
responsibilities of day-to-day care world changing begins.
I am honored I get to write a letter about a
Emergency license: You receive man who has had a hand, in not only my life,
children when they are in need of but in countless others. A man who has served
our tribe and the community which I am now
5 steps to get a flawless floss honored to serve. A guiding hand to me. A man
to coach me when needed and correct me as well.
Use this guide to learn it into a C shape against I can honestly and in full faith state that me and
how to properly floss your one tooth. Gently slide it many like me would not be in their current place
teeth every day: into the space between the in life without
gum and the tooth. his influence.
1: Break off 18 inches of
floss and wind most of it 5: Hold floss tightly It is with a mix of joy and sorrow that I get
around your middle finger. against the tooth. Gently to announce the retirement of Chief of Police
Wind remaining floss rub the side of the tooth, Ralph Wyman. He has faithfully served the Law
around the same finger of moving floss away from Enforcement community for nearly four decades
the opposite hand. This the gum with up and down and has served the Chehalis Tribe for 28 years. We
finger takes up dirty floss. motions. Floss all teeth, will remember and honor Ralph’s dedication to
including the back of your the Chehalis Tribe and surrounding community,
2: Hold floss tightly last tooth. along with many others that have had the
between your thumbs and privilege of serving the people of Indian Country
forefingers. Talk to your dentist and other local jurisdictions.
about oral care products
3: Guide floss between that will be most effective Ralph, I pray the favor you have found in this
your teeth using a gentle for you. community and within Law Enforcement only
rubbing motion. Never increases in your retirement.
snap floss into the gums. Look for items that
show the ADA Seal of Thank You,
4: When the floss Acceptance. Lieutenant Arick Burnett
reaches the gum line, curve
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