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P. 1    FREE Vol. November 2009 2/11 CHEHALIS Honoring Marjorie Elders: Program TRIBAL Gleason- McCloud News NEWSLETTER  She takes what life Program Offers Music has to offer and makes the most of Lessons to Encourage Youth it., page 3 The Prevention Program, TELO, and the  “People of the Sands”  Youth Center are working together to create different prevention activities for youth through music. If your interested in learning Chehalis youth inspired by to play a piano or guitar, you are invited to join our youth “Soaring Eagles Above the Native Rapper Litefoot Infuence” prevention group. At this point, ages are 6-18 are invited. This might change in the future to include everyone. If you are  Famous singer/movie star inspires youth to avoid interested, contact Lorrie Bonifer at 360- 709-1717, or drugs and alcohol, and dance, dance, dance, page 2 Museum Looking for Native Artists and Performers Crowd of 650 Honor Veterans With Community Gives The Tacoma Art Museum is having a Coastal Native Celebration at the closing of Input on Future the Native Artist Joe Fedderson exhibition, Dinner and Heartfelt Thanks on Saturday, January 9 from 12-3:30. It is a reminder that the Northwest indigenous Road Improvements tribes are a strong people. Our traditions must not fade into the past. Let’s celebrate By Amy Loudermilk, our culture and honor our ancestors. Transportation Planner The museum is searching for more Native artists to participate in this event. If A community meeting was held in October you are a coastal Native artist or performer, to discuss transportation needs on the a basket weaver, beader, story teller, or Chehalis Reservation. In conjunction with dancer, please join this event. The deadline this meeting, a survey was distributed that for signing up is November 30. Contact requested survey-takers to vote for the Elizabeth Debrie at 253-222-1537 or email top three road improvement projects they her at felt were the highest priority. Seventy-six community members completed the survey. How to Make and Cancel Here are the survey results, from highest Great Wolf Reservations The Veterans Appreciation Day at the Lucky Eagle was filled wall to wall number of votes to lowest number of votes: By Chris Ortivez, Chehalis Tribal with veterans. Lori Tovrea did another outstanding job in organizing this Enrollment/GWL Reservations honorable event for the veterans.  Safety improvements on Hwy. 12 between Reservations for the Great Wolf Lodge are By Fred Shortman, Editor Moon Rd. and Anderson Rd. – 45 votes made through me, Chris Ortivez, at 360-  Straighten curves on Howanut Rd. – 32 273-5911. Please note if you cannot make On November 11, the Chehalis Tribe held thanks go out to Don Secena, John votes th it to your reservation, please make sure to the 8 Annual Veteran’s Appreciation Youckton, Fred Shortman, Robert Cayenne,  Widen South Anderson Rd. – 31 votes call and cancel. If you don’t cancel your Day Dinner at the Lucky Eagle Casino. Dennis Cayenne, Andy Olson, and Bruce  Install large culverts on South Bank Rd. at reservation, we lose revenue. There have What a spectacular event it was, with over Klatush. Also, thanks go out to those who Harris Creek – 30 votes been a few instances (nine to be exact) 650 people coming to witness this very helped flet and prepare the sticks necessary  New Black River bridge – 29 votes where tribal members were “no-shows” honorable holiday. to make this delicious meal available for the  Install large culverts at Sickman Ford and some of these have been on peak nights The Chehalis community supported this event. Bridge – 29 votes when they would have been able to sell event with their time and effort to make it  Raise Moon Rd. – 27 votes that room at the standard rate of $300 or successful. The Youth Council, along with A Heart Felt Thanks from Lori Tovrea,  More street lights on Howanut Rd., 188 th more. So please, if you cannot make your the Youth Center Staff, volunteered to help Lucky Eagle Casino and residential areas – 25 votes reservation, cancel it, or contact me and I decorate, serve Veterans, move chairs, and I, Lori Tovrea, would like to thank our  Replace the bridges on Howanut Rd. will take care of it for you. Check with me clean up afterwards. I hope it made you new Veterans Committee: Nancy Romero, (Willamette Creek bridge and two bridges for the discount rate. Thank you. feel special because honoring veterans is an Nadine Burnett, Gloria Jones, Evelyn Penn, near fsh hatchery) – 23 votes honor in itself. Tony Medina, Scarlett Romero, and Dan  Widen Howanut Rd. from the Tribal Your Input is Needed to Amend The Chehalis fsherman donated the fresh Gleason. Their time and effort in helping Center to Elma Gate Rd. – 21 votes Our Tribal Constitution Coho salmon for the dinner, while the Lucky organize and arrange to make this event was  Widen 188 from the Lucky Eagle Casino th The General Council directed the Eagle prepared the rest of the meal. There great. Your hard work was appreciated when to Moon Rd. - 19 votes Constitution Committee to review and make were over 30 fsh cooked for this annual the day fnally arrived.  Install culverts on 188 east of the Lucky th recommendations for possible changes to the event. In years past, the Lucky Eagle’s I would also like to thank my children, Eagle associate parking – 17 votes Chehalis Constitution and Bylaws. Although portable fsh cooking pit was used in front Johnny and Raven, for the past eight years.  Bike lanes along Howanut Rd., there have been many efforts over the past of the Casino. Unfortunately, there weren’t You have been there for me from early Niederman Rd., 188 and Moon Rd. – 17 th several years to reach agreement on how to enough cooks available that day. The ones in the morning until late at night without votes amend the current Chehalis Constitution, who did show up cooked at the Chehalis hesitation. You two have always been there,  Sidewalk on Cemetery Rd. – 12 votes there has never been a consensus on any Tribe’s main cook pit. and I really do appreciate all your years of recommended changes. The Constitution What an outstanding job and many dedication to the Veterans. Also, for my Committee needs your help in deciding what, if any, amendments should be voted See Veterans, page 4 See Road, page 4 on by the General Council in a special st constitutional election. Chehalis Tribe Hosts 1 Annual Diabetes Awareness Walk This is not a fnal formal vote on any proposed changes. This is only a survey to By Pat Odiorne, RD,CDE, Director of SDPI Diabetes Prevention Program gather input from tribal members. The First Annual Diabetes Awareness Walk He is very concerned about the risk that through small changes in lifestyle. Please complete either a paper copy of was hosted by the Chehalis Tribal Wellness diabetes presents to Native Americans both To learn more about what you can do to the survey or go to: www.chehalistribe. Center and the Special Diabetes Programs young and old. Rodney knows the risk, but prevent diabetes, call Lynn Hoheisel at 360- org click on the Constitutional Amendment for Indians. The event was held on October also knows that diabetes can be prevented 709-1744. Survey link. If you have any questions 24 at the Chehalis Community please call the tribal center at 360-273-5911. Center. This area-wide walk brought participants from the Skokomish, Shoalwater Bay, and Squaxin Island Tribes. These three tribes, along with Chehalis, are members of a consortium which participates in the Diabetes PO Box 536 Prevention Program funded by the Indian Health Service. City, ST Zip Participants were given snacks, Street Address water and a special T-shirt to wear Oakville, WA 98568 on the 3-mile walk. The Diabetes * Return Service request Prevention Program staff offered FirstName LastName blood sugar screenings to the Chehalis Tribal Newsletter group. After the walk, participants gathered back at the Community Center for a short program, raffe prizes and lunch provided by the PRSRT STD Lucky Eagle Casino. PERMIT No. 2 OAKVILLE WA The program featured Rodney Youckton, Chehalis Health Board US POSTAGE PAID Member. Rodney shared his Tribal and community members participated in the Chehalis Tribal Wellness Center’s ©Copyright 2009 CHEHALIS TRIBAL goal as a member of the Health First Annual Diabetes Walk. Exercise is important in the prevention of diabetes. NEWSLETTER is a publication of the Confederated Tribes of the Chehalis Board to work for the health and November is Diabetes Prevention Month. Great job, everyone, for making this a Reservation. wellness of the Chehalis Tribe. successful event. Photo by Cecilia Kayano
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