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3 Honoring our Elders: Marjorie Gleason-McCloud “..enjoys taking what life has to offer and make the most of it...” Marjorie Gleason-McCloud was born October 18, 1918 to Ernest and Margaret (Klatush) Gleason. She just turned 91 this October. Ernest’s mother is Fannie Sickman, who was Chehalis. Margaret was Nisqually; her parents are Jack and Annie Klatush. Her dad had a total of 16 children, Marge being the oldest and Alma Kalama, Betty Blacketer, Doreen Wiersma, Ernest “Jughead” Gleason, Jr., Daniel “Bones” Gleason, Sr., Virginia “Dolly” Canales, Joan “Boots” Martin, Arlene Kautz, Nola Gomez, James Gleason, Sharon Gleason, Eldon Gleason and Harold Gleason. 2 boys died at a young age. She was married to Benjamin Johns (Skokomish) and had three children. This photo was taken a few years back when She then married Earl McCloud (Nisqually) and had four children. She laughed her sister Betty was alive. She’s pictured with saying, “She would have to get paper and pen to get an accurate count for my her younger siblings Dolly, Bones, Boots and grandchildren and great grandchildren.” Betty at the Elders center. She enjoys visiting with family and friends at the Elders Events. By Elaine McCloud, Heritage Coordinator She had spots on her lungs, so she was sent dusting and sweeping. had to tell her that he had to dress warm to the sanatorium at Cushman for treatment. Marge remembers eels coming up the because it was cold where Santa comes She was there for about three years. Chehalis River. Everyone would catch them from. They gave out a bags with an orange, Marge grew up on “the ranch” with her Sapa (Grandfather). He had an 80-acre farm Marge was on a train going to Chemawa and smoke them. Boiled potatoes and eels apple and candy. Nothing fancy, just a bag. on the Nisqually Reservation, just down the Boarding School when her dad came and were her favorite food. Marge and Alma She remembers gatherings at the tribal hill from the Red Wind Casino. He grew took her off. Her mom had died. So she was ate fsh heads and she remembers Alma ate center. Frank Pete would play the fddle and lots of things on his farm. She especially held back at home for a year to take care of almost everything; she’d just have a little call square dances. remembers strawberries and raspberries. He her siblings. She went to Chemawa when pile of bones left. Marge ate parts of the fsh Some Indians would come down from farmed till the day he died. She remembers she was about 14 years old, and stayed there heads but didn’t care for the eggs. Canada and they would roam around where he carved river canoes, out of necessity. She for about three years. They had to do chores Marge’s mother made raffa and cattail there was food. They would gather berries remembers everyone using canoes to travel, there, plus their school work. The girls had baskets. She never got into making the and roots. They called them “Stick Indians,” everyone fshing and her family picking domestic classes. They learned to cook and real tight ones. Marge remembers going but they were real Indians, not spirits. She apples to earn money. make clothes. Then she returned and went to and getting cattail. She made a few raffa remembers log jams when she was young. Marge’s frst school was located right Yelm High School. baskets. Alma and Betty didn’t get into it. They would see the “Stick Indians” there at off the freeway. They didn’t teach anything During her childhood, she spent a lot When she was older she sometimes the log jams. “frivolous” just reading, writing and of time on the Chehalis Reservation. She stayed with Johnny and Maggie Benn in At Tribal Days, she enjoyed watching arithmetic. She also went to school in Yelm. remembers staying with Sapa Dan and Kiya the summer. She was supposed to be a the Dry Land Canoe Races. They would Secena (grandfather and grandmother). companion for Maggie, but she said she take the poles that they used to pole the Marge was sickly. Kiya was an Indian probably wasn’t much of a companion canoes on the river and have 10 men doctor. She worked on her chest. She because neither one of them talked that running backwards. The lead man would made her a tea to drink and put it in a much. steer, running in the other direction. They quart jar. At the end of the day, it had They had a nice garden across the had foot races, and horse races, too. This to be empty. Marge doesn’t remember prairie. They would go get fruits and was when the reservation was all prairie. what it tasted like, but she remembers vegetables from the garden and take them Marge remembers some of the men being drinking it. over to Gerdie Conners. Then Marge would Johnny Benn, Frank Pete and a guy from Sometimes Marge stayed with be able to play with Mae Conners. When Skokomish. They’d have bone games under her Uncle Walt and Aunt Mena Johnny Benn’s mother was alive, they’d the oak tree. back in the woods. She played with bring her sister Alma to help take care of She remembers adults talking “Indian” Jane Klatush. She remembers one her. Alma was better with older people than when she was little. They used it when they time when all the boys were alive, Marge. didn’t want others to understand what they they got brave and decided to try Marge and her friends played baseball, were saying. She never learned any of the and sleep in the yard. The coyotes climbed trees, and did outdoor stuff…no TV. language, only a few words. started hollering and scared them She remembers playing tree tag. Her dad, When Benji and her were together, they’d back into the house. her uncle and some of the older guys chased gather the kids, and cook their Easter dinner. Marge remembers spending the kids off the trees. They would dig a fre pit, start a fre and lots of time at Bessie and John She remembers taking a hike by the line it with rocks and plants. They would Hayden’s after her dad married railroad tracks by the trestle. They saw a put oysters and clams in it and cover it with Lillian Hayden. Mabel Hayden fgure coming towards them and they got gunny sacks. was her age. They would cross scared. It chased them and they ran through In the 1980s Marge served on the the little bridge and walk down bushes and blackberry vines. They were Chehalis Tribal Council with Melvin to the river to swim. She all scratched up by the time they got home. Youckton, Curtis DuPuis, Jerrie Simmons remembers Clifford (Buddie) They never found out who or what it was. and Lorraine Goldman. Marge pictured with her first Hayden was always doing She remembers Christmas at Chehalis beadwork. Bessie made husband Benjamin Johns at their when it was just a single one-room school house. Frank Pete played Santa Claus. Betty them all do chores, peeling home in Queets. potatoes, washing dishes, complained of how Frank was dressed. They Staff Profle: Tribal Housing Executive Director Medicare Prescription Drug My name is David Boyd. I’m Indian Housing Manager the Executive Director for to include a certifcation the Chehalis Tribal Housing as a National Homebuyer Plan Offers Quick Help Line Authority. I was born and raised Education Trainer. in Inchelium and Spokane, My career choices Olympia, Wash. —The annual enrollment If you’re already enrolled in a Part D Washington. I am a member have allowed me to travel for Medicare’s prescription drug program plan: of the Arrow Lakes Band of throughout the United (Part D) runs from Nov. 15 - Dec. 31. Many the Confederated Tribes of States and Europe. After plans are changing this year. If you’re new  Be aware that your Part D plan may the Colville Reservation. I am my discharge from the U.S. provide different coverage in 2010. married to my best friend, Army, I spent three years to Part D or want to change plans, Insurance  Carefully read all mail you receive from Amanda, and have four David Boyd working for the state of Commissioner Mike Kreidler’s SHIBA your plan. If you do not understand it, fantastic children. I have CTHA Executive Director Washington as a Medical HelpLine can help. call the phone number in the letter to get three grandchildren whom Claims Investigator. I “Start reviewing your options today,” clarifcation. I adore. My three oldest moved on from state said Marijean Holland, SHIBA HelpLine  If you are thinking about switching plans, children are on their own and doing great. employment and re-located to California Program Manager. “If you’re confused or use the plan fnder at My youngest daughter is 13 and keeping us where I trained in the construction feld. have questions, we can help. Our trained to compare your current plan with others. busy with her schedule. As all grandparents After two years I relocated back to the volunteers in your community can answer agree, we really never get to see the Olympia area, then opened my own questions and search for plans online. We More ways to get help with Part D: grandchildren enough. construction company specializing in I attended school in Inchelium and residential and light commercial remodels in also provide help with Original Medicare  Read our special Medicare Part D page Spokane, and received my graduation Washington, Oregon and Idaho. and other health plans.” online certifcate from Spokane Community I was honored in August 2002 when I consumers/Medicare/indes.shtml College. While serving in the Army, I was selected by the Chehalis Tribal Housing If you want to enroll in a Part D plan:  Visit Washington State BeneftsCheckUp received numerous educational certifcates Authority Board of Commissioners to  Don’t wait until the last minute – give  Contact Medicare at 1-800-MEDICARE in the medical feld. I continued my work with the community as the Director yourself plenty of time to select a plan. (633-4227) or visit http://www.medicare. education in the management feld. of Housing. For the past seven years I have  Don't let anyone pressure you into buying gov Recently I enrolled in a distant learning truly enjoyed coming to work and assisting a plan. program. I’m currently studying to receive Chehalis tribal families to secure decent  Make a list of all of the current “Don’t wait to get help,” said Kreidler. a diploma in property management from the and safe housing with multiple programs prescription drugs you take, the doses, Professional Career Development Institute. meeting the diverse needs of all tribal “Call us today at 1-800-562-6900 and ask I am enrolled in Ashworth University members. and how often. And then use the plan to schedule an appointment with a SHIBA studying for my Associates Degree in The need for future housing is great and fnder at to compare volunteer.” Business Management. I have received I look forward to working with all tribal Part D plans. my certifcate from the National American community members and administration to  If you have questions, be sure to ask Indian Housing Council as a Professional successfully meet their housing goals. before you sign up for a plan.
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