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4 Survey (continued from page 1) Veterans (continued from page 1) daughter, Janessa, who is off to college at just what is Veterans Day? To me it’s not The Planning Department has already work towards improving the roads on the UNLV. She normally helps. We missed her really about the military, the politicians, started the process of identifying funding Chehalis Reservation. If you have any this year, but we knew her heart was here. or even the president. It’s not really even sources and working with county and questions, please contact Amy Loudermilk There are so many people to thank, so about the generals. No! Veterans Day is state road departments on the top-ranked at (360) 709-1813 or stop by the Planning let’s start with the speakers: Curtis DuPuis, about the young men and women who, for projects. We’ll keep you updated as we Department. Nicole Ross, Jimmy Burnett, and Don one reason or another, went off to serve Bradshaw. Their speeches were heartfelt and their country, sometimes in war, sometimes very wonderful. in peace. It makes no difference if it was Don’t Miss Deadlines for College Thanks to the following people: Stan a World War II, the Korean War, or the Baker (invocation), Harvey Rabbitt (dinner Vietnam Confict. By Racheal Mendez, High Education Coordinator prayer), Lloyd Felton and Tribal Elder Cindy “Today is about the Veterans! I am st Andy (closing prayer), and Gary Schneider deeply honored to have been asked to Higher Education has moved over to the last day to apply online is June 1 and all th (Master of Ceremonies). You did a great job address this assembly tonight. As we new Community Center. Our fall semester / corrections must be done by September 15 . and it was a pleasure to work with you. All all know, this a very special day for all quarter has started and I’m excited to tell Most colleges have data sheets that must be your help was very much appreciated not Americans. To those of us who are Veterans, you we have 19 students enrolled. Twelve fled with their Financial Aid Offce. only at the dinner but all the prior help you it is a special and added meaning. are attending local community colleges Pay close attention to deadlines! Ask did. I would also like to thank the Youth “Memories come back to families and and seven are attending universities. If your school about their defnition of an Council and their leaders Tony, Marla and individuals: of distant days and places, and you would like to join these 19 students, application deadline - whether it is the Teresa. Your efforts were greatly appreciated friends from the past. Some of those friends please come visit me in the new Community receipt date and time or the process date and from the decorating, serving veterans, are still with us, sharing in challenges of Center. I am happy to help you with the time of the application. moving chairs, and the clean up. Thanks so peace, just as they did their duty in wartime. application process. much! Others we shall never see again. But they, Chehalis Tribal Scholarship Deadline And I can’t forget the fsh cooks, Don especially, are here with us in spirit. Application Deadlines The deadline to apply for Chehalis Tribal st Secena, John Youckton, Fred Shortman, “We are here and we are all free today For most colleges and universities, the Scholarships is June 1 . Your application Robert Cayenne and Dennis Cayenne, the because, from America’s beginning, when application deadline is between January is not considered complete until you have st fry bread makers, Linda Daniels, Barbara freedom is threatened, gallant men and 1 and the middle of February. If you’re your acceptance letter from your choice of Dominck, and Trudy Marcellay. women have answered the call of their thinking of attending a university, let’s college and your FAFSA done. Thanks Alicia Canales for donating county. From all branches of the service meet. You should start thinking about I have been talking to some of our local the honor scarfs. Thanks to the seniors they risked and sometime gave the ultimate essays, and recommendation letters. Most community colleges and universities to have for donating the fowers for the tables and sacrifce of their lives for this nation.” college application dates are later, so your a college fair out here! In the meantime, Lucky Eagle Casino staff. And fnally, He continued with thanking the Chehalis frst semester grades will be looked at. If if you wish to fnd out more information thanks to the Chehalis Tribe, Lucky Eagle Tribe for sponsoring this banquet in honor you are thinking of transferring from a regarding a certain college, I have lots of Casino, SARE Electric (Rick Scar) and of all Veterans. He then gave a special community college to a university next year, college information here in the offce. If I Travers Electric (Ron Travers) for your salute to the Native American Veterans. “I most deadlines are as late as April or the don’t have what you need, we can request continuing support. asked one of my good friends who is Native beginning of May. the information from the college of your American why he would volunteer to serve choice. “Elders First” Means Everyone in the military of a country which has not Federal Student Financial Aid Deadlines Please let me know if you would like When dinner was to be served, MC Gary always treated him and his people with the (FAFSA) a Chehalis Tribal Scholarship Application Schneider announced that Elders would be utmost respect. He quickly answered that Financial aid deadlines vary from or need help with any other educational served frst. That brought fts of laughter, he didn’t volunteer to serve the white man. college to college. The rule of thumb is to goals you might want to look into! Contact since a majority of Veterans ft that category. Native Americans have always believed start applying for aid after you and your Racheal Mendez, 360-709-1698 or email He countered with, “Let’s start with 70 and in God, family, and country. Fighting to parents fnish that year’s taxes. The very up frst!” preserve those ideals is why he fought for Many people were seen smiling that this country. Chehalis Tribal Youth Chayse night as they saw and got reacquainted with “I would like to personally thank every Youckton received the Youth old friends and made new ones too. Curtis Veteran here. If you wore the uniform in Volunteer Award at the Youth DuPuis said, “This is also a solemn day for peace time or in war, you were and are, a Prevention Summit from Lt. Governor many Veterans, remembering those friends part of our national strength. Each one of Brad Owens. Being an active they lost. This day was honoring them also.” you is, in my mind, a genuine hero. member of the “Soaring Above “Let each and every one of us let this the Influence” Chehalis Tribal Jimmy Burnett Speech Veterans Day strengthen our resolve to Youth Prevention helped him be Jimmy Burnett gave an inspirational always walk the extra mile for peace, but nominated for the award. Chayse’s speech, “When I was asked to speak for always walk it strong and unafraid. For compassion for prevention activities, this event, my mind went into a spin. What without a mighty America, no peace can ability to speak in front of people, do you say? How do you express what long survive. positive attitude, knowledge, and you really feel? All kinds of emotions and “Ladies and gentleman, fellow Veterans, friendliness helps get his message question began to run through my mind. I salute you and pray, God bless America across. “One question that presented itself was, again, now and always. Protect Our Children Against Meth Children whose parents make and use meth since 2001, including some 4,000 in Iowa. Help the Earth: Reduce, Reuse, amphetamine suffer greatly. Increasingly, Roughly 30 percent were “mom and pop” labs in homes where children live. children are becoming victims of the Recycle and Buy Recycled Items nation’s meth epidemic and their parent’s Long-lasting problems abuse of this highly-addictive drug. The scars are inficted in myriad Thousands of children across the country By Glen Connelly, Environmental Program Specialist ways: Exposure to the drug in the womb, have been taken away from their meth- contamination from toxic chemicals used in abusing parents in recent years, placed with On average, each person in America yard in Rochester. home-based meth manufacturing, explosions relatives or shifted into already-overloaded generates ¾ of a ton of trash every year. All  Refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners and fres, long-term neglect from parents foster care systems. Scores have been of the garbage from our area goes out to and microwaves can be recycled at obsessed with their drug habits, physical injured, a dozen or more killed; thousands Yakima County, where it is buried in a huge the Lewis County Transfer Station in abuse and sexual abuse. Many of the meth- have been born with traces of meth in their landfll. We all spend a lot of money to get Centralia, or the Hawks Prairie Transfer lab homes are flthy, often strewn with drug bodies. rid of our trash, and landflls all around the Station, for $10-$20. paraphernalia and pornography. Meth- Dr. Rizwan Shah, a pediatrician at country are flling up quickly.  Household chemicals like pesticides, making chemicals have been found in diaper Blank Children’s Hospital in Des Moines, Here are some helpful tips to keep cleaners, oil-based paints/stains can be bags and toy chests. encountered her frst meth-exposed child recyclable items out of the landflls: dropped off for free at the Lewis County “I’ve been in homes where you’d fnd in 1993 and has studied more than 500 of  If you use LeMay for trash pickup, sign Transfer Station, or the Hawks Prairie jars of meth oil in the refrigerator, but no them since, becoming a respected expert up for their recycling program. They will Transfer Station. milk, no bread for the kids,” said Marvin on the phenomenon. She stresses that the take mixed paper, plastic bottles, metal  Then, when you go shopping, look for Van Haaften, a former country sheriff who is prognosis for meth-exposed kids varies and aluminum cans and glass. products that are made from recycled now Iowa’s drug policy coordinator. widely, and strives to prevent them from  If you have broken computers, monitors materials, so that we create a demand for The meth epidemic took root on the being stereotyped. Some suffer serious or TVs you can take them to Goodwill in all those recycled plastics, metals and West Coast, and is now worsening in many brain damage and others experience long- Centralia and they will recycle them for glass. big cities nationwide. But nowhere is its lasting development problems, while many free. If you have questions about recycling, heartbreaking toll on young children more will grow into adults without serious health  You can dump used oil at the free dump check out Thurston County’s website http:// evident than in the towns and small cities consequences. tank in Oakville, just off HWY 12, near call Glen in America’s heartland — notably Iowa, Please help the Chehalis Tribe protect our the BBQ place. Connelly at your Chehalis Department of Missouri, Tennessee, Arkansas, Oklahoma, children against meth. For more information,  Scrap metal, car batteries and old Natural Resources, at 360-709-1854. Help Kentucky and Indiana. contact Lorri Bonifer, Prevention appliances (not refrigerators or freezers), do your part in protecting our Mother Earth. Nationally, authorities have dismantled Coordinator at 360-709-1717. can be dropped off for free at the scrap Thank you. more than 50,000 clandestine meth labs 1910 Oakville Shaker United Full Gospel Church Elders Christmas 2009 Holiday Native Church Christmas Bazaar Chehalis Indian Reservation Bazaar Arts Fair The Evergreen State College December 19, 2009 Special Meeting with Tommy and Saturday, December 5 Longhouse Education & at the Mess Hall Mildred Carpenter 9 am-4 pm Cultural Center 10AM- 4PM At the Lucky Eagle Casino November 26, 27 & 28 Friday & Saturday, December 11-12 The drawing of the raffe fundraiser will Services start at 7:30 pm 10 am - 5 PM Friday be done at the bazaar. The fundraiser will and on Sunday, November 29 There will be over 70 vendors and lots of 11 AM - 6 PM Saturday help the cost of replacing the windows in Service starts at 3 pm goods. Please tell your friends and family “Hand made art in all price ranges” the church & mess hall. to stop in and shop for Christmas! Cedar Baskets, Jewelry, Tee Shirts, Indian You don’t have to be present to win! Any questions, please contact Marie Bird at Tacos and much more... 360-273-8749 Please contact Nancy Romero at For more information, call 360-867-6413 Any question contact Brenna Youckton at 360-480-2911. or email 360-489-2368 or Terry Youckton.
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