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Ghosts, Goblins and Elvis Show 2 Native Rapper Inspires Up for Rez Halloween Parties Youth Through Music By Marla Medina, Youth Center Assistant On October 28, Litefoot came and gave an inspirational show at the new Community Center. This isn’t his frst time performing at the Chehalis Tribe. Litefoot said he enjoys sharing his message through his music. As one of today’s most well-respected Native he performed his songs, the music beat had American entertainers and one of Native the kids jumping out of their seats to dance. America’s most recognizable national public And dance they did! When he was fnished, fgures. A modern-day warrior from the he signed autographs and posed for pictures. Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma, Litefoot was It was a great show. raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and currently Litefoot is the frst Native American to resides in Seattle, Washington. represent what has become the international The Youth Center threw a Halloween Party for the Kids. There were super phenomenon known as “rap” music. Rap heros, princesses, ghost and goblins. Many children showed up to show off music has spread in popularity, their costumes and enjoyed the day with their families. to even the most remote Halloween is that one night a year when mama (Elaine McCloud). Evelyn Penn was American Indian you’re given a free pass to drown yourself a red head, and April was a witch! There reservation. in fake blood, sport a plastic hook or just were games to play and a great meal. Thanks Litefoot has look completely ridiculous. It’s a family to Gloria! grown from his ritual that all ages enjoy by attending parties, The winners of the costume contest went musical beginnings haunted houses, corn mazes or just going out to: 1 place Sue Sanders; 2 place Elaine in Oklahoma st nd and trick-or-treating. Many children were McCloud; and 3 Place Levi Sanchez ! to becoming an rd dressed really cute in their little princess and Thanks so much for all who came. Everyone internationally-known animal costumes. Others were pretty scary had a good time. flm and television as they went house-to-house in search of Youth: Tony Medina threw a Halloween actor starring in several their next trick or treat. party for the children in the afternoon feature flms such as, “The Employees: The employees had their kicking it off with a pizza party. There were Indian in the Cupboard,” Halloween party at the gym in the new enough youth and adults to eat 14 large “Annihilation” and “Mortal Community Center. Many of the costumes pizzas, cake, and ice cream. Many goblins Combat.” were hilarious, and down-right spectacular. showed up to strut their costumes. There Litefoot’s road to There were several categories you could were super heroes, princesses, and ghosts. achieving his goals rivals the From left: Tristen Smith gets into enter, from witches, scariest, and cute. You name it, they were there. Instead of most inspirational of success stories. the music. David Pickernell, Jr., People paraded and posed in front of the judging who had the best costume, all the It is a story of struggle, perseverance, looks on as Emily Holmes-Pickernell Elders who judged and selected the winners. kids were winners of the raffe. belief in self and overcoming seemingly demonstrates her dance moves Cheryle Starr, Events Coordinator provided As soon as dusk arrived, all those ghosts, insurmountable obstacles. He has become during the Litefoot concert. a bingo game in classic haunting style. goblins, and super heroes showed up at the She called out Halloween names instead of new Youth Center for Halloween treats. Mr. numbers until someone yelled “bingo!” and Mrs. Wilson had their dart game set up A Step in the Right Direction: Lose Weight Elders: The Elders had their frst and Mrs. Wilson handed out her famous Halloween Party. There were several Elders ‘monster’ cookies. At least 175 bags of and Lower Your Risk for Type 2 Diabetes dressed to impress as Corrila De’ville (Sue candy and treats were handed out that night. by the National Diabetes Education Program Sanders), and a devilish devil (Pricilla Pictures were taken by Theresa Pannkuk of Jones). Even Elvis (Levi Sanchez) was in the families as they enjoyed trick-or-treating With so many weight loss programs Small Step #3: Strive to become more the house! Rena had on a purple wig, and together. Until next year ….booooooooo. available, it is easy to become confused physically active. If you are not active, start Ida wore devil horns. There was a sexy about what works and what does not when off slowly and choose a physical activity it comes to losing weight to lower your risk you will stick with most days of the week. for type 2 diabetes. The National Diabetes Slowly add more time until you reach at Education Program (NDEP) wants you to least 30 minutes of moderate-intensity know that you don’t have to knock yourself physical activity fve days a week. Build out to lower your risk – in fact, the fndings physical activity into your day. Take a brisk of a major study show that modest weight walk during lunchtime. Take the stairs loss can reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes by instead of the elevator, or park farther away more than half. Here are some proven small from your offce. Join a community program steps developed by NDEP to help you make like the YMCA as a family and choose gradual lifestyle changes to lose weight activities that everyone can enjoy such as safely and keep it off. swimming, water aerobics, or dance classes. Keep at it and remember to celebrate small Small Step #1: Set a weight loss goal you successes. can meet before starting a weight loss Chehalis tribal employees enjoyed their Halloween party and had a fun day. plan. Aim to lose about 5 to 7 percent of They entered different categories as they strutted their unique and creative your current weight – that’s 10 to 14 pounds For a free copy of, Type 2 Diabetes: costumes for the Elders to judge. Information for Patients which includes a if you weigh 200 pounds. Keep track of your fat and calorie counter and physical activity daily food intake and physical activity in a tracker, plus more tips to help you lower log book and review it daily to see how you your risk for type 2 diabetes, contact the TELO’s Flag Football Tournament is Fun For All are doing. For support, invite family and National Diabetes Education Program at friends to get involved. 1-888-693-NDEP (6337) or visit http:// By Jason Gillie, TELO Program Education Assistant and click on the Saturday, October 10, marked the beginning gentle ribbing from fellow tribal members, Small Step #2: Make healthy food choices Small Steps. Big Rewards. Prevent Type 2 of TELO’s annual fag football tournament. such as, “You must have hands of stone,” or every day. Keep healthy snacks such as Diabetes. campaign. Five teams took the feld for the fourth year just an “AAAAWH.” fruit on hand at home. Pack healthy lunches in a row. Teams clashed in a round robin to Speed is not a requirement for this game, so that your family can take charge of The U.S. Department of Health and Human determine the two teams that would play for but it sure does help, both on offense and what they eat during the day. To make sure Services’ National Diabetes Education the championship. Rules for the tournament defense. Some teams selected not to rush you get enough fber, eat more fruit and Program is jointly sponsored by the were as follows: the quarterback, which meant defensively it select a mix of colorful vegetables. Drink National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the  Each team had to have one girl on the required more running. low-fat or nonfat milk or choose low-fat Centers for Disease Control and Prevention feld at all times. After 20 minutes, there were many tired cheese. Choose whole-grain cereals, breads, (CDC) with the support of more than 200  Teams had eight downs to score a people. The turnout for the tournament crackers, brown rice, pasta, or oatmeal. partner organization. touchdown or the ball would be turned was excellent, nearly 35 players in all and Select lean meats and poultry. Vary your over. everybody was ready to compete. The protein choices by choosing more fsh,  Before rushing a quarterback, a defender turn out for the crowd was good as well, beans, peas, nuts, and seeds. was required to count “one thousand one, with nearly 100 people coming and going one thousand two, one thousand three.” throughout the festivities. Water, coffee, and Chehalis Business Committee  The length of a game was 20 minutes or hot dogs were available through the Youth Tribal David Burnett, Chairman a score of seven, with each touchdown Center, and the Oakville cheerleaders. Don Secena, Vice Chairman being worth one point. The winning team received gift cards for Newsletter Jessie Goddard, Treasurer The weather didn’t affect the tournament, Just Sports. The team in second place took Cheryle Starr, Secretary but it was a little windy and chilly. Still that home hooded sweatshirts. We had a great 420 Howanut Road Dan Gleason, Sr., 5th Council Member didn’t deter the players from the competition turn out for the tournament, and everybody Oakville, WA 98568 of the day. Determination was set in their had a good time. We’re looking forward to (360) 273-5911 (office) Chehalis Tribal Newsletter Staff: eyes as players ran down the feld trying to seeing you next year, and if you didn’t come (360) 273-5914 (fax) Fred Shortman, Communications get open and catch a pass, or in some cases, out this year, bring out a team next year. Coordinator failing to catch the pass. This caused some Articles and opinions expressed in this Teams prepare publication are not necessarily the opinions of this publication or the Chehalis Tribal for the next round Business Committee. of the TELO Flag Football Tournament. The Chehalis Tribal Newsletter encourages Everyone had a blast tribal members to submit letters, articles, photographs, and drawings to be considered and, in the spirit of for publication. These are subject to editing. the competition, gave everything they Contributing writers, artists, and had. photographers include Chehalis tribal community members and staff. The Confederated Tribes of the Chehalis Reservation... Submission deadline: 6th of each month Printed: Each month “People of the Sands”
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