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P. 1   FREE February 2011 Vol. CHEHALIS Interesting Information 2/5 on Page 3: Program TRIBAL  Elders learn new recipes News NEWSLETTER  The Book "Glimpses of Gate" shares neighbors memories of past Chehalis Reservation people, part 2 News From Department  Casino Management Program for of Natural Resources Tribal members, part 5; Featured  Outdoor Burning Permits Available  “People of the Sands”  Rodney Youckton Although it is winter, outdoor burning permits are still required with the following Home Buyer Opportunity exceptions. 1) Small recreational fres.  CTHA is offering this home for sale to 2) Ceremonial fres. All other fres require a permit from the tribal members, page 2 Tribal Department of Natural Resources. A friendly reminder that only yard waste  Clinic news about benefts of dental care, can be burned. Please don’t burn lumber, garbage, furniture or other man made page 2 products. Firewood Tribal Members Recognized New Airboat There is still plenty of frewood that is for tribal members only. If you need wood for Successfully Completing Will Help please come by the Department of Natural Resources and get a wood cutting permit. Save Lives The permit is free and the logs are behind Intensive College Classes the water towers and ready to be cut. Two During Flood cord limit per person.  Got Goats? Emergencies The Department of Natural Resources would like to fnd someone that has By Fred Shortman, Editor goats and/or sheep to graze the grass and blackberries at the fsh hatchery. The area The Chehalis Tribal Law Enforcement has around the settling pond is in need of purchased a new Air Boat for the Search grazing and we prefer to use natural methods and Rescue Team. The Tribe had written of control instead of chemical control. So and successfully received a resource grant if you need some place to graze your goats, through Homeland Security Emergency please contact someone at The Department Management. Flooding is of a major concern of Natural Resources. for many centuries affecting our homes located in the food plain and surrounding Program Available For the higher locations sometimes for several Your Child Care Needs days. It also causes challenges for Law Enforcement to handle emergency calls The Chehalis Tribal Day Care is a fully resulting from the fooding. licensed day care. Spots are available for It was built by Diamondback Airboats out children ages 6-weeks -5 years old. We are of Cocoa, Florida. They won the bid to build getting a lot of children please come in and Irene Adams receives her certificate from Lisa Edwards, Tacoma Community it and the airboat was custom made to ft the apply. College during the graduation ceremony at the Community Center. Her Search and Rescue Teams needs. They’ve Drop off care for Tribal Members is speech was touching as she acknowledged that her success was due to her built many airboats, but this the frst to have $20.00 for full day and $10.00 for a half classmates’ team effort. She said she was glad her mother was there to a drop down front end and also ftted with an day. Please come in any time to see how the witness the first class she has ever graduated. outboard motor. This airboat can travel on children are doing. It is very important that By Stephanie Pickernell, LEC Associate Development Advisor both land and water, so it can get places that we remember to sign the children in and are too diverse for quads, trucks or boats. out, we also will ask to see ID if we don’t On Wednesday, February 9 the frst photographer to take pictures that are being Creating a new tool enhancing the Search know who the person is, just for your child’s participants of the Lucky Eagle Casino’s provided to the graduates as a keepsake. and Rescue Team’s opportunities to save protection. on-site program, Tribal Enterprise and The Lucky Eagle Casino and Tacoma lives for the community. Please contact Evelyne Kalama, Child Gaming Management (TEGM) Certifcation Community College partnered to provide The special specs requested were to Care Coordinator at 360-709-1889 if you are program, graduated after an intensive 49 on-site college courses with an end result use this airboat to handle emergencies interested in using our program to assist you week program. Two others, Farley Youckton of the student receiving 14 college credits required during fooding. Not just for our with your child care needs. and David Youckton, graduated from the and a certifcate in Tribal Enterprise and community’s emergencies, but to assist other same program conducted on-site at the Red Gaming Management (TEGM). There were local agencies including Thurston, Grays Insurance Available Wind Casino in 2008. seven modules consisting of seven classes Harbor and Lewis County. Through Home Owners/ Family and friends of the graduates per module over the period of a year with Training has already begun as the airboat one 3-hour class per week. Classes started in will handle a three man team to assist in its gathered at the Chehalis Tribal Community Tenants Program to Center to celebrate their achievement with February 2010. needs. The Search and Rescue team must work in unison in order not to become The purpose of offering these courses them. Dinner was provided by the Lucky Protect Your Property Eagle Casino. The Casino also brought in a is to build management skills within the another victim to the elements. Safety The Chehalis Tribal Housing Authority See Training Program, page 4 See Airboat, page 4 has information and applications for the AMERIND Native American Protection Basketball League Encourage Native Youth to Live Plan or the AMERIND Native American Shield. This insurance coverage covers Healthy Lifestyles Through Sports and Education dwellings, other structures (garages, barns, tool sheds etc) and personal property. This program is available to Native By Greg Harrison, Tribal Consultant American Homeowners and Rental Tenants living within the boundaries of On Monday night, February 7, the Chehalis throughout the Northwest. The league is styles, sportsmanship, engaging community the Reservation. For an application and/or boy ‘s High School basketball team played a drug and alcohol free promoting healthy life members, and increasing school attendance. additional information stop by the Housing tough Nisqually team in the recently formed See Basketball, page 4 Offce. Inter-Tribal Basketball League. Chehalis won 86-45. Nisqually also played travelling a traveling Muckleshoot Jr. High School team. The Inter-tribal League was formed in the fall of 2010 by seven Tribes, namely, Chehalis, Muckleshoot, Nisqually, PO Box 536 Puyallup, Skokomish, Squaxin Island and Suquamish Tribes. The league is in its City, ST Zip second 10 week season. At the end of each Street Address Oakville, WA 98568 season all teams get together and play in a Jamboree style tournament. Members and * Return Service Requested Chehalis Tribal Newsletter coaches in the following: Tony Medina, FirstName LastName Chehalis; Mike Starr, Kelvin Barr, and Mike John, Muckleshoot; Bill Kallappa, Greg Harrison, Farron McCloud from Nisqually; Phillip Dillon from Puyallup; Jermaine Raham of Squaxin Island; Tome PRSRT STD Grover and Patty Gouley from Skokomish; PERMIT No. 2 OAKVILLE WA and Craig Miller and Magdalena Turreita US POSTAGE PAID from Suqamish Tribe. ©Copyright 2009 CHEHALIS TRIBAL The Inter-Tribal League was formed Shawn Youckton from Team Chehalis takes a jumper during the game against NEWSLETTER is a publication of the Confederated Tribes of the Chehalis with the intent of having native youth play Team Nisqually in a highly - competitive game in the High School Division of Reservation. other natives from Tribal communities the Native Basketball League.
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