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Home Buyer Opportunity 2 News from the Chehalis Tribal Wellness Center  Benefts of Dental Care Did you know that the health of your cause a hormonal response similar to those teeth and gums affect the health of your that cause uterine contraction and cervical developing baby? dilation. It is very important to see your Studies suggest that the risk for high dentist and hygienist while you are pregnant blood pressure and swelling, pre-term birth, to have your teeth cleaned and examined. and low birth weight babies increases in The second trimester is the best time to women with gum disease. receive dental treatment including cleaning During pregnancy the blood supply is and fllings, however emergency dental care increased by 30% to 50%. The increase requiring tooth extraction or root canals in blood supply is to support a healthy can be performed when required. Cosmetic pregnancy, but it also supply’s the gum procedures and tooth whitening should be tissue with additional blood. Plaque bacteria scheduled after the birth of the baby. that is not removed twice a day thrives in To schedule your dental exam and the mouth with increased blood supply. The cleaning call your dental clinic at 360-709- bacteria in turn enter the blood stream and 1659 or 360-273-5504. The Chehalis Tribal Housing Authority is accepting applications from  Factors to Consider When Choosing Elderly Care Chehalis Tribal Members interested in purchasing a single-family residence Caring for the elderly is a challenge and relative, there are many legal documents and at the Vosper Subdivision. The CTHA has available one, and three bedroom can be overwhelming if not given proper formalities that may need to be completed. homes, approximately 1500 square feet each. If you are interested, stop by consideration. Factors to consider include the These should be taken care of as soon as the Housing Office and puck up an application. Any questions, contact the choice between professional and home care, as possible and, if the person you are taking Housing staff at 360-273-7723 well as a number of fnancial and legal issues. into your care can help you, it will make the process go more smoothly. Keep in mind that Long-Term Care when someone completes these documents, For those who can no longer take care of they are, in fact, giving up some control of Protect Your Family by Preventing Potential themselves, long-term care is a broad term their own lives. Only a very close friend or for many different options including nursing family member with no conficting motives Dangers That Cause House Fires homes and in-home care. Long-term care should be given these powers. can be incredibly expensive - $40,000 per Letter of Instruction. A letter of instruction  year or more. Prescription drugs, legal fees provides important information and House fres are not particular about their cause many fres, mainly in winter months. and other costs can creep up quickly as well. instructions a caretaker may need. It victims, and the fact is that house fres Prevention But insurance premiums can also be fairly includes the contact information for close can happen to anyone, but having some  Keep heaters, stoves, and freplaces at expensive - up to $6,000 per year. Decide what family and friends, a list of assets and knowledge about the potential dangers least 3 feet from everything that burns, type of care you want, fnd out the uninsured liabilities, a list of insurance policies and of house fres is something that everyone such as: sofas, curtains, beds, clothes, cost for it and compare it to the insurance information on all fnancial accounts. should be educated about. walls, and blankets. premium that would cover it. This will help  Will. A will designates who will receive Approximately 5,000 Americans die each  Watch children closely while in rooms you determine what coverage is right for you. major assets after a person dies. It also year in fres, and 80 percent of those death’s with space heaters. Long-term care usually consists of some includes guardianship of any children result from home fres, according to the U.S.  Use screens in front of freplaces. Put combination of skilled care, intermediate care under the age of 18. Smaller items such as Fire Administration. In fact fre’s kill more ashes from wood stoves and freplaces in and custodial care. Skilled care is the most heirlooms, furniture and other household people each year than all natural disasters a metal container and place outside. expensive service involving round-the-clock goods, should be addressed in a separate combined.  If a heater uses fuel like propane or care by a registered nurse under the close testamentary letter. This letter should be Check your smoke detectors and kerosene, use only that kind of fuel. Add supervision of a physician. Intermediate care referenced in the will. establish escape routes to help protect your more fuel only when the heater is cool. is less intense and includes occasional nursing  Powers of Attorney. If the people under and rehabilitative care under the supervision family in case of a fre. These can be life  Properly maintain heating equipment. of medical personnel. Custodial care is home your care are unable to make decisions savers and should be installed throughout Have chimneys cleaned every year. care. It provides for the basic, non-medical for themselves because they are somehow the home. You should replace the smoke needs of a patient such as cooking, bathing and incapacitated, you will need to have power of attorney to make these decisions for detectors batteries twice a year. It’s also Children playing with fre are a major other day-to-day needs. them. Of course, they will need to create not a bad idea to have an all-purpose fre cause of house fres. Nearly three out of four powers of attorney before they are actually extinguisher in your kitchen, one that is people killed in those fres were under the Selecting An Insurance Provider needed. There are two main types of powers rated for grease and electrical fres. age of 5 years old. Long-term care insurance is becoming of attorney: Make at least two alternate escape routes Please help spread a winter safety increasingly popular as a way of easing the A durable power of attorney gives a person, in the event one route becomes blocked by message that can help you prevent serious fnancial strain that long-term care can impose. or people, authority to manage fnances and fre. All members living in the house should injury. Every winter we see house fres and Shopping around for long-term care insurance other legal affairs if the person needing care is know about all escape routes in the home burns caused by candles, freplaces and is important because all policies are different not capable of managing these. It can be long- and everyone should have a meeting place space heaters, which are often used to heat and you will need to fnd a policy that will ft term or short-term and allows the party that so that it is known that everyone has made it or light homes during the colder days of your particular needs and budget. has power of attorney to use money to provide out safely. winter. With the wide variety of services that care, sign tax returns, handle investments and Hospitals burn centers say that at least are available, choosing the right insurance other important matters. Common causes of house fres. Cigarettes one-third of their patients are under the age provider can be diffcult. There are a few A health care power of attorney allows are a leading cause of house fres. Three out of 4. Children are curious and will touch just questions, however, that will help you decide. the person designated to make healthcare of four injured people die in those fres. about anything that catches their eye, but  How are the benefts paid? Are they sent decisions if the person being cared for is Prevention very young children don’t have the refexes directly to the provider or do you have to unable to make these himself or herself. For  Never smoke while lying down on a to remove their hand quickly when they pay the charges and receive reimbursement? example, someone holding power of attorney couch or in bed. touch something hot.  Who determines if the patient needs home may be able to decide against dangerous  Check under chairs and sofa cushions for Prevention  health or nursing home care? surgery if he or she feels that is in the patient’s What level of care does the policy provide? best interest. cigarette butts before going to sleep. Teach your children…  What is the waiting period from when the  Wet cigarette butts, ashes, and matches  That fre is a tool and not a toy. service begins to when benefts are paid?  Living Will A living will is a clear statement about wishes regarding artifcial before dumping ashtrays.  To tell you if they fnd matches and  Does the policy cover Alzheimer’s disease life support. If a person’s brain is dead yet  Extinguish lit cigarettes in an ashtray lighters. and related disorders? the body remains functioning only with the when leaving the room.  To never stick objects into space heaters, help of life support, a living will directs  Use large, deep ashtrays. fre places, gas heaters, or any open fame. The Legalities of Elder Care attendants in what choice to make - to keep  Always keep matches and lighters out of When you assume care of an elderly the machines functioning or turn them off. Cooking does not seem dangerous but the hands of children. it causes many injuries to adults as well as  Program Available to Answer Health Questions “Dear Provider” children. It can also cause house fres. Hot Spots In a home can cause a fre. Prevention With little effort or cost, you could save your The Staff at the Chehalis Tribal Wellness Center our staff another way to communicate. The  Stay in the kitchen while cooking. home and your life. (CTWC) want to hear from you. We invite you questions can be anonymous. You do not need to  Keep pan and pot handles turned in to Prevention to participate in a new monthly column: “Dear sign the letter. The drop boxes are located at the Wellness keep them from being knocked off or  Extinguish (blow out) candles before CTWC Provider”. You can write a question to Center and Tribal Center for your letters. the CTWC Provider of your choice---or just a pulled off by children. leaving the room. general question. We hope this will be a good service for our  Wear close-ftting sleeves while cooking.  Use electricity responsibly. Too many We hope this will give our community and community. We hope to hear from you soon. Loose-ftting sleeves may catch fre or plugs in wall sockets or overloaded knock pans off the stove. extension cords are fre dangers. Chehalis Business Committee • Put out grease fres by covering the pan  Replace cracked or frayed (split) electrical David Burnett, Chairman with a lid or using a fre extinguisher. cords. Tribal Don Secena, Vice Chairman  Keep liquids that burn easily, like gasoline Newsletter Stephanie Pickernell, Treasurer NEW Heating Equipment such as space heaters, and paint thinner, outside in closed metal Cheryle Starr, Secretary gas heaters, wood stoves, and freplaces containers. 420 Howanut Road Dan Gleason, Sr., 5th Council Member Oakville, WA 98568 (360) 709-1726 (offce) Chehalis Tribal Newsletter Staff: (360) 273-5914 (fax) Fred Shortman, Communications The Head Coordinator. Go to this direct link Start Pre-K for online newsletters copies: www. class wishes Articles and opinions expressed in this publication are not necessarily the opinions everyone a of this publication or the Chehalis Tribal Business Committee. Happy The Chehalis Tribal Newsletter encourages Valentines tribal members to submit letters, articles, Day!! photographs, and drawings to be considered for publication. These are subject to editing. Contributing writers, artists, and photographers include Chehalis tribal community members and staff. The Confederated Tribes of the Chehalis Submission deadline: 6th of each month Reservation... Printed: Each month “People of the Sand”
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