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4 Training Program (continued from page 1) Updating Your BIA IIM Account May Result in Financial Reward  Do you have an IIM Account with the By the Numbers Bureau of Indian Affairs? You should receiving paperwork in the mail for many  $1.5 billion will be available to distribute that do have an account with the Olympic to an estimated 500,000 affected Class Peninsula Agency. The $3.4 billion Cobell Members. v. Salazar Settlement 90-day Class Notice  A majority of Class Members are period began on January 20, 2010. currently estimated to receive payments totaling about $1,800, with some Class . This historic class action Settlement with Members receiving much more depending the federal government concerns Individual on the level of activity in their IIM Indian Money (or IIM) accounts and land accounts. held in trust by the federal government for  $1.9 billion will be used by the the beneft of individual Indians. Below is a Department of the Interior to buy small attached release that outlines how affected interests in trust or restricted lands from Graduates of the Tribal Management Training Program received their benefciaries can receive benefts under the individual Indians willing to sell their certificates for completing their 49 week course at Tacoma Community Settlement. Approximately 500,000 Class fractionated land for return to tribal use. College. Pictured top row (L-R) are David DuPuis, Irene Adams, Robert Members are covered by the Settlement.  Up to $60 million of the $1.9 billion “Dave” Paul, Daryl Boyd, Vanessa Youckton, Henrietta Boyd. Middle row will be made available to provide higher (L-R) are Stephanie Pickernell, James Pickernell, Jesse Goddard, Lucy Hill, As a tribal publication whose education scholarships for American audience is comprised of many potential Angela Whitlock, Rachelle Wells, Tasha Goddard. Bottom row (L-R) Kathy benefciaries, I implore you to help us Indian and Alaska Native youth. Pickernell, Giles Youckton, Calvin Bray, Courtney Wright. Not pictured is update them about the settlement with Jerry Aldrich. coverage that includes the following Photo by Larry’s Photography Two Classes Eligible to Receive Money information: Individual Indians unsure if from the Settlement: casino, offer college level courses at a an initial interest in the program and of they are included in the settlement can go convenient location for the employees of the those eighteen graduated. Out of eighteen to WWW.,INDIANTRUST>COM or call  The Historical Accounting Class: Chehalis Tribe and Chehalis Tribal Members graduates, ffteen were Chehalis Tribal toll free 800-961-6109 for more information Individual Indians who had at least one and to create a learning environment where Members. The casino intends to bring the about the lawsuit and settlement, including cash transaction in an open IIM Account skills are transferable within the casino and classes back for a second group later this rights, obligations, and claim forms. between October 25, 1994 and September the community. year. This Settlement resolves the 30, 2009. The courses offered were; Supervisory Congratulations to Irene Adams, Jerry government’s failure to provide an  The Trust Administration Class: Essentials and Frontline Leadership, Aldrich, Henrietta Boyd, Daryl Boyd, Cal historical accounting for IIM accounts and Individual Indians who owned trust Casino Human Resources and Personnel Bray, David DuPuis, Jessie Goddard, Tasha also resolves claims that the government land as of September 30, 2009 or who Management, Casino Regulations, Goddard, Lucy Hill, Robert “Dave” Paull, mismanaged funds and other trust assets, had an IIM account at any point in time Compliance, and Game Protection, James “Ringo” Pickernell, Kathy Pickernell, including royalties owed to individual between 1985 and September 30, 2009. Hospitality and Guest Services, Casino and Stephanie Pickernell, Rachelle Wells, Indians for oil, gas, grazing, and other leases Estates of deceased Class Members may Enterprise Finance Essentials, Casino Angela Whitlock, Courtney Wright, Giles of non-tribal Indian lands. also be eligible to receive money. Games Management, and Enterprise Youckton, and Vanessa Youckton. Operations. A total of twenty-one people showed Basketball (continued from page 1) The league was spearheaded by Farron The long-term objective of the league is McCloud, Director of Youth Center, and to have a boy’s and girl’s Junior High and Chehalis Tribal Community Baseball Complex Nisqually Youth Center, who took the High School Native league active in the Northwest. The league will have a Northern, initiative to utilize the Nisqually Youth Center and lead in forming of an all native Pacifc and East of the Mountain divisions Secena Road organization that served youth from other where all tribes can play regionally and have communities. Students who participate must a play-off among each respective divisional be in school or striving to attain their GED. tribal team. “Many Tribal youth do not get playing There are 6 more Inter-Tribal games time in schools and inner City leagues. in this season, all of which are played on The Inter-tribal League will help give our Monday nights. For a schedule contact your Native youth that opportunity to play more local youth program or get a copy from Bill games and increase their self-confdence and Kallapa and he can be reached at 360-455- basketball skills.” said Farron McCloud. 5213 Ext. 113. Softball/Little League Field Softball/Little League Field Little League Field Community Center The Junior High Division Nisqually (white) and Muckleshoot (blue) shake Here is the site plans for the Chehalis tribal community baseball complex hands after the game hosted by the Chehalis Tribe. The Inter-tribal located by the Community center on Secena Road. Basketball League encourages good sportsmanship and making new friends. Community Brunch SPIPA Colon Heath Program Airboat (continued from page 1) “March to Prevention Conference” equipment, continued training must continue driver of the airboat said, “Safety is a Community Center New Chehalis Tribal Community Center to be an effect rescue group. priority when operating this airboat. It Gathering Room Friday, March 18 For more information contact Ralph is a great tool and if it saves one life or Saturday, February 26 from 12:00 to 5:00 PM Wyman, Director of Public Safety at 360- from 9:30 AM to 1:00 PM Saturday, March 19 273-7051 or Email: Rwyman@chehalistribe. one person its worth the cost to have it from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM org available for our team.” The Colon Health Program is hosting Bill Secena, Tribal Member and a community brunch on Saturday, We’ll Registration opens on Friday, March 18 share information about colo-rectal cancer at 10:00 AM. A necklace workshop will start and how to prevent it, make medicine that day and information will be presented at several conference sessions along with a bags and enjoy a ‘Fiberlicious’ meal. cooking demonstration. There will be raffes For more information contact Patti and incentive drawings. Walker 360-709-1742 or Cindy Beck 360- If you would like to know more about colon 709 -1810at the Chehalis Tribal Wellness health screening at your local tribal clinic please contact: Cindy Beck or Patti Walker at Center 360-273-5504. Public Notice: The Chehalis Indian Tribal Court, Oakville Washington Che-Civ-9/10-354 Notice of Child Support Hearing To Mackenzie Jones Amended Petition for Child Support has been fled in the Chehalis Indian Tribal Court a hearing is set for March 9, 2011 at 10:30 AM. 30 Niederman Rd., Oakville WA on the Chehalis Indian Reservation. Any questions please feel free to contact the Tribal Court at The Search and Rescue Team is trained on the operation and safety of the 360-709-1615. newly purchase-Airboat. Pictured top row (L-R) are Trainer Dale Back, Officer Matt Bogart. Bottom row (L-R) are Tribal Member Bill Secena, Officer THIS COURT HEARING MAY RESULT IN AN ORDER OF CHILD SUPPORT Arick Burnett. BEING GRANTED.
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