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Elders Learn Tasty Recipes That Spice Up Their Day 3 By Nancy Romero, Elder’s Coordinator sampling and cooling the tamales off each Elder took home the tamales they made On Saturday, January 22 about 12 people and donated a few dozen for the next Bingo showed up at the Elder center (9 were Dinner. So if you were lucky enough to be Elders) to learn to make tamales from family or friends to one of the Elders that scratch. I know this isn’t Native food, but learned how to make tamales just maybe some Elders requested to have a class, so we they shared!! tried it and boy it sure was fun. What a great day it was and I want to They mixed the dough up (which is Thank you Marie Bird, Art Medina, Nadine called masa) seasoned their meat to their Burnett, Levy Sanchez, Priscilla Jones, own taste as some like it hotter than Caroline and Jerry Sloppy, Bea Starr and others—during this time the corn husked Evelyn Penn that took the time come and they rolled up the masa and meat in were learn and make tamales!! Enjoy them! soaking in water to be pliable when ready The next requested class from some to roll. As they got their tables ready with Elders is Egg Rolls or Spring Rolls. So in spatulas and I showed them the way to March or April we will have this class! If spread the masa on the corn husk and put this sounds good, any Elder is more than the chili meat in the middle and to rolled welcome to sign up for the class. Please the tamale it began—there was groups of contact me at 360-709-1577 or cell number two one to spread and the other to roll. Ray 360-870-0141. Please stop in for lunch on Romero helped by putting the rolled tamales Monday, Wednesday and Friday @ Noon in the pots to cook---while each group made Elder Priscilla Jones displays the tamales she learned to make at the Elders and breakfast on Thursdays at 9:00 AM. about 8 dozen each they waited patiently Tamale Cooking class. She is looking forward to adding this delicious recipe On Wednesday, January 27 some of the while they cook. to her family’s dinners. Elders stopped in the Elder center to strip During the waiting time I also showed you could smell the delicious aroma of the is cooked and we all went to sample taste Cedar for upcoming projects in February. some how to make Spanish rice and some tamales in the air. After about 2 hours, Ray them…MMMMM good!! As the day went They did work hard, and made it fun joking made potato salad. As they tamales cooked came out of kitchen and said frst batch on all of the tamales were cooked and after and laughing as they focused on the project. Planning Ahead will Assist Tribal Training Program Helps Tribal Members Members in Meeting Their Higher Become Successful Managers Education Goals Featured Tribal Member: By Racheal Mendez, Higher Education Coordinator My name is Rodney Youckton. at large. I began the Executive Tribal Concurrently with If are you interested in College this next FAFSA must be completed in order for Development Program in July my schooling, I gained fall (September) 2011, be sure to fll out you to qualify for the full Chehalis Tribal 2004. As a member of the experience in all departments the Chehalis Tribal Scholarship packet. Scholarship Award. For the Basic Chehalis Chehalis Tribe, my eventual of the Lucky Eagle Casino. Also start thinking about signing up for Tribal Scholarship Award FAFSA is not goal is to become the General As I shadowed each admissions to the school of choice. With required. It is recommended that all students Manager of the Lucky Eagle department and spent time most universities they have deadlines, but apply for FAFSA as soon as possible. By Casino. As I pursue my long- with all the supervisors, with community college you still have time! submitting a FAFSA you will be reviewed term goal, there are many managers and directors, I Your Chehalis Tribal Scholarship packet will for grants, work-study and maybe a large short-term goals to achieve learned how each department need to be completely fnished one month amount of other additional funds. along the way, including operated including: staffng before your college quarter starts. If college Besides thinking of admissions and attending workshops, and scheduling, hiring, the is not what you’re interested in, then now FAFSA, I have been working on putting conferences, college classes, Tribal Member disciplinary process, uniforms, would be great time to start thinking of other another college fair for this May. I have been on-the-job training, and Rodney Youckton, budgeting, and other issues. educational goals like technical school, or a working on the date, and hope to have more becoming involved with non- LEC Executive Tribal John Setterstrom frmly vocational program. information this upcoming month. proft organizations and the Development Program believes that being a leader After you have completed you’re taxes For more information please contact tribe’s sub-committees. includes being involved in this year you could also think about fling me at 360-709-1698 or email: Rmendez@ I have celebrated many accomplishments your community. He has often said that it for your Free Application for Federal since joining the development program. is our responsibility to share our gifts - our Student Aid (FAFSA) In 2005 I completed the nine-month time, resources and expertise – with others, Leadership Thurston County program. Later, and I take this sentiment to heart. I have Helpful Government Web Sites in preparation for becoming a director, I been involved with Dispute Resolution Center, American Red Cross, United Way, enrolled in the Evergreen State College and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Big Brothers/Big Sisters Native American Available to Help Protect Families degree in June 2009. I attended workshops Advisory, Boys & Girls Club, Thurston County Juvenile Justice Coalition, and at the University of Nevada at Reno and received certifcates of completion for other organizations. I am currently serving Security and Title 31 workshops. In April with The Community Foundation of South  Recalled Products. To provide better  National Sex Offender Public 2010, I completed a 12-week Dale Carnegie Puget Sound as well as the Chehalis Tribal service in alerting the American people to Website This is an excellent web site program on Communication and Human Housing and Health Boards. unsafe, hazardous or defective products, for community members to search for Relations which helped me conquer one of I continue to attend casino-related six federal agencies with vastly different people to whom they believe might be a my greatest fears: public speaking. John conferences and workshops and have served jurisdictions have joined together to create registered sex offender living or visiting Setterstrom and Chris Buitron have also as a mediator on several occasions. It’s a -- a “one stop shop” for their area. Plus, it’s free and easy to use. taught me valuable speaking skills that have good way to network with other tribes as we U.S. Government recalls. http://recalls. proven very helpful when standing before all are in the same business and have similar gov/ small and large gatherings in the community struggles and successes. Interview of Neighbors Reveals Memories of Chehalis Reservation People, Part 2 Submitted by Elaine McCloud, Heritage Coordinator These writings come from the book stand made of forked sticks with a lattice wanted two. Cloth was only fve or ten cents the road. I got acquainted with her and got “Glimpses of Gate” by Judith Upton. of little poles and ferns spread over the a yard then, so she got her picture. That was to be real good friends. She was probably a They were compiled from interviews with poles. Underneath was a smoky little fre. Bobby Choke’s mother. We sat in the house year older than I. During the high waters, the surrounding neighbors of the Chehalis She had a big bucket of berries dumped out a little while and talked to her then went out road was fooded. We’d have to go way over Tribe. The information is taken from over the ferns and with a saucer she was in the sun to take the pictures. west, cross the felds, through the fences and excerpts from the book with the person spreading the berries out over the stand. (Lillian Pilcher) trudge around. Sophie would stop in front who was interviewed and provided the She said she was drying the blackberries for of our house. She would get her horse close information is in parenthesis. winter. She let us sample some. They were There was prairie and the wild to the stump and I would get on back of the The book can be purchased from the a disappointing treat, only dried skin over strawberries grew up there. There used to saddle. I rode like a queen with Sophie and author for $25, which includes tax. The seeds with the smoky taste we couldn’t get be people by the name of Choke, a dear didn’t feel sorry for the little ones at all. address is Judith Upton, 8333 Camano rid of till the next day. Mrs. Secena was the old couple. And we used to go up and I remember later that Sophie, she must Loop NE, Lacey, WA 98516, last Indian lady that couldn’t speak English. pick berries. They were little bitty things, have been about twelve or thirteen, was Mama could talk Chinook. you know, there were so good and sweet. pretty well developed. There were some Dan Secena Dan Secena was so badly ruptured that They never objected to us picking on their bad boys in Oakville. They use to kind of Dan Secena was about grown when my Dad he could hardly walk, but he came over to property. And we would be going by and eye her, watch her you know and one time (Will Austin), who was eleven years old, our house to see Dad because he knew Dad we’d stop and talk to them. Of course, many my dad just happened to be working toward came to live by the reservation. Dan taught was gonna die. When he did die, the old of them couldn’t speak English very well. where that bridge is, near the corner of our him to do his fshing and hunting. man didn’t want anybody to take him, but But I remember one time my mother was property. He heard her screaming. Two Dan said the frst white women he ever he walked clear down to the cemetery in sick, and she was in an upstairs bedroom fellows were trying to drag her off her horse saw were coming through the brush and they Oakville. He was to the funeral, so you see and Mrs. Choke came over to see her. She and take her into the brush. Dad scared were all rain sodden and their skirts all torn they had to be good friends. brought her a basket. Tears rolling down her them, said if they ever came around, he and split to the knee. He was just a little kid (Lillian Pilcher) face because my mother was sick. would shoot them. She was never bothered and he’d seen ‘em through the brush. He (Gertrude Anderson Ross) again but that scared her. would be along there hiding as those people She married a Yakima Indian and had came through. Nellie and Bobby Choke Sophie Jack two daughters. When the frst husband was We went over to the reservation one My Aunt Iva went over and asked Mrs. I think it was about the third grade that killed, she moved to the Dalles and met and evening to visit Dan Secena. When we Choke if she could have her picture and she Sophie Jack, one of the Indian girls from the married a white minister. Ida Jack Rosander got there. There was smoke trickling up said she could if she would buy her material reservation, started school. She rode a horse is her niece. through the salal and oak trees. Then Mama for a dress. Aunt Iva says, “How much cloth and our family’s home being right on the (Irene Rasenan Thomas) saw Mrs. Secena out there working over a does it take?” She says “Pipteen yars” She way, why she would see us trudging along
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