Page 11 - February 2012
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Quick! Change Your Mood! If you’re feeling negative and grumpy today, here are some ways to turn on positivity. „ Use deep-breathing exercises to reduce stress. The slow, rhythmic breathing will calm you down and the extra oxygen raises alertness. „ Get moving. Even a quick 15- to-20 minute workout is enough to produce mood-elevating endorphins. „ Push away and tune out negative infuences. Read or engage in something that uplifts and inspires instead. „ Fake it “til you make it. Enthusiastically engage a friend or coworker and put you focus on brightening his or her day. You’ll fnd that cheering others up cheers YOU up as well. „ Finally, make a quick “gratitude list.” Nothing shrinks upsetting event to a manageable size * Youth Projects M-F @ 3 PM-5 PM like focusing on what you are thankful for in your life. * Beginning Zumba for Adults in Youth Center Gym from 7:15 AM Monday-Friday The Connection - Connecting you * Fitness Room and Pool available for with Healthy Tips for a Healthy use from 6 AM to 6 PM Monday-Friday Life OPPORTUNITY FOR YOU TO HAVE YOUR ART DISPLAYED. ENTRY FORM TO SUBMIT TO: South Puget Sound Community College Forms are available in the “In-box” located outside of the Cultural Class Room Door at the Community Center    Page 11
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