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Book Reveals Chehalis Boarding School History (Part One) Reprinted from Assimilation’s Agent: My Wind River Indian School in government policies to educate Life as a Superintendent in the Indian Wind River, Wyoming; Jones and assimilate Indians. Boarding School System by Edwin L. male Academy in Hartshorne, Chalcraft, edited by Cary C. Collins, by Oklahoma; and Siletz Indian Drawing on a large collection permission of the University of Nebraska Agency in Oregon. of unpublished letters and Press. Copyright 2004 by the Board of documents, Cary C. Collin’s Regents of the University of Nebraska. In this memoir Chalcraft introduction and notes The cost for the book is $29.95. If you discusses the Grant peace policy, furnish important historical are interested in ordering a copy of the inspection system, allotment, background and context. the book, go to this website. http:// the treatment of tuberculosis, Assimilation’s Agent illustrates www.nebraskapress.unledu/product/ corporal punishment, alcoholism, the government’s long-term Assimilations-Agent,671728.aspx and patronage. Extensive program for dealing with Native About the Book coverage is also given to the peoples and the shortcomings of Indian Shaker Church and the its approach during one of the Assimilation’s Agent reveals known as the Bureau of Indian government’s response to this most consequential eras in the the life and opinions of Edwin Affairs) in 1883. During his perceived threat to assimilation. long and often troubled history L. Chalcraft (1855-1943) a nearly four decades of service, Assimilation’s Agent illuminates of American Indian and white superintendent in the federal he worked at a number of Indian the sometime treacherous relations. Indian boarding schools during boarding schools and agencies, political maneuverings and the critical period of forced including the Chehalis Indian diffcult decisions faced by Cary C. Collins has a PhD in assimilation in the late nineteenth School in Oakville, Washington; government offcials at Indian history from Washington State and early twentieth centuries. Puyallup Indian School in boarding schools. It offers University and is a public Chalcraft was hired by the Tacoma, Washington; Chemawa a rarely heard and today school teacher in Ravensdale, Offce of Indian Affairs (now Indian School in Salem, Oregon; controversial “top-down” view of Washington. {Chapter 2} the stability and organization Reservation near Tacoma. and then three miles through he brought to both his school We secured berths aboard heavy time in the Chehalis River Chehalis Indian Reservation and his reservation became the steamer “Emma Hayward,” bottom. When we left the timber, The superintendency of the a model for a branch of the which was to leave Seattle at the boarding school buildings Chehalis Indian Reservation, like federal government notoriously 3:00 a.m., to make connection at came in view, situated on the north several positions that Chalcraft lacking in those qualities. The Tacoma with the Northern Pacifc side of a small prairie. We were would hold during his Indian Chalcrafts, besides the boarding train leaving there at 7:00 a.m., soon entering the school premises where we found Mr. Eells, who Service career, was not a coveted school under their care, assumed for Tenino. This was necessary had come down from Tacoma to appointment. The reservation, administrative control over the because there was no railroad transfer the Government property located about twelve miles west entire reservation. operating from Seattle at the from the retiring Superintendent, of present-day Centralia, was time. We had breakfast on the Mr. (J.L.) Henderson, to me. We small, isolated, and a low federal In the evening of Thursday, boat and went aboard the train met also Mrs. (H.E.) Henderson, priority. Its inconspicuous September 27, 1883, after with tickets for Tenino, where we the Seamstress, who was leaving nature, however, may have having supper with our next- arrived at 9:00 a.m., this was a with her husband; Mrs. (Isabella) benefted a young superintendent door neighbors, Reverend and small place of one store kept by a Mills, the Matron; and Miss just learning to navigate the Mrs. Strange, and spending the Mr. (Joseph) Blumauer, and there Florence Humphry, the Cook complex currents of the OIA. evening with them, Alice and were three or four dwellings. and Laundress. On Saturday, At Chehalis-where he worked I left Seattle to take charge of We were met by Mr. (George after invoicing the property, I from early 1883 until mid-1889- the Chehalis Indian Reservation W.) Mills, Industrial Teacher at signed for the same preparatory Chalcraft began to implement and boarding school under the school, who had come with a to taking charge on Monday, an administrative system that supervision of Hon. Edwin Eells, team to take us to the reservation. October 1 1883, the date we st, would serve him well for another Indian Agent with headquarters This was a splendid ride of ffteen began work in the Indian Service, four decades. Most notable, located at the Puyallup miles across level prairie land Continued page 7 Page 6   
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