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Tribal Health and Wellness News „ From the Tsapowum Behavior Health Center A NEW YOU!! This is the time of the year where you have answered yes to more than from doing so, anxiety or depression Looking to Jumpstart Your Weight new ideas abound and resolutions two questions, then seeking further could be standing in your path. Loss? Looking to break through a to undergo a transformation are help would be advisable. CES-D is a questionnaire on your Plateau? Then take the Advocare 24 created. Many will attempt to 1. Have you ever felt you should past week that brings up feelings day challenge! rekindle old resolutions while some cut down on your drinking? that keep you from doing those will take their frst steps towards a things you wish to do. Examples of If you’re interested in learning more brand new self. How are you doing 2. Have people annoyed you by the questions it asks are: about 24 day challenge or to hear with your New Year’s Resolution? criticizing your drinking? I felt that I could not shake off the about Advocare Health and Wellness 3. Have you ever felt bad or guilty In whatever scenario you may about your drinking? blues even with the help of my Products, please come to the mixer! fnd yourself in, diffculties will 4. Have you ever had a drink family or friends. It’s not about being skinny or buff face you, but fear not, your stride „ I had trouble keeping my mind on -it’s about being ft and healthy! towards bettering yourself need frst thing in the morning to what I was doing. not be disrupted. There are those steady your nerves or get rid of Date: March 7, 2012 a hangover (eye-opener)? who will aid you; those who have „ I felt everything I did was an Time: 6:00 PM experience at giving people the tools The Tsapowum Behavioral Health effort. Location: Community and support that will allow for them Center will also provide assistance „ I felt sad. Center - Gathering Room to forge their own lives and push for those who wish to resolve Hosted by: Yvonne Haukom and through obstacles to health they substance abuse issues. DAST, The New Year is a time for change Leilani Finau. Please RSVP have resolved to be rid of. another quick questionnaire will and should you search out and fnd give you an idea if, your drug use is the right help to get on your side, Want to learn more: https://www. Resolving to get control of interfering with your relationships, you will fnd those diffculties that alcoholism is a heavy task that can your career, and your life. A few face you easier to overcome. If advocare.come/11125486 run into hardships; they may be so example questions are: after taking time to refect on your signifcant that you feel trapped. state of health associated with using SOCIAL CAGE is a quick questionnaire for Can you get through the week and/or troubling moods, you have alcohol dependence that, though without using drugs? concerns come to the Tsapowum SECURITY 101 simple and not a diagnostic tool, Behavioral Health Center. Also Everything You Wanted To Know reveals some of the identifying Have you been in trouble at work ensure you check on health issues • Retirement Benefts and signs of trouble associated with because of your use of drugs? with your physician and/or the Eligibility Requirements alcoholism. Coming to the Have you ever experienced Wellness Center. • What Early Retirement Does To Tsapowum Behavioral Health withdrawal symptoms (felt sick) Your Benefts Center will introduce you to people when you stopped taking drugs? Remember we also have prevention • How Survivor Benefts Can who are trained in helping you and domestic violence professionals Help Your Family achieve a healthy state of mind and If you wish to become more active, on staff. We can be reached at 360- • Information Regarding body. If after taking this you fnd but fnd that your mood keeps you 709-1733. Medicare, Disability, and Spouse Benefts • What You Can Do Online With SSA Employees • What the Future Holds for the wear “Red” Agency on Friday, • Understand How To Get The February Most From Your Beneft 3, in support of When: Feb. 28, 2012 Women’s Time: 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM Heart Where: Community Center Health Gathering Room Awareness Speaker: Kirk Larson day. Page 4   
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