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Tribal Members Requesting Support in Finding a Cure for Diseases Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure-Supporting Sofe more determined than ever to get against breast cancer in the last Each and every one of and a husband whom the word out. Early Detection Saves 30 years has been impacted by a us has a path we must I imagined a very long Lives. Komen grant. It is the world’s largest walk down. That path life with. Altering grassroots network of breast cancer is always changing and those plans was not an Even though my life has been turned survivors and activists fghting to save evolving as we grow option. upside down, I’m fnally on my way lives, empower people, ensure quality and learn, get married, to healing and regaining my health. care for all and energize science to and have children. We Two days later I went in I feel lucky because I caught it fnd the cures. expect ups and downs. for biopsy. Two weeks early; lucky because I have medical What none of us are ever later, my husband insurance; and lucky because I had an Thanks to events like the Komen prepared for is when sat by my side as the awesome team of doctors. I am alive Race for the Cure and the 3-Day, the our paths are suddenly doctor told me I had and I am grateful! With my new lease organization has invested more than changed by something cancer. I was diagnosed on life, I realize my new path. I want $1.9 billion to fulfll its promise, unseen and out of our Sofie Sekishiro with Her2+ Invasive to raise awareness, and help people becoming the largest source of control. Ductal Carcinoma. I understand what comes along with a nonproft funds dedicated to fght was devastated. diagnosis. Because not everyone that against breast cancer in the world. It My path was altered on February 18, gets diagnosed, will be as “lucky” as I is estimated that there will be 226,870 2011 when I found a lump during a Life was a whirlwind after that. have been. new cases and nearly 40,000 deaths self breast exam. Panicked, I went I spent the better part of the year from breast cancer in the United to the ER the next morning. The fghting this disease. My loved ones On September 14th I will join States in 2012. This is an epidemic doctor couldn’t fnd the lump and followed my progress. Their love and thousands of men and women as I that must be stopped! prescribed valium to get me through support was amazing. They followed participate in the Susan G. Komen until I could see my regular physician. me through fve surgeries, six TCH 3-Day walk in Seattle. I will walk Please join me in this endeavor. The following Tuesday, my doctor chemotherapy infusions and countless 60 miles in 3 days keeping in mind Donating is simple. Go online to immediately found the lump and doctor appointments cheering me on that each step I take is a step toward From there, scroll over took me down to mammography. all the way. a cure. I support this event because the word Donate and click Search When that showed nothing, we did an The surgeries and side effects of 100% of the net proceeds will fund for a participant. Type in my name innovative global breast cancer ultrasound. (Sofe), click the search button, click chemo wounded my soul as much as research and local community donate now. No donation is too big, or There it was. Fear swept through my it ravaged my body. I have 10 scars programs supporting education, too small. When I walk that day, I will body as I imagined the possibilities that remind me daily how precious screening and treatment. Virtually feel your support with every step that of my future. I have children to raise life is. Today I am bald, weak and every major advance in the fght I take. Diabetes: Tour De Cure - Adam Medina The exercise came next. I started choice. I am the son of Michael Medina face some nasty consequences. I out walking and worked myself and grandson of Alice Secena had tried before and I was never into jogging. Start small, work Get Medina. I live in American Fork, able to lose weight. I would get yourself into more and more. In involved. Utah, forty fve minutes outside disappointed and give up. This three months I lost 100 pounds. I They have of Salt Lake City. I have been time had to be different. I lost my have gone from borderline diabetic events in all married to my wife, Shelly for 19 dad when he was 56, and he never back into the normal range. I have 50 states. If years, and have two sons, AJ and got to see his grandsons grow up. trained and completed three 5 you aren’t Michael. He was taken away too early. He k’s and a 60 mile cycle event in physically was a diabetic and it changed the ready you I am participating in the Tour De once strong man I idolized. I was the last 18 months. I no longer Cure on June 9th. It is a fund raiser going to fght. I needed help. I believe in limitations. I might can still help for diabetes. I have chosen the 80 hit my knees, I asked God for the have to work harder to get where I by donating. mile ride and have been training motivation. If HE would get me need to, but I can do it. Find your Donate at since the end of November. moving I would keep it moving. motivation. Surround yourself diabetes. Like a lot of Natives, my family with people to help. Avoid bad org or help Adam Medina struggles with diabetes. I taught I started with diet. I tracked my situations. Realize that there will sponsor me my boys to be fghters, not to intake and limited it to 2,000 set backs but limit the damage. Get at Http:// give up. About two years ago, the calories a day. You have to write involved, push yourself. Choices: doctor told me to drop weight or it down to see how fast it adds up. It all comes down to you making a Thanks for your support.    Page 9
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