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Agent Continued.... to submit the names of men to what should be the provisions it “Whitman Seminary.” This not thinking we would be be appointed Indian Agents as embodied in the Act. I was little school has grown to be the connected with for so long a time vacancies occurred. present at two or three of these large and prosperous educational as proved to be the case. The politicians did not favor conferences, and it was evident institution, Whitman College We attended the Mission this plan because it reduced the the Senator was very much at Walla Walla, Washington, a Church Services on Sunday. number of places at their disposal interested. lasting memorial to the patriotic Mr. Henderson preached a for pressing offce-seekers; but An Allotment Act, known as Missionary who made the regular sermon in English, the President carried it out to the the “Dawes Bills,” was passed historic mid-winter ride from this which was translated into the end of his term in offce. When by Congress and approved by the Coast to Washington City in the Indian language by an interpreter we entered the Indian Service, President on February 8, 1887. winter of 1842, and had so much standing by his side. Agent there were but three of the Grant This authorized the issuance to do with preventing this part of Eells was at the organ and led appointees left: McLaughlin, of “Trust Patents” to Indians, our Country from being awarded the singing, which was very Catholic at Standing Rock covering a period of twenty- to England in a treaty then being good. The sermon was followed Agency; and Peter Ronan, fve years, free from taxes, considered by our Government. by several Indians talking to the Catholic at Flathead Agency. judgments, and all other fnancial The experience and record congregation, offering prayer, Edwin Eells was frst appointed claims that might be made of Agent Eells and his father and singing Gospel hymns. Indian Agent at the S’kokomish against the allottee. In addition caused me to realize they knew After conclusion of the services, Reservation in June, 1971, to this, it conferred the right the Indians’ virtues and faults, Indians having children in school succeeding Lieutenant J.W. of franchise to those accepting and their counsel and advice in visited with them awhile and then Kelly, an army offcer. In allotments. important matters were valuable went home. From our experience September, 1882, several other Edwin Eells was born to any novice, small part in any later, we found the religious reservations were placed under July 27, 184, at his father’s success that may have to me in services that day were the regular his control, which fnally ended mission station, Tsh-i-ma-ka- later years. Sunday Program. by his being in charge of those in, northwest of Spokane. His The Chehalis Reservation The religious work on when we went to Chehalis. He only associates during early life containing 4,225 acres was the Chehalis, Nisqually, and remained in charge of these until were the Indian children about established by Executive Order, Puyallup Reservations was the Agency was abolished in the station. He related many date July 8, 1864. The school supported by the Presbyterian 1895 and the duties placed in interesting incidents about that plant consisted of fve buildings; Board of Missions, of which the hands of a Superintendent. time. I remember distinctly viz., a large dormitory, occupied Rev. J.R. Thompson, living He then retired from the Indian one. He said he and his younger by pupils during the school year, in Olympia, was the Western Service. brother, Myron, were always school house, Superintendent’s Superintendent. Rev. M.G. In 1882-3, Agent Eells fearful and would hide away if a cottage, hospital, and a barn for Mann, living in Tacoma, was the allotted land to Indians on the strange white man came to their the horses and other stock. A local Missionary for the three reservation under his charge and house; but if was an Indian man commissary building was erected reservations, and (he) visited gave each allottee a Certifcate, they were not afraid and “He later. The Matron had charge Chehalis one Sunday in each signed by himself, as temporary could turn the tongs upside down of the domestic affairs and the month. When he was absent, the evidence of ownership. Senator in the fre-place if he wanted to Industrial Teacher looked after school Superintendent had charge (Henry L.) Dawes, Chairman of do it.” the boys and their industrial of the religious services. the Senate Committee on Indian Agent Eells’ father, Reverend pursuits. The Superintendent During the administration Affairs, was a personal friend of Cushing Eells, was a co-laborer taught in the school-room of President U.S. Grant, he Agent Eells’ and when in Tacoma with the lamented Dr. Marcus during the morning and spent became convinced the Indians he spent considerable time at the Whitman, murdered at his the remainder of the day in needed more religious instruction Agency. He became very much mission, Wa-li-lat-pu, in 1847. At supervising other work and than they were receiving and interested in allotting land to Dr. Marcus Whitman’s funeral, attending to offcial matters inaugurated a plan that became the Indians, visited their homes Cushing Eells made a vow that relating to the Agency. In fact, known as the “Grant Peace and talked to them about it, and he would raise a monument to the status for the school was Policy.” Under this plan, he had long discussions with Agent the doctor’s memory, which much like that of a large family, assigned different reservations to Eells as to the wisdom of taking he did later by starting a small excepting for two months’ the various Church organizations Congressional action towards school for Indians and the few vacation when all the pupils were that agreed to undertake mission giving the Indians a better title to white children within reach of his at their homes. work with the Indians, and their allotments than the Agent’s station, with his wife and himself Look for Part two in March permitted the Church authorities Certifcate, and if this was done, as the only teachers, naming Issue    Page 7
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