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Tribal Health and Wellness News  Vaccination is the Best Protection Against Whooping Cough October is National Breast What is Whooping cough? How serious is whooping cough? Pertussis/Whooping Cough As of August 18, 2012, the cases Cancer Awareness Month is a serious, highly contagious of pertussis/whooping cough in respiratory (in the lungs and Washington State have jumped from Let’s all wear Pink on Friday, U.S. – 31 percent since 1990. breathing tubes) infection caused by 336 to 3,539 from 2011 to 2012. October 12, 2012 to show our Here’s what you can do: bacteria. It causes violent coughing Though we have been fortunate in support.  Know your risk; you can’t stop. Whooping cough can our community to not have been We have a Native Women’s  Get screened; be especially serious to babies and heavily affected, we are taking Wellness Program at the Chehalis  Know what is normal for you; young children. action to prevent a local outbreak. Preventing any illness outbreak is Tribal Wellness Center, Our NWWP  Make healthy lifestyle choices. Symptoms start with sneezing, important to the Chehalis Tribal Provider is Willie O. Hunt and runny nose, and cough within Wellness Center but recently our NWWP Outreach Worker is What are healthy lifestyle choices: 7-10 days the cough becomes the clinic has been particularly Christina Hicks. You can make an  Maintaining a healthy weight; more severe, especially in infants working hard to get the pertussis appointment to have your annual Limiting alcohol intake; and young children. The severe immunization to all community women’s health exam or schedule  coughing spells can make it hard to members. We currently have DTaP for your annual mammogram if,  Adding exercise to your routine; eat, drink, breathe, or sleep. for infants and children and Tdap you’re a woman age 40 and over.  Breast feeding, if possible How does Whooping cough for adolescents and adults. Call 360-273-5504. Mammogram spread? Whooping cough spreads We will meet at the Chehalis easily through the air when an Prevention: Tribal Wellness Center at Clinic infected person breaths, coughs, or 10:00 AM to take a group sneezes. You can aid in slowing the Vaccination is the #1 way to photo on October 12, September 25, 2012 spread of pertussis/whooping cough prevent pertussis/whooping from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM by following this tips when you are cough. If you or your loved one Early Detection Saves Lives at the Wellness Center sick: has not received the pertussis  Washing your hands, vaccination (DTaP/Tdap), contact Early detection and effective Please call the Chehalis Tribal  Covering your cough, the Chehalis Tribal Wellness treatment have resulted in a decline Wellness Center to make your  Staying home when you are Center to get vaccinated today! in breast cancer mortality in the appointment. 360-273-5504. sick. Info has been taken from: Flu Shots Available WhoopingCough/WhoopingCoughFAQ.aspx#About The Wellness Center now has fu Once registered we will make an http://www.cdc.govpertussis/downloads/outbreaks-11x17.pdf shots available. Prior to receiving appointment for you to receive your a fu shot, you must be registered fu shot. with the Wellness Center. You will Shasta, the insurance company, will need to fll out paperwork before cover the costs of the fu shot and Nurse Schedule 10th Annual receiving the fu shot. Please there is no co-pay. Change Breast Cancer Awareness bring your insurance card, driver’s Wellness Center Phone Number: license, and social security card Julianne Westlake, Nurse Walk with you. 360-273-5504 Practitioner with the at Nisqually Back by Popular Demand USDA Foods Schedule Chehalis Tribal Wellness Saturday, October 6 Center, has accepted 10:00 AM - 12:00 Stating: September 20th October 18 another position where she Lacey Regional Athletic Complex Ending: November 15th November 15 December 14 will be working Mondays, 8345 Steilacoom Road/ Lacey, WA At the Community Center Wednesdays, and Fridays. 98513 All Community Members Welcome Weigh in at the Clinic every other Contact Shirley or Bonita at Julianne will be available Lunch to follow at the Nisqually Youth Thursday. 360-438-4216 or 360-438-4235 for at the Wellness Center on Center. For more information contact For more information contact Cindy more information and applications for Tuesdays and Thursdays. Raylene McCloud @ the Nisqually Beck at 360-709-1810 or cbeck @ USDA Foods. Health Clinic 360-459-5312 *Dates subject to change    Page 5
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