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Book Reveals Chehalis Boarding School History (Part Six) Reprinted from Assimilation’s Agent: My Life as a consultation, accompanied by Rev. in the regulations adopted. This was Superintendent in the Indian Boarding School System by Edwin Mann and Mr. Mills, but they took no safe because Jim was loyal to me, and L. Chalcraft, edited by Cary C. Collins, by permission of the part in our discussion. anyway he could not write his name to University of Nebraska Press. Copyright 2004 by the Board of I knew that one of our Judges, Charlie a pass. Regents of the University of Nebraska. Walker, was a full-fedged Shaker, but The Court’s Order, signed by all the The cost for the book is $29.95. If you are interested in ordering a copy thought the other two, Jim Walker and Judges’ and their thumb marks, is as of the book, go to this website. http://www.nebraskapress.unledu/product/ Pike Ben, felt about as I did, but [I] was below:-- Assimilations-Agent,671728.aspx. Order by Phone 1-800-848-6224 mistaken and found it necessary to use some diplomacy in dealing with them. Court of Indian Offences Order Part 6–Assimilation Agent continued from August 2012 Charlie Walker began the discussion by The Police Court on the Chehalis They were then reminded that the Slocum a long time before he went saying the Mr. Mann was doing good Indian Reservation, Washington th Government, in a book entitled “Rules to Heaven and he was a bad man. He in teaching white people how to live, Territory, in session this 14 day Governing Courts of Indian Offences,” ran horses and gambled for horses and John Slocum was doing good in of April, 1884, hereby issues the prohibited such things as Ta-mah-nous and blankets, drank whiskey, and did teaching Indians. Both believed in God, following Order for the guidance of doctoring, and Government employees other bad things. When he came back and should walk together like brothers Indians residing on or being on said were ordered to see [that] the rules are to earth, he put all these things behind teaching the people. Reservation: obeyed. [I told the Indians that] “from him, and has been a good man ever 1 . All Indians visiting the Reservation ST the information we now have, it does since, teaching Indians how to live I replied to him, “That which you shall go directly to the Head Chief, appear like Ta-mah-nous, but this Court right, do good, and cure sick Indians suggest is impossible, besides, Mr. Jim Walker, or the Superintendent, for does not want to take any action that without taking any pay for it. John Mann and the Church has nothing to permission to remain, which shall be is not right, and for this reason you Slocum is God’s man, same was white do with the question we have to decide. given in writing. have been asked to come here today preachers. That is all.” It is doctoring the sick we have to talk 2 . No Indian belonging to the ND to tell us all about Shaker doctoring. about as we told the Indians when Chehalis Reservation is to leave the This is the time for your to express When John sat down, he was asked, we were in the other room. They said Reservation for any purpose without a your thoughts and feelings freely. If “Did God tell John Slocum how to cure nothing about it. Maybe they were written Pass, signed by the Head Chief, you are right, we want to know it. If sick people?” His reply was, “He tell ashamed to tell us what they did.” Jim Walker, or the Superintendent. you are wrong, the Judges will decide him to cure sick people and take no Pike Ben the brought up the Shakers’ 3 . The giving of the “Shakes” to sick RD what is to be done. Neither the Judges, pay, that is all.” claim, “That when an Indian began to people, in treating them for sickness, nor I, shall interrupt any of you while shake, he could not stop until his sine is in violation of Rule 6, in “Rules speaking, but will listen patiently to all Peter Heck was the next to speak. He was all gone out of him, as that was Governing Courts of Indian Offences” you may have to say. We may ask you said, “Many bad Indians had listened to God’s way.” I told Pike that if it was and is prohibited, but if an Indian some questions if there is anything we white preachers for a long time without true they could not stop shaking when begins to shake and cannot stop doing do not understand. Any one of you that it changing their bad habits any, but they tried to do so, it would be wrong so, he must not have any other person wants to speak may do so now.” when they became Shakers they put to punish them. He then spoke of some present, unless it be his wife, or the behind them everything that was not No one seemed inclined to say anything good to do.” He represented himself other things of no importance, until husband, as the case may be. Children at frst, so I called on John Smith, the as one of this number and now he he asked if it would be wrong to give must not be present. TH Shakers’ leading man at Chehalis, to do could see the right way to go and not the shakes to friends, if they asked for 4 . No one shall offer to give another so. He arose and said, “If I speak, you do anything wrong. He then retold the it. This caused Jim Walker to say, “If in the “shakes” but if an Indian requests will not believe me.” To this, I replied, story of his “vision” that came to him the Indians did not go to Mud Bay, it be given him, it may be done, “If you speak what the white man calls while sitting on a pile of rails, as frst so often, there would not be so much providing they apply to the Head Chief, th the truth, we will believe you; but not told to Alice and me n March 19 . trouble,” and asked my opinion about Jim Walker, or the Superintendent, in if it is like things you have sometimes it. I told him this had been my belief advance, so that both my be present to told me for the truth.” John Smith and Peter Heck were the all the time, and said we could prevent see that Government Rule is violated. only Indians to address the Court, but much of the trouble by issuing passes 5 . Any violation of this Order, and TH John then addressed the Court, say there was considerable conversation as authorized by the Government punishment for the same, will be “that he believed all Mr. Mann had in the Chehalis language, among the regulations. determined by the Police Court on this taught from the Bible, but it was for the spectators, some of which, [when] Reservation. white man and not for Indians because interpreted to me, showed the audience At this point it seemed to me that they could not read the Bible; that he was divided on the subject under enough subjects had been brought up (Signed) Approved believed John Slocum’s statement of investigation. to enable us to frame a suitable set of Jim Walker Edwin L. Chalcraft, having died and gone to Heaven; and regulations that could be in enforced Pike Benn Superintendent his coming back to earth again with After asking the Indians if anyone without much trouble. I deemed it Charlie Walker a special message from God to the else had anything to say and getting advisable to include Jim Walker as (All by Thumb Marks) Indians, because they were poor and no response, the four members of the having the same authority as myself, in could not read. He had known John Court retired to an adjoining room for enforcing the Court’s action as shown To be Continued in October    Page 7
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