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 Vital Health! Tips to Creating a Healthier You incidence of cancers and infammatory Broccoli, Brussels sprouts, Cabbage, By Willie O. Hunt ARNP, (Part 1 of 2) diseases as this is part of their daily diet. Collards, Kale; 3 servings per week will decrease the incidence of prostate Zinc 50mg-enhances immunity Over my years as an OB-GYN Nurse Hay: An international author’s message Kyolic Garlic (formula 100): Anti- cancer in men by 41%. Daily intake of Practitioner I have researched and that anything can be healed. The book infammatory and also has blood cruciferous vegetables decrease breast studied what makes a person healthy offers spiritual support in your healing thinning properties cancer deaths by 62% compared to and well. I went into Nursing because I journey and road to health. http://www. Astragalus 500mg: Anti Aging, women who do not eat these. It is even wanted to know why some people were maintains the telomeres in the brain. observed in women who already have a healthy and some people were not. My Edition/dp/151705280/ref=sr_1_2?i (Vitamin Shoppe online) diagnosis of breast cancer. Mother was an RN and every day she e=UTF8&qid=1345150057 &sr=8- Ginger Root 550mg: Anti- Beans: Prevent tumor formation in the would tell me stories about her patients 2&keywords=you+can+heal+your+ infammatory also helps with nausea body. Men who eat beans regularly have and healing. My Father was a Minister life+by+louise+hay (Vitamin Shoppe online) a 40% decrease in prostate cancer. Eat so I was also exposed to spirituality WellBetX-PGX: This is a fber made 2x per week and the colon cancer rate is and faith. I am creating this document D: Dr. Andrew Weils Guide to from sea weed which regulates blood decreased by 50% as a resource for people who want to Optimum Health: An 8 CD course sugar and promotes a healthy weight. Onions: 50-88% reduction in all types maintain health and vitality into old age. on how to feel better, live longer and (Amazon-com) of cancers. Eat raw, chopped fne and or enhance your health. Excellent! Baby Aspirin 81mg: Take 1 every cook to release the nutrients and anti- Motivation: You cannot achieve good day; anti-infammatory and thins blood, cancer benefts. Recommend ½ cup per health if you do not take an active Weils-Guide-Optimum-Health/ protective against heart attacks, strokes, day. approach in your health and well being. dp/1564559785 and cancer, do not take if you are Mushrooms: Have 3 different cancer The most important decision is to be already on blood thinners. fghting features against all cancers. willing to make small changes and see APPLE HEALTH FOOD STORE: Protective against breast cancer. the results of these in your life. As your One of the best in the country. PBS Television: Seek out various  Prevent cancer cells from health improves this will motivate you It is staffed by people who are programs that talk about health and establishing a blood supply. to make additional changes which will knowledgeable and has good quality well-being and tape and watch at your result in better health. products. You can call and consult with leisure. PBS is a wonderful resource.  Sticks to cancer cells so the immune them about your medical conditions and Programs like: Dr Fuhrman’s Immunity system can recognize and destroy. Recommended Reading: what they recommend for you. They Solution Health-Joel Secrets of ship all over the country and have a longevity-Blood Sugar Solution  Seeks out and destroys cancer cells The Infammation Cure by Dr. Meggs 20% senior discount. The web site is: Wishes Fulflled-how to heal your self in the body. (; here the premise is that all diseases are caused by chronic Cable/Dish Network: The Incurables: Meditation: infammation @ the cellular level. It Telomeres: Are structures in the brain This is a 30 minute program that is explains how to keep infammation that determine the rate of aging. As we about cases that were given up on by I AM Wishes fulflled meditation tape in the body to a minimum to slow the age they shorten and we become more conventional medicine and how the by Dr. Wayne W Dyer and James F. aging process and maintain health. A susceptible to diseases. The goal is to patient’s healed themselves. There is a Twyman, excellent meditation tape must read! slow the process of these structures theme of good nutrition and changing that will put your brain into a “theta” from deteriorating as we age. lifestyle to facilitate healing. brain state where healing takes place. I ANTIINFLAMMATION MEANS recommend meditation prior to getting ANTI-DISEASES (Cancer, Diabetes, Longevinex: A proven anti-aging Nutrition: up (create your day), and going to sleep. Heart disease, etc). pill, it mimics a very low calorie diet Just prior to sleep is the best time to which slows the aging process and Montel Williams Health Master: make contact with your God. I would The Vitamin D Cure: by Dr. Dowd prevents the “telomeres” in the brain This is a hi-power blender. Get organic also recommend that you view the (; With the advent of from shortening which causes the aging vegetables and fruits and you can do PBS program called Wishes Fulflled sun-screen and indoor living. Most process. (Apple Health) a daily shake with greens, broccoli, where Dr. Dyer discusses how he Americans are D defcient. Vitamin berries, vegetables, banana, frozen or healed himself of Chronic Lymphocytic D is a hormone and immune system Omega 3 Fish Oil: The tablets fresh fruit, protein powder, almond Leukemia. Tape is available on regulator. Most if not all people of color you purchase @ Costco are not a milk, ice etc. You can also put a little for $10. are defcient and this is one theory why high enough dosage. You need 800/ Omega fsh oil in the shake to get your people of color have a disproportionate EPA/500DHA in liquid form. You can daily dose of fsh oil. This is a powerful Exercise: It doesn’t have to be incidence of Obesity, Diabetes, Heart purchase from Apple or the Vitamin blender that allows you to make strenuous. If you walk and say your Disease, Cancer, Autoimmune . . . you Shoppe online. It is lemon favored, and smoothies from raw vegetables and affrmation, research indicates the act name it. In my clinical practice EVERY you can put it on cereal, shakes or just fruit for healthful green shakes. Raw of walking, focusing on the sky and patient with a chronic disease of any take a swallow (daily tablespoon) every vegetables have the highest vitamin saying “I have always been radiant race was defcient in vitamin D. In day. Wild Salmon 1-2x per week is also and mineral content. Research indicates health, strength and vitality is a form addition the current recommendations good. that blended vegetables allow for the of walking meditation and the brain do not fully address the levels that micronutrients to get into the body responds better if you do physical should be taken. Here is a link on Turmeric Extract Capsules: 95% and release the anti-cancer nutrients movement in combination with saying Vitamin D. Curcumin: Anti-infammatory and you in the food. affrmations. Yoga is another form of can purchase @ the Vitamin Shoppe. watch?v=QZleMws_QY8 meditative practice which promotes D3.pdf Turmeric, garlic, cumin and curry are healing and involves movement. mainstays of diet for the Indian (from Anti-Cancer Foods Greens You Can Heal Your Life by Louise L India) culture and they have a low Cruciferous Vegetables: Bok Choy, To be continued in October... Page 6   
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