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Public Safety If you have an Emergency Call 9-1-1 House Identifcation Project Assists Community and Emergency Response Teams By Sarah Hall, Public Safety Intern Fire fghters, paramedics and the I am doing a project that consists There is a reason why “We live house address on a gate, or a fence police are equipped with many tools of identifying house numbers, and in a society where pizza gets to by the road. If you have a mailbox, to help improve their arrival time. putting them up. I went around the your house before the police.” WE make sure that there are numbers One of these tools is a detailed map reservation with a camera taking CAN’T SEE OR FIND YOUR on both sides of the mailbox, so of their designated area(s). pictures of every house. ADDRESS! Make either way, emergency However, house numbers are your address visible services and law important for a quick reference. The The camera that I used was linked from the road, keep enforcement can fnd to the GPS that I had, and it made it clean, and in sight where you live. Every more hidden and hard to fnd the coordinates of where the picture for Law Enforcement second counts for both numbers are, the longer it will take was taken. Every picture that I took emergency personnel to arrive at the was documented, and mapped out and EMS Personnel. parties. Thirty seconds scene and provide help. because of the GPS. So in the event The minimum size for house can save a life, or prevent something of a natural disaster, such as a food, numbers is 4 inches. Place numbers bad from happening. In the case For more information regarding how we could go in the computer and near a light or door so it’s easier to of an emergency, such as a fre, a you can make your home easier to look up a house to see where it is, see. If your house is more than 50 difference in minutes can mean the locate, you can contact the Chehalis then respond. feet away from the road, place your difference between life and death. Tribal Police. Emergency Management Plan Safety Tips for Driving In Fog ( Grays Harbor County Emergency couldn’t stop in time to avoid a slow, constant speed. Emergency Information Phone Line: 1-866-623-8883 Management is cautioning all collision.  Remember that other drivers that this is the time drivers have a limited When do I call the Emergency Phone of year when we begin to see  Make sure that you can be sight distance and Line? Any time you are concerned about increased fog issues on all roads seen. Turn on your fog lights, that fog can leave adverse weather, power outages or other and highways. The following and use low beams. High beams roadways slick. Signal emergency situations. information will be extremely direct light up into the fog making early, and when you helpful to every driver. it diffcult for you to see. Low use your brakes, don't For power outages call: Grays Harbor Chuck Wallace beams direct light down onto the stomp on them. PUD: 1-888-541-5923; Thurston County road and help other drivers to see PSE: 1-888-225-5773 you. Web Site Driving in Fog If your interested in learning more about  Use the right edge of the road the emergency management plan. Please Statistically, driving in fog is the (aka fog line) as a guide rather Index.asp contact Ralph Wyman, Director of Public most dangerous driving hazard in than the center line, to avoid Safety at 360-273-7051 or stop by the existence. running into oncoming traffc Public Safety Building. or becoming distracted by their The best advice we can give to headlights. drivers confronted with thick fog Public Notice: The Chehalis Indian Tribal Court, is to get off the road as soon as  I f you leave the road, be sure Oakville Washington possible. If you can’t or won’t pull to pull off completely. Turn off Che-J-9/07-274, 9/11-228 off the road we offer the following your driving lights and turn on Notice of Motion to Modify Parenting Plan Hearing advice: your fashers so others know To Jerry Youckton: you’re there but won’t think you  Keep your MINIMUM safety are driving on the road. gap to three seconds in ideal A motion to Modify Parenting Plan has been fled in the Chehalis Indian conditions; with the decreased  Always use your defroster and Tribal Court a hearing is set for October 11, 2012 at 10:30 AM. 30 visibility fog causes, this interval windscreen wipers in foggy Neiderman Road Oakville WA on the Chehalis Indian Reservation. Any should be increased substantially. conditions to keep the windows questions please feel free to contact the Tribal Court at 360- 709-1615. clear.  Slow down. Most fog-related THIS COURT HEARING MAY RESULT IN AN ORDER TO traffc fatalities occur because  Keep an eye on your MODIFY PARENTING PLAN. someone was driving too fast and speedometer and maintain a    Page 9
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