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CHEHALIS The Confederated Tribes of the Chehalis Reservation “People of the Sands” TRIBAL NEWSLETTER January 2013 Free Christmas Activities Bring Families Together The 2012 Christmas Holiday was given out to the children by the special for many families as they Youth Center. There was a photo gathered to celebrate Christmas opportunity for families to create together. It is the season of special memories in the Gathering gathering, giving and feasting. room. The photo’s were taken and Decorating the tree and setting up printed onto a large button. the lights are always fun activities. As families gathered to spend time The Main gym offered a meal with together, it was an opportunity to an assortment of combinations for watch the little ones eyes’ light up Adults and Children provided by as they opened their presents. the Lucky Eagle. There was an added raffe for those who brought It was an extra special morning a desert. Comedian Vaughn Eagle for those that were dreaming of a Bear was there to entertain those white Christmas and got their wish. who didn’t participate in the It was only a couple of inches, but carnival or wreath making classes. it was snowing. Children were out making snowmen and angels. The Youth Center Gym hosted the Tribal Members sign in to qualify for the raffles during the carnival games for the children There were many activities Christmas Carnival at the Community Center. to play. Games available were: available for families to share cake walk, baseball, basketball, together in the local area. to the Big Brothers and Sisters thinking about what they were padded bouncy house, and always program. wishing for Christmas. Great Wolf Lodge a favorite was the balloon animals. Pictures with Santa Christmas Carnival: The lines weren’t too long and Gingerbread House: For those who there were a lot of activities to wished could eat a meal together Families staying at the Great Wolf The Community Center hosted a keep them busy. Those youth who in the Ginger Bread House at the Lodge had a special opportunity for Christmas Carnival on Saturday, attended received gifts from Santa, Great Wolf Lodge. The ambiance children and adults a like to sit on December 22. What a delightful and no was left out. was awesome for those who paid Santa’s lap and let him know what change from previous years at the the $20.00 fee. All proceeds went they wanted for Christmas. Lucky Eagle Casino. Families Thanks to Cheryle Starr, Events came to see what this was all about. Coordinator and her little elves for Families were taking photo’s Gathering to together to enjoy a making it a special day. creating a lasting memory of a meal together, maybe even winning 2012 Night at the Great Wolf with some prizes More photos on Page 2.... Santa. in the raffe, exchanging Breakfast with Santa: Christmas cards On Saturday, December 8 there with other family was a special gift to Tribal members and members offered by the Great making the most Wolf Lodge. There isn’t any better of the day! morning than to kick off the day with a delicious energy bursting There were breakfast, visiting with Santa. activities flling an assortment Children were seen smiling He was also available to take some of locations after receiving their presents family photos’ or just with the throughout the The Great Wolf Lodge hosted “Breakfast with from Santa at the Christmas children. It was a start to a great building. Gift Santa.” Families gathered for breakfast and Carnival. day, as children were seen smiling cards were created memories taking a photo with Santa .
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