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Native Speakers Share Their Success Stories about Rising Above Challenges Through Choices Star Nayea RECOGNITION OF Star Nayea was only METH PREVENTION MONTH two months old when she was taken from her In the month of November, the alcohol. It is with great resiliency Native Family in the Behavioral Health Department and healing traditions of our 1950’s-1970’s sweep, brought three guest speakers to culture, families, and friends that perpetrated by the United the community center. These we overcome these barriers. States and Canada. Star three Native speakers talked landed in an extremely with the community about It is with great importance we abusive adoptive family drugs, trauma, and the historical have access to trained counselors, that did not share her heritage. After several government run boarding groups, and treatment centers for years of pain and struggle, schools. those battling with addictions. she escaped her adoptive family and began to reach These boarding schools tried to If you need Help with for her dreams of musical break all ties to the traditional Addiction! freedom. life of Native people. The pain and suffering and hostile Please contact the Behavioral Star is a recovered addict environments experienced by Health Department that faced peer pressure our ancestors, left individuals 360-709-1733 amongst her generation. seeking to forget by numbing The Project Supported by Grant Star made a choice, to themselves with drugs and #2008-AC-BX-002 live free from drugs. Star Featured Speakers: shares that journey as a Star Nayea share her story of songbird, bringing joy, Lily Gladstone surviving an abusive non-native foster emotional strength, and Lily was born and raised on the to alcohol and dysfunction trying family. She made a choice, to live free wisdom to youth around Blackfeet Indian Reservation in to cope with the lack of civil from drugs. the world. northwestern Montana. Lily spoke rights for Native people. Lily Vaughn EagleBear of her family’s past in the 1930’s conveyed this message in a unique and 1940’s. Her family passed down combination of theater, video, Vaughn was no stranger to the trauma experienced in boarding and live interaction that created schools we still suffer from today. a high impact experience and unhealthy life growing up. How the pain led family members unforgettable journey through Vaughn found a way through history. The cries of his gift of comedy to inspire pain and suffering and share how he overcame captured in Lily’s diffcult life situations. voice moved the Vaughn known for his “John audience to better Wayne’s Teeth,” brought experience the story. laughter to the room and Lily’s presentation was shared the success with a grand illustration of courage and strength youth of his journey away to defect the harmful from drugs and alcohol. ways teens deal with pain today. He wants everyone to know to use your strength from Pictured (L-R) are within, if he could do it, so Vaughn EagleBear shared his story Dawn Boley, DVA can you. Substance abuse of using his gift of comedy to inspire and Guest Speaker and alcohol is bad! and share how he overcame difficult Lily Gladstone. life situations. Page 4   
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