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Cultural Program News Youth Participate in the After School Sewing Club Sewing Club for Youth has kids in stitches, hand stitch work and sewing machine skills. hehehe! Okie that was a little corny even for me, but the after school turnout for Each week kids are taught steps to follow to sewing lessons is really great. Each kid complete a project. Kids might use one or has to have a permission slip signed by the many of the steps listed here. parent or guardian to participate in the class. Participants get a sew kit with pins, pin So far projects consist of straight stitch cushion, needles, scissors and tote box to project, like pillows or aprons. Many of hold their personal sewing tools. the kids have learned to make pillows Last summer the Cultural Program began embellished with buttons, ribbons and a Sewing Club for Community Youth. tassels. Kids also learned to make their own Sewing classes are no longer taught in patterns on butcher paper for a pillow in Public Schools so I began a sewing club for the shaped of the frst letter of their name. the kids who wanted to learn. It is handy to During Christmas some of the youth in the learn sewing for so many reasons. Mending class made aprons as presents for family clothes, or sewing outfts from scratch. members. The class is a mix of boys and girls. When summer ended the Sewing Club became the We plan to learn to make purses, medicine Youth learn the basics on how to sew during the After School Sewing Club. Youth learn a bags from cloth, cell phone pouches, bibs summer months. The Cultural Program began a number of basic sewing skills which include for babies and much more. Sewing Club to give them them this handy skill. SEWING STEPS 1. PICKING FABRIC __________________________ Cultural Program Tips: i. Print _______ ii. Solid color _______ Planning your calendar for 2. LEARNING TO PIN FABRIC _______ gathering basket materials? Mark a. CORNERS ------------ b. CURVES ----------- these month’s for gathering certain c. STRAIGHT SECTIONS _______ materials on your calendar. 3. LEARNING TO CUT FABRIC _______ a. Scissors _______ Then contact DeDe and Walter if b. Pinking sheers _______ c. Rotary blade _______ you need help gathering materials. d. Cutting ruler _______ e. Measuring fabric GATHERING TIMES USUALLY i. Cutting square _______ ii. Ruler _______ BEGIN IN APRIL AND iii. Measuring tape _______ END IN SEPTEMBER 4. Marking fabric with tailor chock _______ (depending on nature). a. Marking right and left panels _______ b. Marking darts _______ 5. Learning the sewing machine April and May: Begin a. Picking the right color of thread _______ gathering Cedar bark b. Threading the bobbin _______ c. Placing the bobbin in the machine _______ d. Threading the sewing machine _______ June: Bear e. Setting the tension _______ f. Setting the pattern stitch _______ grass and Cedar g. Setting the length of a stitch _______ roots gathering time. h. Running a practice stitch before sewing _______ i. How to adjust the stitch _______ August: Gather j. Making a button hole _______ k. Putting a zipper in _______ Sweetgrass l. Learning hem lines _______ m. Standing ¾ edge _______ 6. Learning to stitch by hand: running ___; hemming ___; basting ___; catch ___; slip ___; backstitch ___; overcast ___; invisible ___ August and September: 7. Putting buttons on a project _______ gather Cattail 8. Making pillow tassels _______    Page 7
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