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Staff Profles: Cultural Coordinator and Heritage Coordinator Hello! My name I currently live Hello! I is scheduling is Lynn (Gleason) in Rochester, respectfully throughout the Hoheisel, I am a and own my own introduce myself year. DeDe and I Chehalis Tribal home through the to the Chehalis have planned out Member. I was Tribal Home Loan tribal community. the whole year for raised in Rainier Program and the My name is gathering times by my dad, Ernest 184 program. Walter Lewis, a for sweetgrass, Gleason, Jr., (Jug) Chehalis tribal cattail, bear grass, a Chehalis Tribal I’ve worked at member. My cedar and cedar member, mom the tribal clinic mother is Sylvia root materials. We Jane (Bailey) Lynn Hoheisel with the Diabetes Cayenne. I have will be working Gleason, Upper Heritage Coordinator Prevention Grant, been recently hired Walter Lewis on locations and Skagit, with my for 5 years. as the Cultural Cultural Coordinator how accessible the sisters Terry, Performing blood Coordinator gathering places will be for youth (Offcial title). I Bonnie, Roxy, Penny and brother screenings and offering classes to will be working with DeDe (Dianne) and elders. We know it will be Ted. I attended and graduated from help tribal members manage the Devlin, Cultural Coordinator at the great to work with the community Rainier High School, and attended onset of Diabetes. I also instructed Community Center. on collecting the different basket one year at South Puget Sound water aerobics’ classes twice a materials. Community College. week. I am looking forward to share I have been recently hired as the some of my cultural teaching on Watch for advertisements in the I am married to my husband Art. new Heritage Coordinator, and basket weaving, carving, beading, newsletter, fyers, or just stop by the Together we raised 7 children, am looking forward to the new drum making with our people and offce to see what fun activities we Connie, Traci, Kelli, Tyson, challenges and opportunities this community. It’s exciting to know are going to provide. I am looking Jacob, Jason and Jeff. We have position brings. Learning and that I can pass on my knowledge forward to working for the Chehalis 19 grandchildren and 4 great- sharing our Chehalis Tribal history, to anyone who participates in the Tribe’s Cultural Program. Have a grandchildren. stories and photos’ with everyone. fun activities that our program good day! Chehalis Tribal Vocational Rehabilitation Program News: Our VR staff and the Chehalis available for Tribes in our area. This Tribal Youth Center staff recently was a wonderful conference full of Career Classes attended the Second Annual excellent information that we can SPIPA Youth Community Network utilize within our programs. Thursdays Conference at Little Creek Resort. Starts at 1:00 PM If you have any questions regarding at the Chehalis Tribal Resource Center The conference focused on the Vocational Rehabilitation Program Identifying Disabilities among or are interested in seeing if you are We are currently providing Career Classes to the Chehalis Youth. Speakers gave insight on eligible for services, please come by Tribal Community. These classes will be benefcial for anyone ways to identify hidden disabilities our offce and we will be happy to who wants to learn the skills needed to successfully gain and ways to deal with bias against assist you. employment. disabilities among parents and in the community. We took Contact Career Classes will be held every other Thursday at 1:00 PM in part in group discussions and the Chehalis Tribal Resource Center. activities that gave us a deeper Barbara Churchill at 360-709-1633 th th understanding of each topic and email: Upcoming class dates are: January 10 , January 24 , and th staff from other tribes shared their or February 7 . All are welcome!!! experiences and knowledge with Orinda Goddard at 360-709-1735 the group. We also discussed email: If you have any questions please contact Jamie Smith at 360- the different resources that are 709-1872 or    Page 9
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