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Tribal Health and Wellness News  The majority of cancers can be prevented through healthy lifestyle choices. I’d appreciate it if you could like the SPIPA’s Cancer Control Program make even small steps towards is committed to working with each South Puget Intertribal Planning (CCCP) is focused on key causes of healthier lifestyles, we have the tribe to meet, or even better, exceed Facebook page and also share it cancer. If we can change lifestyle potential to lower the rate of people the state numbers. Together we can with your Facebook friends (and habits, such as lack of exercise, poor getting new cancers or reoccurrence conquer cancer. all your contacts) – that’s nutrition, obesity, and commercial of cancers. how an audience is built. So tobacco use then we can reduce the The CCCP is best known for the please share liberally. risk of getting cancer. Last year’s Community Wellness annual Native Men’s Wellness, survey was flled out by more than Cancer Survivor & Caregiver, and It’s South Puget Intertribal In general, our S.P.I.P.A. Tribal 400 people, most from the fve Youth POWER events. The CCCP Planning Agency. https:// communities have a similar overall SPIPA tribes. The results of the also works with volunteers at!/ cancer incidence rate to the general survey show some positive gains: a each tribe to set up cancer support SouthPugetPlanning population. However, we have reduction in smokers, more youth groups. Please call us at 360-462- a signifcantly higher smoking eating fruits and vegetables, and 3226 for more details. If anyone has problems getting to rate, lower rate of exercise, more people getting screened. Even the page they can go to www.spipa. lower consumption of fruits and so, we still have a long way to go org and in the right hand column vegetables. Therefore, if we can as tribal communities. The CCCP there is a directly link to our page.  January is National Cervical Cancer Awareness Month What is cervical cancer? Cancer is the main cause of cervical cancer. Are there tests that can prevent cell changes and cervical cancer. is a disease in which cells in the HPV is a common virus that is cervical cancer or fnd it early? To fnd out more information you body grow out of control. Cancer passed from one person to another There are two tests that can either can go to is always named for the part of during sex. Both men and women help prevent cervical cancer or fnd knowledge or call 1-800-CDC- the body where it starts, even if it can get HPV and pass it along to it early: INFO or come into the Chehalis spreads to other body parts later. each other. At least half of sexually Tribal Wellness Center and talk to When cancer starts in the cervix, it active people will have HPV at The Pap test (Or Pap Smear) looks a health care provider. The CTWC is called cervical cancer. Cervical some point in their lives, but few for precancers, cell changes, on does have the S.P.I.P.A’s Native cancer is the easiest gynecologic women will get cervical cancer. the cervix that can be treated, so Women’s Wellness Program and cancer to prevent with regular that cervical cancer is prevented. does women’s wellness screenings. screening tests and follow-up. It What are the symptoms? Early That Pap test also can fnd cervical also is highly curable when found on, cervical cancer may not cause cancer early, when treatment is To fnd out more information about and treated early. signs and symptoms. Advanced most effective. The Pap test is this program please call 360-273- cervical cancer may cause bleeding recommended for women aged 5504. Who gets cervical cancer? All or discharge from the vagina that is 21-65 years old. The Pap test only women are at risk for cervical not normal for you, such as bleeding screens for cervical cancer. It does cancer. It occurs most often in after sex. If you have any of these not screen for any other gynecologic women over age 30. Each year signs, see your doctor. They may cancer. approximately 12,000 women in the be caused by something other than United States get cervical cancer. cancer, but the only way to know is The HPV test looks for HPV-the The human papilloma virus (HPV) to see your doctor. virus that can cause precancerous Will Writing Classes Offer to Protect Your Property and Families Future Indian Wills and Estate Planning Services are now being offered to all NOTICE TO CONTRACT HEALTH ELIGIBLE PATIENTS: Chehalis Tribal Members who are 18 years and older. PLEASE BRING IN YOUR MEDICAL BILLS AND This service is without cost to Chehalis Tribal members who currently do STATEMENTS. (Labs, x-rays and related services) not have a Will. If you have been billed that means they don’t have all your billing information. Please don’t assume we have the bill. Please bring them to the CTWC. Please Call Christina Hicks at 360-709-1741 to set up an appointment and get the paperwork needed to get started. This applies for pre-authorized services ONLY - no exceptions.    Page 5
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