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Inspirational Tribal Elder Retires from Head Start Program On Monday, January 14 the children of their own being able Gathering Room hosted Grannie to see their children attending Annie’s Retirement Party. Many of our Head Start Program. It was a her friends, family and co-workers rewarding experience to see her attended and celebrated with her. children go through Head Start, and now her grand children and great Elder Annie Jones retired from grandchildren attending. the Head Start/Early Head Start Program. Her last day on the job Community members were invited was January 3, leaving after 15 to share their memories of Annie. years with the Head Start/Early Everyone agreed that they will also Head Start Program. She started think of Annie is a friend, sister working for the tribe 37 years and mentor to many who have met ago, making the most of many her. It didn’t manner what capacity opportunities to work for the her position entailed, but her quiet, Chehalis tribal community. Her respectful demeanor always carried fnal tenure was as a cook for the her through and she shared her love Head Start Program, which she openly. thoroughly enjoyed. The Head Start Program is planning She contributes her learning to to plant an apple tree in the cook in the Shaker Church Mess playground on Makum Lane. The Hall. At the time Ben Starr was Grannie Annie and great grandson Jordan Eichelberger at her children will help build stepping the Minister; many, many moons Retirement Party. It was a bittersweet to see her retire from the stones to represent the impact she ago. Though she was young lady Head Start Program. She is an inspiration to her friends, family had on everyone involved with their at the time, she learned from the and coworkers. program. other community members the traditional manner in preparing large for the Head Start Program, she teaching the young children how to It is bittersweet to see her retire.Her meals. An important lesson was to was glad to accept the challenge. say certain words, like bread, milk, smiling face and laughter will be always have a clean kitchen. One Rosetta Klatush gave her some dog or cat. She would quiz them missed by many children and staff of the biggest lessons taught to her tips on creating a menu, ordering daily to see if they remembered. at the Head Start Program in their while in the kitchen was to focus on and shopping for weekly meals. That’s the age that children learn daily activities. Understandably, she cooking the meal, while having a It wasn’t easy though, having to so easily. They responded to her needs to take care of her health, and happy heart. Another good tip was study the USDA book to learn positive energy giving her a hug spend quality time with her family. to taste your food before serving it, the requirements for the program. responding, “Granny Annie you’re because if it doesn’t taste good to Another challenge later in her career the best cook!” That name stuck, Good Luck Granny Annie with your you no one else will like it either. was to learn how to implement her and many who attended Head retirement! We Love You! She carried these lessons with her meal menu’s onto the computer. But Start will remember her as into the Head Start Kitchen. She she persevered and was successful “Grannie Annie.” She shared To the Chehalis Tribal Community: continued to share these traditional in accomplishing these new tasks. more in her quiet respectful I want to thank the Chehalis Tribe for cooking values, as she had trained She looked forward going to work manner, “You know when the opportunities for professional and many different staff members in the and seeing the children and parents dealing with children is personal development that have been kitchen. every day at work. The children that you give them respect, provided me over the years. I have because they’ll remember created many fond memories as they enjoyed working with the children When she was hired as the cook attended the Head Start Program. that. Even though they are and appreciate watching them grow When she would bring the young, they are very smart and passing on traditions to the next learning very quickly. They food cart in the room, she will carry those lessons with generation. I want to thank everyone always greeted the children them as they continue to for the support provided me during my with a smile and a good grow.” 37 year tenure. Lastly, I would like to morning. She shared some thank my wonderful colleagues who were of the Chehalis Language always there for me and with me. One of the benefts of her Grannie Annie serving position at Head start was While I look forward to enjoying my up breakfast in her watching generations of retirement, I will miss working with the earlier years at the children grow up. When children. Head Start Program. they became adults and had Love Annie Jones    Page 3
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