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Chehalis Tribe Hosts the 2013 SPIPA Native Men’s Wellness Conference The 2013 SPIPA Men’s Wellness and loss of interest in normal Conference was held on March 15 activities — consult your doctor. and 16 at the Great Wolf Lodge. Treatment is available. If you’re This two day conference discussed contemplating suicide, call for a wide variety of threats to men’s emergency medical help or go the health and provided materials that nearest emergency room. pay off in prevention activities. Men from the fve consortium The bottom line: Understanding tribes were invited to attend this health risks is one thing. Taking conference such as: Chehalis, action to reduce your risks is Squaxin, Nisqually, Shoalwater Bay, another. Start with healthy lifestyle and Skokomish. choices — eating a healthy diet, staying physically active, quitting During one of the break-out sessions Kathryn Akea, Outreach On Friday, there was a discussion of Specialist for the Comprehensive Cancer Control Program smoking, getting regular checkups Native Men’s Wellness and Cancer (CCCP) listens intently from each tribe during the SPIPA Native and taking precautions in your in our communities followed by daily activities. The impact may be a discussion on traditional living Men’s Wellness Conference. greater than you’ll ever know. for men. Saturday morning was an Do you know the greatest threats to No. 5: Stroke: You can’t control “Ask the Doc” session, as Doctor men’s health? The list is surprisingly some stroke risk factors — such as Wow, that is information over load Ott from the Squaxin Island Clinic short — and prevention pays off. family history, age and race — but right? Don’t consider it a diet, discussed the challenges of men’s Consider this top seven list of you can control other contributing call it a lifestyle change. Keep it health and answered questions and men’s health threats, compiled factors. simple at frst by selecting one small concerns. from statistics provided by the change in your food intake. Centers for Disease Control and No. 6: Type 2 diabetes: Type 2 Later that day focus groups were Prevention (CDC) and other leading diabetes — the most common type Did you know many people established to go over the topics and organizations to refect men’s health of diabetes — affects the way your planning a vacation then planning challenges of getting and staying risks in the United States. Then get body uses blood sugar (glucose). a meal. Also eat less fast food and healthy. They developed strategies serious about reducing your risks. Poorly controlled diabetes can lead processed meats. Let go of the soda in order to further educate their to heart disease, eye problems, nerve and replace it with water. Maybe communities on men’s health issues. No. 1: Heart disease: Heart disease damage and other complications. start reading the labels on your food As each group shared their ideas is a leading men’s health threat. To prevent type 2 diabetes, get and select a lower fat or sodium with each other, it was surprising to Take charge of heart health by serious about your lifestyle choices. foods. fnd many of the same ideas were making healthier lifestyle choices. Eat a healthy diet. Include physical brought forward: activity in your daily routine. If It could be a simple change of No. 2: Cancer: Various types of you’re overweight, lose excess taking a short walk with a friend Plans and Goals: cancer are of particular concern pounds. around the block or to the store to men, including lung cancer, instead of driving. „ Create and attend events and walk skin cancer, prostate cancer and No. 7: together. colorectal cancer. Suicide: Suicide is „ Educate our children by getting them involved by video taping No. 3: Accidents: Motor vehicle another cancer survivors to demonstrate crashes are a leading cause of fatal leading men’s the consequences of smoking. accidents among men. To stay safe health risk. on the road, use common sense. An important „ Create a men’s group to share Wear your seat belt. Follow the risk factor and discuss health challenges our speed limit. Don’t drive under the for suicide daily life brings. infuence of alcohol or any other among men is substances, and don’t drive while depression. If „ A commitment to a lifestyle sleepy. you have signs change: Eating healthier, and symptoms drinking water, and keeping No. 4: Chronic lower respiratory of depression in balance. Learn more about diseases: Chronic lung conditions — such as traditional native foods. What — which include bronchitis and feelings of Men listened intently to each tribal representative to eat? How to harvest? How to emphysema — also are a concern sadness or who discussed their challenges and strategies to prepare what was harvested. for men. unhappiness get healthy. Page 2   
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