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Planning Update Article by Janet Stegall What does the Planning Department do? pretty signifcant projects recently, Writer Trainee and has worked in The answer to that might surprise desk to get your Business Permit. including Howanut Road and the the department since May of 2012. you. You probably assume that the It’s a simple application and it only Harris Creek culverts, and there are In 2012, the grant writers brought Planning Department is involved costs $25 for each calendar year. more coming up in the near future. $2 million in grants to the Tribe. with planning the development The process is easy and quick and If you ever have inquiries about any of the tribe and the reservation, you’ll be able to go out and start of it, Kayloe is always happy to talk The Planning Director is Amy but you might not know that the selling your wares or offering your to you and show you the plans. Loudermilk. Amy was a grant department is involved with every services within minutes. writer for the Tribe from 2006 to other department within the Tribal Jenee Penn, Melissa Koepp and 2010 before taking on the role of government to plan, design and Don Terry, who has worked with Janet Stegall are grant writers in the Director so she is well versed in inspect projects that range from new the Tribe for more than 12 years, Planning Department. They work buildings to new roads, and to bring handles the other permits. When daily going after grant monies for all specifc aspects of grant writing in grant money to keep the tribe you want to build a garage or spray all the different Tribal departments. for the Tribe. She keeps the whole operating at the level we’ve come to your land to eliminate pests, you Many of the Tribe’s programs rely ship running smoothly. Amy also expect. The Planning Department must come in and get a permit to do on grants to function and being able runs Rez Animal Resources and also issues permits needed to do just so from Mr. Terry. Don also does to effectively communicate the need Education, a non-proft organization about anything on the reservation; the inspections to make sure any for that money is an important job. which helps pet owners and business, building, electrical, septic, new structure is done correctly and Jenee and Janet are tribal members, pets on the Chehalis, Nisqually, special use, herbicide, utility, meets life safety standards. and Melissa is an experienced Skokomish, Squaxin and Shoalwater grading. All this is done to insure grant writer who came to share reservations. structures, utilities and anyone who The Chehalis Tribe’s Transportation her expertise last July. Jenee has does business on the reservation are Planner, Kayloe Dawson is a worked in Planning since 2011 and Feel free to drop by if you have any safe and are done correctly. licensed Professional Engineer. All has also recently started designing questions about Planning, permits, the road and bridge projects you parks for the reservation. The new grants or Rez Animal Resources. If you want to do business on the see happening on the reservation playground she designed across Chehalis Reservation, you will need are courtesy of Kayloe’s meticulous from the Tribal Center has been very The Planning Department offce to come into the Planning offce and design, planning and management. popular and more are in the works. is open from 8:00 AM-4:30 PM, see Winona Youckton at the front Kayloe has completed some Janet is a Tribal Member Grant Monday through Friday. Help Name the New Hardball/Softball Fields! We need your help in naming the new hardball and softball felds at the Community Center. Do you have a great idea for a name? We want to hear it! Please stop by the front desk at the Tribal Center to make a suggestion and cast your vote. Hardball/Softball Field Voting will end June 14 and the new name will be announced th the last week of June. Playground and Covered Area Softball/Little League Field    Page 7
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