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IHS and the National CDC Tobacco Education Campaign IHS has joined the national CDC According to the National Center death. native.html and http://www. tobacco education campaign, “Tips for Health Statistics, 17.8 percent of from Former Smokers” to help deter AI/AN women smoked during their Most smokers—nearly 70%—say factsheets/pdf/0251.pdf. the use of commercial tobacco in pregnancy, compared to 13.9 percent they plan to quit and half make a Indian Country. of non-Hispanic white women. serious attempt for a day or longer General information on the Tobacco use during pregnancy is each year. The “Tips from Former national campaign and tips for The health consequences of one of the key preventable causes of Smokers” campaign was designed quitting smoking are available at smoking are staggering; each adverse pregnancy outcomes. to create a sense of immediacy year, an estimated 443,000 people Nationally, Native American youth about the damage smoking causes to TabaccoEducation Campaign/ die prematurely from smoking, living on reservations have the encourage people to stop smoking and and an estimated 49,000 of these highest smokeless tobacco use of all now or not to start. index.html. smoking-related deaths are a result U.S. population groups. Smokeless of secondhand smoke exposure. And tobacco can cause cancer of the Please help us spread the message Thank you for your immediate the consequences are even more esophagus, mouth, and pancreas. throughout Indian Country about the attention to this important health dramatic in Indian Country: Cardiovascular disease is the benefts of quitting and not starting issue and thank you again for your leading cause of death among the use of commercial tobacco great care of the American Indian American Indians and Alaska AI/AN’s, and tobacco use is an products. Further information on and Alaska Native population. Natives (AI/AN) have the highest important risk factor. Cancer is commercial tobacco use among AI/ prevalence of smoking and other the second leading cause of death ANs is available at: http://www. Susan V. Karol, M.D. tobacco use of any population group among AI/ANs nationally, and lung cdc.gob/tobacco/campaign/tips/ Chief Medical Offcer, Indian in the United States. cancer is the leading cause of cancer groups/american-indian-alaska- Health Service WEBSITE PROVIDES IMPORTANT UPDATES REGARDING COBELL VS. SALAZAR SETTLEMENT New Trust Administration Class „ July 1, 2013 – Written requests Historical Accounting Class: details the identity of the personal Deadlines: On April 9, 2013, for reconsideration must be The Historical Accounting representative, executor or the Court approved Plaintiffs’ postmarked and sent with all Class distribution has been very administrator or a copy of the fnal Unopposed Motion to Modify supporting documentation successful. Over 99% of all living state or tribal probate order. Under Aspects of Class Action to the Claims Administrator. Historical Accounting Class the current court order, a federal Administration and fled an Order It is important that all Member payments have been probate order is not suffcient. Granting Motion to Modify Aspects documentation supporting your distributed. If a state or tribal estate has not of Class Action Administration claim as a member of the Trust been opened, we encourage you which extends certain deadlines Administration Class be provided Two principal challenges remain to open a state or tribal estate and as listed below, authorizes claims to the Claims Administrator with respect to distribution of arrange for the appointment of an postmarked by March 30, 2013 when you are asking for remaining Historical Accounting executor, administrator or personal to be accepted as timely, directs reconsideration. Class checks. representative of the estate in order the Claims Administrator to pay to expedite payment of these checks. amounts otherwise due Class „ August 1, 2013 – The Claims 1. Estates. There are approximately Members to holders of valid claims Administrator must respond to 38,500 deceased Class Members 2. Whereabouts Unknown. Some of lien or to lawfully appointed any requests for reconsideration with awards that have not yet checks have not been distributed due bankruptcy trustees, and authorizes with a second determination of been distributed. Under the to insuffcient addresses for Class the Special Master to hire and pay eligibility. Court’s current order, distribution Members. If you have not received staff. „ September 4, 2013 – Written of those checks are to be made a check and are a member of the requests to appeal the second to the personal representative, Historical Accounting Class, please Updated deadlines for claimants determination of class eligibility administrator, or executor of contact the Claims Administrator who submitted claims in connection must be postmarked and sent to the estate of that individual or and provide a current address. with the Trust Administration Class: the Claims Administrator. to the heirs of that benefciary OST maintains a list of those pursuant to a state or tribal benefciaries who are considered „ May 1, 2013 – The Claims „ Appeals will be reviewed by the probate order. Therefore, if you “whereabouts unknown.” Administrator will mail letters Special Master, the Honorable are an heir of a deceased Class detailing the initial determination Richard Levie (Ret.), who Member we encourage you A copy of that list can be found at of eligibility to all persons who was appointed by the Court on to send documentation to the fled a timely claim. December 19, 2012. Claims Administrator which cfm. Page 6   
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