Page 12 - September 2013
P. 12 FirstName LastName PRSRT STD ©Copyright 2012 US POSTAGE PAID CHEHALIS TRIBAL NEWSLETTER Street Address is a publication of the Confederated Tribes City, ST Zip OAKVILLE WA of the Chehalis Reservation. PERMIT No. 2 2013 Marvin E. Youckton, Sr. Memorial Baseball Tournament This was a 25th year tourney held in August, in our dads memory, Marvin F. Youckton. It was another wonderful tourney living our dad’s dream!!! We had many sponsors who helped Champions.....Rebels make this a success. On behalf of the family I would like to thank everyone! Charlotte Lopez Runner up......Ndnz Ol’ Man Wooden Bat Memorial Tournament 2013 The Secena Family This was our 16 year celebrating Both teams played very hard. This helping Christopher and Don with Tournament Results th our father’s love for baseball and is what our father would love to see. cooking the fsh. Chris said he Champions - Rebels fshing. The wooden bat hardball Good baseball and good food! learned a lot from them both and 2 Place - Chehalis Team nd tournament only drew in four local was very grateful for the opportunity 3 place - Tomahawks 1 rd teams, but that was good. That The fsh dinner on Saturday went on to learn. Thank you to all those 4 place -Tomahawks 2 th meant at least the jackets would stay without a hitch. There was plenty of who donated food. It was very well home this year. Congratulations food, with exception to Georgette’s received and devoured by everyone. MVP went to “Ray Ray” Lopez go out to the Rebels for winning fry bread and chili. They always go Best Pitcher went to Shawn this year’s tournament; they fought frst. There was, however, plenty Thank you for coming out and Youckton a long, hard battle to victory. The of fsh. We would like to thank enjoying good baseball and good championship game was a good one. Dan Jones and John Youckton for food. See you next year. Tournament Results nd Champions were the Rebels 2 place went out to the Chehalis team All Stars: Rebels: Tony Youckton, Alex Youckton, Dominic Angwood, and Rueben Lopez Chehalis: Ryan Burnett, Gary Ortivez III, Leroy Boyd, Joe Wittwer Tomahawks 1: Dustin Klatush, Nate Newton, Jared Newton, Josh Tomahawks 2: Dale Klatush Jr., Dale Klatush III (aka Smokey), Jordan Bird Page 12   
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