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To All Organized Groups and/or Charities Free Firewood Available to Tribal Members! Interested in Raising Funds? You Assistant Erin Delgado. You Glen Connelly – Environmental Programs Manager can by providing the dinner at the can e-mail me at edelgado@ Tribal members can get a free frewood gathering permit at the Chehalis next General Council Meeting! or call me at 273- Department of Natural Resources. There’s a pile of logs ready to be cut Please be prepared to provide for 5911 at Extension 1841. up into free frewood, all you need is a permit. You can cut up to 2 cords of 40-50 people. You will need to wood for your household use. (The frewood cannot be sold and the permit provide dinner, beverages, plates, The next meeting is coming up holder must be present while cutting it up.) napkins, and utensils. Dessert are fast so please let me know a.s.a.p.! Dry Firewood Burns Cleaner - Seasoned (dried) wood burns hotter and always appreciated! Remember you have to be an cleaner in your freplace. This means more heat in your house, less soot in organized group or charity. No your chimney, and less smoke blowing towards your neighbor. Here are If interested please contact the individuals! few reminders: Business Committee Executive „ Split your wood now and it will dry before this Winter. „ Store your wood off the ground, so air can circulate and dry it. (Old Drivers, Think Safety First to pallets work great.) Protect Children at Bus Stop „ Cover the wood pile with a tarp, or build a wood shed to keep the rain off of it. With school beginning drivers should be aware. What is the most „ Never burn garbage, or wood that has been painted or treated. They dangerous part of the school bus ride? The bus stop! Children are at greatest produce toxic chemicals. risk when they are getting on or off the school bus, because they become easily distracted and may start across the street without warning. Wood smoke is the leading source of air pollution in our area and we all „ Don’t understand the danger of moving vehicles. create some of it. Every little bit we do to reduce pollution from wood „ Can’t judge vehicle speed or distance. smoke makes your community healthier for the elders, the children and those folks with respiratory illnesses. So don’t wait, get your frewood cut „ May be blocked from view by the bus. now, so you’ll be ready for the season. Do your part and burn clean, dry wood. School bus safety tips for drivers „ Prepare to stop when a slowing bus has its overhead yellow lights Burn Ban Still in Effect fashing Although it has been raining, the warm weather is expected to return for most of September, so the Burn Ban is still in effect. We will post fyers at „ Stop at least 20 feet away for busses when red lights are fashing the tribal stores and tribal center when the Burn Ban is lifted. „ Slow down in or near school and residential areas For more information please contact Glen Connelly, Environmental „ Look for clues such as safety patrols, crossing guards, bicycles, and Programs Manager at the Department of Natural Resources at 360-709- playgrounds that indicate children might be in the area 1554. „ Watch for children between parked cars and other objects Chehalis Tribal Newsletter School Bus are like traffc signals The Confederated Tribes of the Chehalis Reservation... „ When overhead lights are fashing yellow: Prepare to stop “People of the Sands” „ When overhead lights are fashing red: Stop Articles and opinions expressed in this publication are not necessarily the opinions of this publication or the Chehalis Tribal „ When hazard warning lights are fashing: Proceed with caution Business Committee. School bus safety tips for students The Chehalis Tribal Newsletter encourages tribal members to submit letters, articles, photographs, and drawings to be considered for publication. These are „ Always stay in sight of the bus subject to editing. driver Contributing writers, artists, and photographers include Chehalis tribal „ Don’t hurry off the bus; check community members and staff. Submission deadline: 6th of each month Printed monthly traffc frst Tribal Center (360) 273-5911 Business Committee „ Don’t go back to the bus after 420 Howanut Road David Burnett, Chairman exiting Oakville, WA 98568 Ray “Barnaby” Canales, Vice Chairman Additional school bus safety (360) 709-1726 (offce) Farley Youckton, Treasurer information is available from the (360) 273-5914 (fax) Cheryle Starr, Secretary National Highway Traffc Safety Dan Gleason, Sr., 5th Council Member Administration American School Chehalis Tribe’s Vision Statement Chehalis Tribal Bus Council To be a thriving, self-suffcient, Newsletter Staff: sovereign people, honoring our past Fred Shortman, Disclaimer: All dates and times are subject to change. Please call the and serving current Communications contact numbers to verify the information regarding the event. and future generations Coordinator    Page 7
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