Page 2 - September 2013
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Back-to-School Celebration continued from Page 1.... It wasn’t all fun and games though. It was also an opportunity to visit program personnel at the booths. Information was provided on what resources different programs have to offer each family. Networking is very important in assisting students to achieve their academic goals during the upcoming school year. The Youth Center and Education Program handed out gift cards and back packs. The gift cards helped families purchase school supplies for the upcoming school year. It was a great family-oriented event! Thanks everyone, keep up the good work. Native American Day continued from Page 1.... presence felt through their music, each tribal canoe family sharing, is a show! Some say it is a gimmick! preparation for the performance the dance and prayers in a traditional breathing and living the experience Some just say WOW! intertribal canoe families practiced manner. It was an opportunity to of our tribal and coastal traditions in order to make the allotted time make a spiritual connection, as the for everyone to witness. It was a long day for the many frame for the performance. drummers, singers and dancers volunteers who came to sing, drum entered the feld. It was a moment Thanks go to the canoe families and and dance on Safeco feld before It was the greatest six minutes to remember. Performers were the Mariners for honoring of Native the start of the night’s game. In for those that came to make their dressed in full regalia, representing Americans everywhere. Page 2   
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