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Parks and Recreation continued from page 1.... Program Available to Assist in Tribal Discovering Your Family Lineage Members discussed, The Heritage Department is offering viewed, assistance in tracing your family tree. and voted Bring the information you have and we on the can get started tracing as far back as we proposed can in your lineage. Parks and Recreation Also bring in your old photos and have Plans at the them scanned and copied so we can Community document your family history. Center. Prior to the park and recreation planning meeting, youth were given surveys to complete. Dozens of surveys To date we have been working on the Gleason, Klatush, and Penn family trees. were administered. Here are the results, in order of preference, from the 47 children who completed the It’s so interesting to see how our families survey: all connect to each other. What do you want to see added on the reservation? Would you want to do any of these things? Batting Cages Boxing We are located in the Community New Park Cooking Classes Center in the Library area. For more Bike Paths Karate information contact Lynn Hoheisel, Outdoor Basketball Court Nature Walks Heritage Coordinator at 360-709-1748 Dog Park Swimming Lessons Walking Trails Skateboard Skateboard Park Dance Classes Thank you to the members of the Planning Department who helped facilitate the meeting. And thank you to the members of the community who attended and made the meeting a success! If you are interested in joining a Parks and Recreation Planning team or if you have questions please contact Jenee Penn at 360-709-1620 or e-mail Vosper Community to Receive New Playground Equipment The Planning Department will soon begin construction on another playground on the Chehalis Reservation! Residents of the Vosper community were asked to give input on potential park locations. Thank you to all the community members that took the time to give feedback including the many residents on Sickman Loop and the members of the Housing Committee. Community input is essential to developing parks for everyone to enjoy. The newest park will be constructed on Site 22. Construction will begin soon and be completed by December. Similar to the park across from the Tribal Center, this new park will have toys for children of all ages including monkey bars, swings, slides and a spinning toy along with a sitting area for parents. If you recognize anyone in these No traffc disruptions are expected photos, please contact Lynn Hoheisel, with this project. Heritage Coordinator    Page 3
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