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Tribal Health and Wellness News Diabetes Program Starts Tenth Year Wait One Year For The Special Diabetes Program for started at the Chehalis Tribal Clinic qualifes any Native American Indians (SDPI) will begin its tenth and Wellness Center. The Project over 18 years to do the Program. year on October frst. This Diabetes demonstrated that diabetes could The Program is an easy and fun Your Family’s Health Prevention Program (DPP) was also be prevented or delayed by way to “Get Healthy.” For more modeled after the original Diabetes 58% within Native Communities. information call the Chehalis Tribal Prevention Program sponsored by With the high incidence of diabetes Wellness Center at (360) 273-5504 If you just had a preterm birth, the the National Institute of Health. in Native Tribes this outcome was and ask to speak with Gloria Jones risk of having another one is higher. This three year scientifc study signifcant. or Pat Odiorne. These fve steps can help reduce the demonstrated a 58% reduction in risk diabetes for the participants with In these classes the participants Good Morning Ladies and „ Take folic acid every day. pre-diabetes. learn about Healthy Eating and Gentlemen! Exercise. The goal is to help „ Treat and prevent gum disease. Changes were made in the participants to slowly lose 10-20 Just a brief note on the Back-to- “Lifestyle Balance” curriculum pounds. This small amount of School event that Pat Odiorne and „ Find healthy ways to reduce stress to make it a better ft to Native weight loss will usually result in Gloria participated in. We had in your life. Americans. The purpose of lowering their fasting blood sugar a very nice turn out at all tables. „ Stop smoking. this adapted Program was to and thereby lowering the risk to Handouts on pre-diabetes and diabetes were given out as well demonstrate that Type 2 Diabetes developing diabetes. To date, in the as key chains and duffe bags to „ Use a reliable birth control could be delayed or prevented in Chehalis Tribal Community there the middle school and high school method. Native American Communities. have been 31 participants have athletes. Leroy and Shannon gave Why it’s important for you Native Americans have a 1 in 5 started the Lifestyle Balance; 21 out t-shirts, water bottles, and small chance of developing Diabetes in have completed the program with no footballs. Christina Hicks gave and your baby their lifetime. conversions to Type 2 Diabetes. socks, sunscreen and handouts for Waiting one year before getting the next mammogram clinic. Trisha pregnant again In 2004 the Chehalis Tribe How can you qualify for the Shipp gave hand sanitizers and had was given the SDPI Diabetes “Lifestyle Balance” Program? a raffe for those over the age of 50. „ Reduces the risk of another Prevention (IHS) grant to begin Get your blood sugar tested at a preterm birth. the Demonstration Project in screening event or better yet come All in all it was a great turnout and our community. After 3 years to the clinic and ask to have it am we are looking forward to more „ Allows your body to fully recover of planning and adapting the checked. Pre-diabetes is diagnosed of these type events here on the from pregnancy and birth. curriculum to Native Communities, with a Fasting Blood Sugar of 101- reservation. A full-term pregnancy (at least 39 the “Lifestyle Balance” classes were 124 done at the clinic. Pre-diabetes weeks) is best for the complete growth of a baby’s Clinic Staff Profile: Community Wellness Manager My name is Christina Hicks. I am the Outreach Prevention Specialists, „ Brain, lungs, and vital organs. an enrolled member of the Chehalis the Community Transformation „ Eyes and ears. Tribe. I have lived here all my life Grant, and Colon Health. I love and worked for the Tribe for over 19 working for our tribal community Planning for a future years. in the health feld. I look forward pregnancy to working closely with all the Meet with an obstetric health care My new title here at the Chehalis programs. provider within six weeks of your Tribal Wellness Center is last pregnancy, and before you get Community Wellness Manager. I If you have any questions regarding pregnant again. oversee the Prevention Programs any of these programs, please feel here at the Clinic. The Prevention free to contact me at my direct Programs are Native Women’s Christina Hicks line, 360-709-1741, or email me at YouandYourFamily/ Wellness Program, SDPI (Diabetes Community Wellness WomensHealth/Pregnancy/ WaitOneYear.aspx Prevention), the Diabetes Program, Manager Page 4   
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