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September 8-14 is National Suicide Prevention Week Data / Statistics What To Do community leader, spiritual leader, suicidal feelings are temporary, that Suicide is a sensitive issue, but If you see the warning signs of teacher, physician or other trusted they are important members of the one that is of great concern to suicide in someone you should take individual that can help you get community, and that life can get many American Indian and Alaska immediate action. The frst step more information and fnd help. better! Native (AI/AN) communities. Data is to talk to your friend or family Overall, help for someone you suggest that suicide is a signifcant member. This will help you assess care about should be a team effort. A suicidal person should see a problem throughout Indian Country, the level of crisis in their life, Treatment should include those doctor or mental health professional particularly among Native youth, whether they are in the early stages listed above as well as family immediately. Calling the Native males, veterans, and elders. From of suicidal thoughts or in immediate members, friends, community American Youth Hotline (877- 2002-2006, the average suicide danger of hurting themselves. members and any other signifcant 209-1266) is a good frst step death rate was highest among AI/ people in your friend’s life. towards getting the help you need. AN aged 10-24 years at 27.72 cases If you feel the person isn’t in Calling 911 or going to a hospital per 100,000. In the Northwest (ID, immediate danger, acknowledge the Never keep a plan for suicide a emergency room are also options to OR, and WA), suicide is the 8th pain as legitimate and offer to work secret prevent a suicide attempt or death. leading cause of death for AI/AN together to get help. Make sure you Don’t worry about the person you You can also call the National people and the 2nd leading cause of follow through. This is one instance care about getting mad at you. You Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800- death for AI/AN’s ages 15-24 years where you must be tenacious in have bigger things to worry about— 273-TALK (8255). (this is the same for AI/AN youth your follow-up. Offer to help fnd an someone’s life might be in danger! For more information: throughout the U.S.). elder, community leader, educator, It is better to violate a confdence http://www./ or doctor. Participate in making the than it is to lose a loved one. They epicenter/project/thrive We Are All Here for a Reason frst phone call, or go along to the may later thank you for saving their Suicide is a big issue in the frst appointment. life. http://www.saveorg American Indian community today. In this complex and often Call Tsapowum Chehalis Tribal Don’t try to minimize problems Call 24/7 overwhelming world, people Behavioral Health at: 360-709-1733 or shame a person into changing sometimes fnd themselves feeling for appointments or referrals. their mind 1-800-273- hopeless, as if their lives are Trying to convince a person that 8255 insignifcant, as if they don’t matter. Begin Talking About It what they are feeling is not that bad, But each of us matter. Our lives Your willingness to talk about or that they have everything to live “Life is and have a purpose. The creator put suicide with a friend or family for may only increase their feelings you on Mother Earth for a reason. If member can be the critical frst step of guilt and hopelessness. Let them always will be someone you know is experiencing in prevention. Many people who are know that help is available, that SACRED” problems and may be thinking of depressed cannot recognize their suicide, your help can redirect them symptoms; you have to be their Chehalis Tribal 2nd Annual Suicide from hopelessness to wellness. eyes and ears. You need to let your family member or friend know they Prevention/Awareness Walk What to Look For can feel better, that suicidal thoughts Knowing what to look for and the are temporary and that there are warning signs of suicide are crucial people who can help them. If you Sunday, September 29 in being able to save a life. There don’t know how you should start Starts at 10:30 AM are many signs that someone may the conversation, here are some Meet at the Gathering Room show if they are feeling that life is questions to ask your friend or too much. Some of these include family member: thinking or talking about suicide, „ “Do you ever feel so badly that Join us for a Memorial Walk in honor of Suicide Prevention Month anger, and withdrawal from those you think about suicide?” and things around them. So if you Walk will be followed by a lunch in the Community Cent. see any of these signs get help „ “Do you have a plan to take your immediately. life?” Special Guest Speakers „ “Have you thought about when RezHeads: Jason “Smoke” Nichols and Melissa “MiMi” Nichols You Can Help you would do it (today, tomorrow, Come support our families raising awareness to suicide prevention. If you think a friend or family next week)?” Guest speakers. Food provided. member may be thinking of suicide, „ “Have you thought about what you can help. It is important to take method you would use?” Sponsored by DBHR G2G Prevention Grant via Tsapowum Chehalis Tribal Behavioral Health action; you can make the difference 2513-13Community Services Block Grant via Chehalis Tribal Social Services And the Lucky Eagle Casino between life and death. You can also talk to an elder, Page 6   
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