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Public Safety If you have an Emergency Call 9-1-1 are located Is Your Home Prepared for the Staff Profle: Emergency Management Coordinator Greetings all! My name is on the far Upcoming Winter Season? Cal Bray, I ends of two am currently counties It won't happen here. We can have a tendency to think that disasters will not serving as the as well as happen where we live. Recent years however have proven it can - severe Emergency within a winter storms, foods, and extended power outages have occurred across Management known food our state. We must accept this as reality and assume responsibility by taking Coordinator plain. It is action to prepare ourselves, our loved ones, homes, pets and neighborhoods for the my hope Chehalis Tribe that we, as a and I am a community, tribal member. can become My program’s more self- objective Calvin Bray reliant and is to reach Emergency Management self-suffcient out to the Coordinator during O ON NE E H HO OU UR R community times of of disaster preparedness activity to educate, inform and increase emergencies. I look forward to public awareness regarding their working with everyone within E EA AC CH H M MO ON NT TH H understanding of the various our community in helping build ways to prepare for possible better habits that will improve helps you be ready for disasters – natural hazards. the tribe’s ability to respond to whenever they occur. and recover from any crisis that The tribe is unique in that we may occur. Emergency Management Plan Emergency Information Phone Line 1-866-623-8883 When do I call the Emergency Phone Line? Any time you are concerned about adverse weather, power outages or other emergency situations. For power outages call: Grays Harbor PUD : 1-888-541-5923 Thurston County PSE 1-888-225-5773 If your interested in learning more about the emergency management plan. We are looking for more volunteers to assist in case of an emergency. Please contact Calvin Bray, Emergency Management Coordinator or Ralph Wyman, Director of Public Safety at 360-273-7051 or stop by the Public Safety Building. Early Warning System Link Compelling photos. Streaming videos. Illustrated step-by-step instructions Check out the new link on our website - Click on Resources and follow the directions to the Early Warning System Link. This link provides current and up-to-date information. A complete list of local offces of emergency management can be found on Chehalis Tribal Emergency Operation Center gives updates on our wesite at Compelling photos. Streaming videos. Emergencies through facebook. Illustrated step-by-step instruction. Page 10    A complete list of local offices of emergency management can be found on our website at:
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