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Chehalis Tribal Loan Fund News IDA - Savings Match Program The Chehalis Tribal Loan Fund is now accepting applications for If you meet income guidelines, (if you qualify for earned income on your taxes you will meet the guidelines), you may qualify for a savings match HOME IMPROVEMENT LOANS program with CTLF. You can use this program for Maximum Loan amount: $25,000.00. „ A business, which includes freworks inventory and more See us for terms and loan rates „ A down payment on a home. We can assist you with cleaning up your Criteria: credit as well as to qualify for the Housing programs. 1. Chehalis Tribal Member „ Higher education, including tuition, a computer, etc. 2. Homeowner 3. Title Insurance „ We now offer a savings match of 4:1. So if you save $100.00,we match it 4. Appraisal Report with $400.00. 5. Verifcation of income, including copies of tax returns, proof of You must save for a minimum of 6 months, be employed, and be a Chehalis employment Tribal member. 6. Must have 3 bids from licensed contractors, and a construction contract We now offer the Savings Match program to youth! signed off by CTLF 7. Verifcation of bank balance Julie Burnett, 8. Copy of deed or home buyer certifcation Executive Director 9. Credit Report 360-709-1831 10. Homeowners Insurance Diana Pickernell, 11. All loans must be auto pay with either employer or your bank Loan Coordinator Borrowers are responsible for obtaining all required building permits and 360-709-1631 other applicable fees. You do not have to buy the service Buying a car? It pays to do your homework. By Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson contract from the dealer. Get all Summer is in full swing, and so walk away if you don’t get it! detailed terms are in writing and you promises in writing. are car sales. Buying a car can be have agreed to, and signed, the fnal an overwhelming and intimidating Research a fair price for the car contract. Do not believe otherwise. Know the Lemon Law. You also have experience. For many consumers a car you want before visiting the dealer. protections under the Washington State — new or used — is the single most Establishing your target price will give „ Multiple salespeople. Some Motor Vehicle ‘Lemon Law,’ which expensive purchase they ever make. you confdence during negotiations with dealerships may pressure you by helps new vehicle owners who have the dealer. using different salespeople or engage substantial continuing problems with Buying a car can be a process fraught in long negotiations to tire you out. warranty repairs. The law allows you to with peril as some unscrupulous sellers Check out the car dealer’s reputation. You are always free to leave and request an arbitration hearing through try to take advantage of even the most Before you walk into a dealer, make return a different day. the Attorney General’s Offce at any savvy of customers. Last year alone, my sure they’re in good business standing Understand your fnancing. time within 30 months of your vehicle’s offce received nearly 1,000 complaints with the Better Business Bureau (www. Know the difference between leasing original retail delivery date — at no related to auto-buying transactions. This is the frst way to avoid and buying. A lease is not simply charge to you! a scam. The Attorney General’s Offce (AGO) is another way to buy a car — you are Make it work for you. Remember, you here to help safeguard consumers from Aggressive or deceptive sales tactics actually agreeing to rent the vehicle don’t have to sign anything. You can fraud and unfair business practices — — buyer beware. Remember you are in long-term. Getting out of a lease early always walk away if you don’t fnd the including providing information to help charge and are free to walk away. is a very expensive way to go. You may right deal for you. Arming yourself with you confdently navigate the car buying „ Holding keys. Watch out for the also owe big bucks at the end of the information will put you in the driver’s process. Here are a few tips. salesperson who avoids returning lease. seat, not the dealer. The car you drive your keys or driver’s license after Shop around for loans. If you buy, off the lot must be what’s best for your Determine the car that’s best for you. evaluating your trade in. The goal is compare the loan rates and terms lifestyle and budget. What kind of car is best for you and to keep you from leaving. They have offered by the car dealer to other your family? What is your monthly no right to withhold your property. banks and credit unions. Securing When unscrupulous businesses don’t budget for car payment, gas, insurance, pre-approved fnancing may help you play by the rules, the AGO will hold and maintenance? Knowing your budget „ Requiring cash deposits. You do avoid buying more vehicle than you can them accountable. In the unfortunate and the car that’s best for your lifestyle not need to provide a cash deposit afford. event you are the victim of scam, before you shop will prevent you from to show that you are serious about contact my offce to fle a complaint at being upsold into something you can’t buying. Check out warranties. Is there a afford. manufacturer warranty? If the vehicle aspx. „ Binding statement. You are only is not under a manufacturer’s warranty, Identify your target sales price — bound to a contract after all the ask what the service contract covers.    Page 9
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