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Dyani Cayenne Rita Burke pitch softball. She
will play volleyball
Fourth grade Sixth grade and soccer during the
Grand Mound Elementary Rochester Middle upcoming school year.
Rita shared that when
Dyani Cayenne, Rita Burke is in the sixth grade at she lived in Alaska, she
daughter of Andria Rochester Middle School. She ended participated in karate,
Hawks Shortt and the school year with a 3.39 GPA. She is gymnastics and swim
Calvin Cayenne, is the daughter of Daphne Smith Burke. team.
in the fourth grade Rita has four brothers, one sister and After Rita graduates high school,
at Grand Mound three cats. She likes going to the beach she wants to attend college to become a
Elementary. She lives and hanging out with her family. veterinarian because she loves animals!
with her grandparents, Then, she would like to continue on
Mary and Don Secena. Her favorite subject is math. She to become a crime scene investigator
Dyani has five dogs and five cats. She thinks she is a successful student to help people solve crimes that have
enjoys when her grandpa Don plays because of the homework help she happened to them.
with her and their pets. receives from K-12 staff. Her advice for If Rita was chairwoman of the tribe,
other students is if you miss a day of she would fix all the bus stops so kids
She likes going to school and school, get your missing work, do it and won’t get wet when they are waiting for
seeing her friends. Dyani feels she is turn it in. the bus. She also would start a crime
a successful student because she gets watch group.
good grades and pays attention to her Rita likes to recharge by sleeping.
teacher and does her work. Her advice She is good at sports and plays fast-
for other students is to work hard and
be kind. Faith Hoheisel she knew there always
was room to improve.
Dyani enjoys playing basketball, Graduating senior Her advice for other
hanging out with her friends and River Ridge High School students is to keep
listening to music on her phone. working hard.
Faith Hoheisel graduated from
After she graduates high school, River Ridge High School with a GPA She was involved
Dyani wants to attend college to of 3.25. Faith is the daughter of Kristie in the Future Farmers
become a singer, actor or makeup Mcintyre and Jacob Hoheisel. She has a of America. She also
stylist. brother, two sisters, four dogs and two likes to go fishing and
cats. She enjoys going fishing with her adventuring. During the fall, Faith
If Dyani was chairwoman of the family. will attend Pima Medical Institute to
tribe, she would give homeless people become a veterinarian.
in the community free food. Faith liked that she learned If Faith was chairwoman of the tribe,
something new every day in school. she would be greatly involved with the
HONOR ROLL She was a successful student because youth.


Richard Romo
Faith Hoheisel
Devon Olney TAKE TIME OUT FOR BOOKS ‘The more
Annie Burnett that you read,
Kirsten Secena Classes are over and the the more
Kayleena Delgado beautiful, warm, relaxing days of things you
Lauren Quilt summer are finally here! will know.
Emily Pickernell The more that
Emily Mordhorst Amidst swimming, barbecues you learn, the
Rita Burke and fun time with family and more places
Contributed by friends, please encourage your you’ll go.’
Community the Chehalis children to read throughout the
Zoe Hutchinson Tribe K-12 summer. – DR. SEUSS
Anna Johnson Program
Diving into good reads will help
keep your child’s mind sharp and
ready to soak up all kinds of new
information in the upcoming school
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