Page 11 - Chehalis Tribal Newsletter - July 2017
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Looking forward for many more fabulous years to come! CARTER: Happy Happy birthday, from
2 We love you, Dyani and your wife. birthday Pai-Nuh- Jodie, Carlos, Daphne,
Nah, love Mom, Rita, Dylan and the rest of
Natalie Brown FARLEY JODIE SMITH: 13 Dad, your brother your family.
Ronald Gaines, Jr. YOUCKTON Happy and your sisters.
II: Happy birthday. Fau Fau Boyd And most of all Edwardo Sanchez
3 birthday! We love you, Hector Gaines AURORA!!! Philip Youckton
We are so Carlos, Fred, Marlene Hjelm SAM AND BILL
Elvis Gillie proud of Daphne, Chris Klatush SECENA: Happy 25
Haley Parkinson you, love Rita, Dylan, birthday and many,
Mom and Josie and 14 many more to come! Gary Ortivez III
4 Dad. family. From your family.
Carlos Bill-Sanchez DRE AND NATE 26
Adam Gunnels Nathan Kluth Linda McDougall KLUTH: Happy 10th
Rick Sanchez, Sr. Chloe Lopez-Palmer birthday to my twins, Tom Hayden
JJ Shortman Jesa Penn-Roco 15 love Grandma and Shyann Ortivez
Frances Pickernell Choopa. Rain Slighte
5 Andrew Youckton Kimberly Nath CHRISTINA HICKS:
Jodie Smith Happy birthday 27
Rene’ Bracero, Jr. 12 Farley Youckton II love Mom, brothers,
Jakeb Hoyle nephews and the rest Calvin Bray
Johnny Perez Candace Brown 16 of your family. Landen Mashburn
Elisa Sanders Alicia Medina JJ AND GRANT Danny Thomas
Sam Secena Jacinda Medina Donald Williams, Jr. SHORTMAN: Happy Ryan White Eagle Bracero
Rhapsody Simmons birthday to our
ALEXIS AND KIARA DIXON: 17 nephews, from your 28
6 Happy 5th birthday, love family and friends.
and hugs from Mom, Allen Fricke, Jr. CARLOS SANCHEZ: Jasmine Baker
Connie Baker Harry, Collin and Malia. Christina Hicks Happy birthday to Sharon Hall
Mikaela Hoheisel my grandson, from Rigoberto Hernandez
Cassandra Pope 18 Gramma Jodie and Jed Starr
Paula Reininger Grampa Fred.
Uilani Siufanua Eli King-Gleason RHAPSODY SIMMONS: 29
Querida Perez Happy birthday
7 Omar Thomas to my sweet Frankie Brown
granddaughter, from Pai’nuh’nah Carter
Bill Secena 19 your Grandmother
Suzzane. 30
8 Jimmie Williams
Dallas Youckton Grant Shortman Carmen Brown
Albert Combs, Jr. Krista Parent Kamryn Couillard
Joyce Thomas 20 Alexander Florez
21 Melissa McAlister
9 Gloria Jones Andrea Steckstor
Cecily Klatush Halle Colson
Arielle Burnett Krista Parent Kenneth Daniels 31
Raymond Wertz
Michelle Murrell 22 Shayden Baker

10 Theodore Charles
Marie Griswold
Tammy Boyd Yvonne Peterson
Erin Delgado Samuel Seymour
Dale Klatush III Stanley Youckton
Jorja Potter
Ronald Rogers, Jr. 23

11 Jonathan Jack, Jr

Andre Kluth
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