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6 Camas, rose harvest

CHEHALIS TRIBAL Dedication in the preservation Participants learn about preserving prairies
NEWSLETTER of prairies and an education and how to harvest camas during a field trip
in traditional plant use on May 15.
The Confederated
Tribes of the Chehalis The Behavioral Health Program’s Instructor Elise Krohn teaches how to use
Reservation, ‘People traditional medicine class was divided into camas and wild rose for medicinal, culinary
of the Sands’ two different field trips recently. and other uses.
Center educated those who wished to read
The articles and opinions On May 15, individuals traveled to about the mystery surrounding Mima
expressed are not necessarily Glacier Heritage Reserve to harvest camas Mounds. There is a Chehalis legend of the
those of this publication and learn about the prairies and their flood that formed the mounds.
or the Chehalis Tribal Business diverse ecosystem.
Committee. It was a thought-provoking presentation
Sadly, less than 3 percent of prairies are that opened the door for more questions.
SUBMISSIONS left because of agriculture and growth. The
soils were so rich that they made prime Elise Krohn, herbalist and wild foods
The Chehalis Tribal Newsletter locations for both agriculture and ranching. educator, and Department of Natural
encourages tribal members This contributed to the loss for many native Resources Archeologist Maurice Major
to submit letters, articles, people who subsisted off the land for both met the group to share the history of Mima
photographs and drawings to food and medicines. Mounds and prepare for the harvest.
be considered for publication Individuals then headed off in different
(subject to editing). Hope isn’t lost though as a group of directions to harvest camas.
Contributing writers, artists individuals strives to protect the prairies.
and photographers include Thurston County Parks Department was Many tribal members use the staple food
Chehalis tribal fortunate to acquire this unique property. for personal and medicinal benefits.
community Dedicated folks are working to preserve the See HARVEST, page 7
members Glacier Reserve Prairie.
and staff.
Submission The Black River-Mima Prairie Glacial
deadline is Heritage Preserve, known as Glacial
the first of Heritage, is an excellent example of the
each month Puget Prairie ecosystem that greeted
(printed monthly). settlers in the 1800s.

TRIBAL CENTER With the exception of Thurston County
Parks-sponsored events, the park is closed
Main line: 360-273-5911 to public use. Arrangements may be made
Address: 420 Howanut Road in advance to access the site for educational
Oakville, WA 98568 or environmental activities.
Office: 360-709-1726
Fax: 360-273-5914 The class met up with tribal elders and
adults from other local tribes who came to
CHEHALIS TRIBE’S learn about the prairies and harvest camas.
VISION STATEMENT Folks from the visiting tribes took turns
to introduce themselves. It was a diverse
To be a thriving, self-sufficient, group.
sovereign people, honoring our
past and serving current and The Glacier Heritage Reserve was the
future generations. aboriginal territory where families would
gather to harvest camas.
Native people managed camas prairies
Harry Pickernell, Chairman for thousands of years to promote a
Jessie Goddard, Vice Chairman diversity and abundance of native foods
Shoni Pannkuk, Treasurer and medicines. The field trip encouraged
David Burnett, Secretary everyone to explore traditional harvest
Leroy Boyd Sr., techniques, cooking methods and the
Fifth Council Member nutritional values of camas.

NEWSLETTER STAFF The Center for Natural Lands
Management will share prairie
Fred Shortman, Audra J. Hill and management strategies. The class will
the Information Technology Team be taught by Sara Hannah, Restoration
Ecologist with Thurston County Land

Requests should be made by contacting
the Parks Department at 360-786-5595.

The group reconvened at the National
Parks Reserve in Mima Mounds near
Capital Forest to harvest camas. It was
beautiful, peaceful and educational.

The Mima Mounds Interpretation
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