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LEARN Your blood sugar levels HARVEST to make medicine, infused
also may be harder to honey, oil and lip balms from
From page 4 control after oral surgery. From page 6 the wild rose. She also shared a
Dry mouth: Xerostomia Your dentist should work story about the rose. Its mythic
closely with your physician Mother Nature’s bounty presence and a legend that
occurs when salivary glands to minimize possible contributed and influenced the
don’t produce sufficient complications. If you need Elise and Caytee Cline lives of destinies of countries
saliva to keep your mouth oral surgery, the American hosted another fun and throughout history. The
moist, causing tissues in Diabetes Association educational field trip to flower in full bloom represents
your mouth to become recommends you: harvest camas and learn about beauty, love, protection and
inflamed and sore. It can medicinal plants on our local grace. It has influenced
make chewing, tasting and n Remind your dentist prairie on June 5. Participants art, poetry and religious
swallowing more difficult, that you have diabetes and were taught how to harvest ceremonies since ancient
as well as cause difficulty in discuss any specific diabetes- and preserve camas. times. The flower is still
eating. This can make it even related issues. revered today.
more challenging to control For some, it was the first
blood sugar. n Eat before your dental time they had harvested Elise also discussed where
visit so your blood sugar is camas. Everyone also learned it grows, how to recognize and
Fungal infection: within normal range. how to properly maintain the harvest it, the curing process
Candida albicans is a fungus prairies. It was a great day and its culinary and medicinal
that normally lives inside the n Take your usual to be out in Mother Nature’s uses.
mouth without causing any medications. Your dentist garden.
problems. But when should consult with your Caytee provided handouts
you have diabetes, deficient physician about whether Later in the evening, Elise for the class to be added to the
saliva in your mouth and you can adjust your diabetes taught about the camas and binders that are provided if
extra sugar in your saliva medications or take an wild rose plants during a you attend the events. Samples
allow the fungus to cause an antibiotic to prevent class at the Elders Center. that were made that evening
infection called candidiasis infection before surgery. Tribal members learned about were taken home to be used.
(thrush), which appears as cooking camas and explored
sore white or red areas in n Plan for your eating nutritional benefits. The Behavioral Health
your mouth. needs after surgery. If you’re Program’s amazing classes
having dental work that Dinner was a camas and help participants learn about
Burning mouth might leave your mouth smoked salmon soup along Mother Nature’s plant foods
syndrome: If you feel severe sore, plan to consume soft or with salad and bread. and medicines.
burning and pain in your liquid foods that will allow
mouth even though you don’t you to eat without pain. Elise encouraged everyone
see any problems causing it,
you may have this syndrome. n Wait until your blood
sugar is under control. It’s
Oral surgery best to have surgery when
complications: If you blood sugar levels are within
need oral surgery, diabetes your goal range. If your
– particularly if poorly dental needs are urgent and
controlled – can complicate your blood sugar is poorly
oral surgery. Diabetes controlled, talk to your
hampers healing and dentist and physician about
increases risk of infection. receiving dental treatments
in a hospital.

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