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Diabetes can impact oral health

Disease symptoms, types
and treatment discussed at
CTWC monthly gathering

Dr. William Elton offered a presentation Dr. William Elton shares information about diabetes and oral health care during the
on diabetes and oral health to community Chehalis Tribal Wellness Center’s Lunch & Learn on June 25.
members during a Lunch & Learn June
25 in the PT Room of the Chehalis Tribal JOIN US n Frequent urination
Wellness Center. n Blurred vision
Everyone is invited to participate in n Constant fatigue
The monthly event invites providers to the Chehalis Tribal Wellness Center’s n Weight loss without trying
teach the community about various health monthly Lunch & Learn event. For more n Poor wound healing (cuts or bruises
issues and enjoy a delicious, heathy meal. information, contact Christina Hicks at that are slow to heal)
360-709-1741. n Dry mouth
Diabetes types Do you need to get checked?: If you’d n Itchy, dry skin
like to schedule an appointment with the n Tingling or numbness in the hands
Diabetes is a serious disease in which Chehalis Tribal Dental Clinic, call 360- or feet
the body does not produce or properly 273-5504. n Most people with diabetes do not
use insulin, a hormone needed to convert notice any warning signs
sugar, starches and other foods into energy. (or poisons) produced by the bacteria in Periodontal disease
Normally, insulin helps get sugar from the plaque irritate the gums, causing infection. n Red and swollen gums that bleed
blood to the body’s cells, where it is used often during brushing or flossing and are
for energy. Periodontal disease might make it tender to the touch
more difficult for you to control blood n Gums that have pulled away from the
When you have diabetes, your body has sugar. Your body’s reaction to periodontal teeth, exposing the roots
trouble making and/or using insulin, so disease can increase your blood sugar n Milky white or yellowish plaque
your body does not get the fuel it needs level. Consequently, it is important deposits, which are usually heaviest
and your blood sugar stays too high. for patients with diabetes to treat and between the teeth
eliminate periodontal infection for n Pus between the teeth and gums
High blood sugar sets off processes that optimal diabetes control. accompanied by tenderness or swelling in
can lead to complications, such as heart, the gum area
kidney and eye disease, or other serious Periodontal treatment combined n A consistent foul, offensive odor from
problems. with antibiotics has been shown to the mouth
improve blood sugar levels in patients
It is estimated that more than 20 with diabetes, suggesting that treating Diabetes and your mouth
million adults and children in the United periodontal disease could decrease insulin
States have diabetes. Fourteen million requirements. Periodontal disease is not the only
have been diagnosed with the disease and problem that can occur if you have
six million are unaware they have it. Types Warning signs diabetes. Although you might not be
of the disease are 1, 2 and gestational able to prevent these problems, you can
diabetes, as well as prediabetes. n Constant hunger or thirst minimize the trouble they cause you:

About 90 percent of Americans See LEARN, page 7
diagnosed with diabetes have type 2.

Periodontal disease, treatment

During the past 10 years, much
research has been undertaken on the link
between diabetes and periodontal disease.
Periodontal disease is the sixth leading
complication of diabetes. If you have
been diagnosed with diabetes, you are
three to four times more likely to develop
periodontal disease, with a higher rate of
more severe levels of bone loss and gum

Periodontal disease, or gum disease, is a
bacterial infection of the gums, ligaments
and bone that support your teeth and
hold them in the jaw. If left untreated, you
might experience tooth loss. The main
cause of periodontal disease is bacterial
plaque, a sticky, colorless microbial film
that constantly forms on your teeth. Toxins
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