Page 9 - Chehalis Tribal Newsletter - July 2017
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Get the lowdown on classes, scholarships

Contributed by Racheal Mendez, MORE INFORMATION your college will not need to apply for three
Higher Education Coordinator n To be registered for classes more. If your award is considered
Contact Higher Education n A free application for federal a continuous award, please show
Centralia College will offer Coordinator Racheal proof of an undated award letter
college classes at the Chehalis Mendez at 360-709-1698 or student aid ( for the 2017-18 academic school
Tribal Community Center starting n Three alternative year.
Monday, Sept. 18. Classes are
offered to anyone who wants to graphing, polynomials and scholarships completed n Unofficial transcripts 2016-17
start or continue their education. rational expressions. Prerequisite: n A copy of your high school n Register for fall classes
MATH 096. n Update contact information
ENGLISH 98/99 (5) Randy TO APPLY diploma or GED if changed since fall 2016
Johnson, 9:10-10:10 a.m. Monday- n College transcripts if any n Refund agreement form for
Thursday. 98: Study proper word If you’d like to take these These are only parts of very 2017-18
usage, sentence structure and classes, you must apply to n Signed FERPA release form
punctuation. Writing includes Centralia College and receive an important documents needed for for 2017-18
personal essays and summaries. acceptance letter. To do this, go to the scholarship program. Please n Please be advised that
Emphasis is on improving get started right away. some colleges will not use our
grammar and writing skills for FERPA form and the student
personal needs and preparation You must take the Accuplacer Chehalis Tribal must request the college’s FERPA
for technical coursework. test at Centralia College. You may Scholarship students form or give access through the
99: Prepares students for college go to the Phoenix Center/Library student portal.
composition. Students analyze at the Centralia College or call To complete your file for fall, All of the appropriate
texts, review sentence structure Racheal Mendez to schedule a you will need: paperwork must be turned in
and punctuation and write several time for her to drive you there. by July 27. Please note that the
short essays and other writing. n Financial aid information for Chehalis Tribal Scholarship
The test costs $15 (Chehalis 2017-2018 ( Program will not be able to pay
Introduction to Stats Math tribal members’ tests will be paid your fall 2017 tuition in a timely
146 (5) Linda Griffith, 10:20 through the Education Program). n There might also be a manner without this paperwork.
a.m.-11:20 a.m. Monday-Thursday. separate application through your If I’m not in my office when you
Introduction to concepts of Chehalis tribal members must school’s financial aid office. Look stop by, please feel free to leave
data collection, organization also have a Chehalis Tribal Higher for (data sheets, verification form, your paperwork on my desk or at
and summaries. Develop the Education Scholarship application dependent/independent work the front desk in my box. If there
fundamental concepts of mean, completed. sheets.) is anything I can help you with,
median and standard deviation, please let me know.
probability and probability Thinking about going n Proof of three alternative
distributions. Then apply those to college this fall? scholarships (every year you must
ideas to hypothesis testing, apply for three)
linear regression and analysis of You still have time to fill out
variance. Prerequisite: MATH 097, your free application for federal n If you applied last year and
MATH 099 or equivalent. student aid online and start the scholarship award is for the
applying to college. If you have 2017-18 academic school year, you
WINTER CLASSES not done this already, please
English 101 Expository writing do so immediately or make an EARLY LEARNING
appointment to come see me.
course that encourages students Many colleges are now offering APPLICATIONS FOR 2017-18
to think and write with clarity, fall registration.
conciseness and enjoyment; Accepting enrollment for ages 6 weeks-5 years
to organize and develop their Deadlines for the Chehalis n Expectant Mothers’ program
ideas; and to express themselves Tribal Scholarship: n Qualified early childhood staff
sharply, economically and n A wonderful place for children and families
grammatically. Prerequisite: Semester system n Employment and volunteer opportunities
Students must meet mandatory Aug. 1: Fall semester n Bus services provided
placement requirements to Dec. 1: Winter semester Call 360-273-5514 or stop by 420 Howanut
enroll – a minimum score of 83 Quarter system Road, Oakville, for an application. Turn in all
on the COMPASS test or 46 on Sept. 1 : Fall quarter required documents by Monday, July 31.
the ASSET test, or completion of Nov. 1: Winter quarter
five credits of ENGL 099 with a March 1: Spring quarter
minimum grade of 2.0. *Summer quarter or semester
is for graduating/continuing
Math 98 For students with students only.
good arithmetic skills and For the Chehalis Tribal
familiarity with signed numbers Scholarship and to start fall 2017,
and basic algebraic expressions. you will need:
Problem-solving skills are n An acceptance letter from
emphasized. Topics include
linear equations and inequalities,
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